Staying true update Friday 26 May 2023

Staying true 26 May 2023: The Episode starts with Nutan telling that Paragi will dance on their head if she clears the interview. Sushma asks Pramod to something about Paragi and whispers something to him. Sanju prays for Paragi. Paragi collides with peon and sweet box falls down. She thinks he is peon of institute. Sushma thinks she has no option after whatever happened with her son. The peon comes inside and gives the boxes to the panel members. They check the boxes and finds money notes in it. Pramod tells Sushma that bribe is given to the honest officers and now Paragi will not clear the interview now. The officer tells that Paragi Parashar has to face the consequences for bribing us. The Pathaks bring goddess Saraswati home. Paragi prays to Om Sai Ram and goes to give the interview

Sushma asks Pramod if any news came from the interview centre. Pramod says good news will come. The officer asks Paragi, if to become IAS is important for her. Paragi says it is important for me, like breath is important for me. Other officer asks what you can do and to what extent you can do, to become IAS. Paragi says my Papa and husband inspire me to become IAS and says I can break the boundaries to become IAS. The officer says you have broken all the boundaries, by offering us bribe before the interview. Sanjay sees Peon coming to Pramod and whispering him something. He thinks if there is any problem in institute. Paragi says I understand that such questions are asked to know the candidate, and says why will I give you bribe, and says to become IAS is my puja.

The panel members show the boxes and says that’s why you have sent this as prasad. Paragi is shocked and thinks if someone from institute do this, or from home.Sanjay hears Pramod giving money to Peon and asking if he gave sweets boxes to the interviewer of Paragi. Peon says yes sir. Sanjay wonders what is it? He comes out and asks Peon about the money in his hand. He says it is less, and says Chachu doesn’t know the talent, and says a big work can’t be done in less money. He handovers him more money. Peon says Pramod sir doesn’t value my talent, but you do. Sanjay says we have a big institute and such things happen and asks him to tell what big work, he has done. Peon tells him everything. Sanjay is shocked.

The Panel members tell Paragi that they have decided to disqualify her from UPSC and asks her to go. Sanjay thinks whatever happened with Maa is wrong, but this thing can’t be justified. Paragi tries to clarify. The officers ask her to leave else she will be thrown out. Paragi turns to go, and again comes back. She says I am sorry Sir, I have reached here after much preparation. She asks what is the proof you have, that I have sent this money to you. She asks on what basis, you are disqualifying me. She asks them to give her a fair chance and question her, and says if I lose then I will leave. She says I am ready to answer to all your questions. Sanjay comes there and argues with watchman to let him go inside. Paragi and the panel members come out. Sanjay tells Paragi that Chachu gave the bribe to the panel members to trap her. Paragi is shocked. Panel members also hear her. Pramod tells Sushma that their work is done.

Sushma says Paragi shall get her happiness, but she shall be out from this house and from Sanjay’s life. Pramod says your prayer is answered, and there must be a drama there. Sanjay requests the panel members to give a chance to Paragi who is very deserving and don’t punish her due to his family. He says take her interview and says I will bring proof that she is right. He says I will handle my family, you please give her a chance. The panel members agree to give her a chance. Sanjay and Paragi smile. The officer asks Paragi to remember that if she fails in the interview then she shall forget UPSC. Sanjay asks her to say yes. Paragi says yes.

The panel members go inside. Paragi tells Sanjay that he has saved her dreams again. Sanjay asks her to go and come as winner again. He says all the best. Paragi goes inside to give the interview. Sanjay feels bad for Paragi and thinks I will ask my family later, but for now, you shall not lose your confidence. I am sure that you will become an IAS officer.Paragi comes back and thinks this bribe wall has raised many questions. The panel members ask her questions. Paragi gives the interview and comes out. Sanjay is waiting for her. He asks how was the interview. Paragi says I am hopeful about interview, but don’t know what they will do, after the interview. She says they play mind game and asked me what I will do, if some candidate give me bribe.

She says I told them that I will think about rejecting the candidate immediately, but will give him a chance to defend him. Sanjay appreciates her for giving the interview after whatever happened with her and says hats off to you. He says it was dual test for you, your courage is tested and you are judged by the interviewer, and my Paragi stood against all. He says your test is done, now it is my test. He gets angry on his family.Pramod keeping the books infront of Devi Saraswati’s idol. Sanju stops him. Sushma asks Sanju, why did he stop his Chachu? Sanjay says I couldn’t stop him from committing a crime, but I will stop him from doing a sin today.

Pramod asks what did I do? Vinod asks what you are saying? Pramod asks him to say clearly. Sanju says you have conspired to make Paragi fail in the UPSC, and says you have brought the idol playing the dhol, and asks how can you send bribe on Paragi’s name. He asks why you have done this and asks him to say. Sushma calls Sanju and tells that Pramod didn’t do anything with his wish, whatever he did was on my sayings. Sanju gets teary eyes and asks did you do this? He asks why? Sushma says you are not seeing anything due to love, you have to hear and bear so much due to Paragi. She says I can see, hear and feel everything. Sanju says how can you forget your own teachings, and says today I have to tell you that you are wrong. Sushma says due to this girl. Sanju says the matter is between you and me and says whatever wrong happened with you, was done by Paragi’s tai ji and not Paragi.

He says my mother can’t be wrong and says when I fought with a boy in the school, you corrected my mistake and tells that her actions today just justified in any circumstances. He says I am not sorry, for whatever I said.Paragi talks to Parashar and tells about the friction between Sanju and Sushma. Paragi says Maa is still in shock with whatever happened with her, and asks him not to share her sasural matters with anyone in the house. Parashar assures her. Vinod comes there. Paragi says Papa came to know from Romi and that’s why I had to told him. She says trust me. Vinod says I trust him fully. Pramod gets angry and throws the book. Baby asks why are you getting angry. He says my nephew insulted me today. Baby says let Bhabhi handle him.

She asks him to focus on the project, and asks him to think how to get it approved. Pramod says I know, how to get it approved. Paragi comes to the room and sees Sanju hurting his hand. She asks him to stop. Song plays…..She throws dupatta on him, so that he can clean his hand. He signs that his heart is pain. Agar tum saath ho plays….Paragi says Sanju’s pain reliever will be his Paragi. Vinod asks Servant to throw all the fruit basket. Sushma asks what are you doing. Vinod shows the fruit basket to Sushma and tells that the fruit is rotten. Sushma says one fruit is rotten and asks what is other fruits mistake. Vinod says why Paragi is punished for her Tai ji’s mistakes. He makes her realize her mistake and goes.

Sushma tells that they shall keep the books infront of Saraswati Maa. Pramod comes there and says one more thing needs to be placed infront of idol. He tells Sanju that he was angry at him, but his love overpowered his anger. He shows the university project to him and says I have designed it for you, and says you can only successfully handle this. He says you didn’t get selected for UPSC, as you was destined to do something bigger. Sanjay says I am not ready. Pramod convinces him. Sanjay is about to take the file. Paragi comes there and stops him. She says this project is big and good, but it is not your dream. She says your dream is UPSC, I brought these books to keep for puja. She says I could fly due to you. Pramod says you will be successful businessman once this project starts and then you can prepare for UPSC side by side. Paragi says he has to keep all the things aside, to prepare for UPSC. Vinod says Paragi is right. Sushma asks Paragi to keep her thoughts aside, and tells that they are businessman’s family. Paragi says Sanju will clear UPSC next time.

Pramod says when two choices were given to you, you had taken your own decision. Paragi says we shall not stop Sanju from pursuing his dream, and I have felt that pain. She asks him to take the decision wisely and consider about his dream UPSC. Sanju says I can’t sacrifice my duty for my dream and says being the elder son, I shall handle the responsibilities. Paragi says I learnt from you, that dreams shall not be left without fulfilling it. She says I will not let you leave your dream. She asks Goddess to bless Sanju so that he can fulfill his responsibility and also UPSC.


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