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The Episode starts with a scene in Shanti Sadan, where Shanti Devi hears radio and takes the key bunch. She calls Kaushalya, who is making jalebis in the kitchen. Kaushalya gives the jalebis to her and gets few taunts by Shanti. Kaushalya makes many snacks and Shanti calls them few. She calls her granddaughter to get the clothes. Nimmi falls and Shanti says surf etc is very costly, ask your mum, just my son Raghav and my daughter Sarla are right. Shanti asks Nimmi to burn the clothes and lights the matchstick. Kaushalya takes Nimmi with her and Shanti continues to taunt them. She asks Kaushalya to give the accounts before Raghav comes. Nimmi gets angry on Shanti. Nimmi says halwa is made for Sarla, as if ghee river is flowing here. Kaushalya asks her to stop it and goes to give accounts.

She says 15000rs is less to manage home and asks for 5000rs increment. Nimmi says time has changed and everything became costly. Shanti says her son earns by hardwork. Kaushalya gives the account and Shanti asks Nimmi to use calculator in her phone. Nimmi says the total is 13870. Shanti says you all felt Amma ji is foolish. She asks Nimmi to deduct 13870 from 15000rs. Nimmi says 1130rs. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give 1130rs, and how can she ask for more 5000rs. Kaushalya says there is something missing, the kirana came for 5000rs. She says snacks, tea powder and namkeen were also included. Shanti says you feel I have a money plant. Nimmi defends her mum and says ghee, namkeen and snacks was bought for Sarla Bua and her children. Shanti scolds her for counting Bua’s food. She says your Bua’s fate is not good, so she comes here to have some good things, what will happen when I die, if you count her food. Sarla buys sweets for Rs 50. Kaushalya asks Shanti not to cry, she will manage in 5000rs. Shanti says fine, call Sarla, why did she get late today, she comes on time daily. Nimmi says Bua will come daily, she will come any moment. Sarla comes and meets them. She sits in Shanti’s feet and says she was worried for her having a bad dream. Nimmi taunts Sarla. Sarla says your mum Kaushalya is lucky, as my mum helps her in kitchen, whereas I m always in kitchen 24 by 7. She says she prays for her brother’s home all the time and she got Prasad too. She sees the food kept on the table.

She asks is there anything special today. Shanti says its 1st of the month, Preeti will get salary today. She calls Preeti and Preeti comes home. Shanti says its her first salary and does Preeti’s aarti. She does not let Kaushalya do aarti and asks Sarla to do aarti. Sarla smiles seeing Kaushalya that she has taken her right. Kaushalya says she will also do aarti and Shanti stops her. Preeti gives the salary and Shanti counts it. Sarla says I will go now. Shanti asks her to meet Raghav and go. Raghav comes home and cleans the dust off the house name board. Sarla says the halwa is nice, as its made by ghee, she makes dalda halwa, but she wanted some dry fruits in it. Raghav says he can smell the good halwa, and everyone welcome him.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring water. Sarla eyes Raghav’s salary and sees what else he got in his bad. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam. Few kids play cricket and the guy makes a small kid out, asking him to go and clean his bike. The kid says our one player is still there and calls out Shivam Bhaiya. Shivam makes a heroic entry. Shivam hits a six and the kids hug him, as their team win. Shanti gives 5000rs to Raghav for his monthly expensed and he returns it saying he will ask her whenever he needs. Shanti says Kaushalya is eager to get salary since morning, she becomes restless when 1st comes.

She says take 15000rs, you said you want more for her children, I will give, but you should spend as per your earnings, explain this to children. Shivam comes home and Shantu asks him how much money he needs. Raghav asks where was he. Shivam says at Bittu’s home. Shanti gives 1000rs to Preeti for her fare. She asks Kaushalya not to annoy Shivam and Nimmi, even when they don’t earn anything, give them 500rs each. Nimmi and Shivam refuse to take it.

Shanti asks them to go and earn, see Sarla’s son, he earns money, and Shivam’s study did not finish till now. Kaushalya asks him to take money, as petrol will be needed. Shanti asks Shivam to sell his bike and buy a cycle, he can exercise while riding cycle. Shivam says its dad’s bike and I don’t think he will sell it. Raghav asks him to talk well with Dadi. Shanti asks why is he showing attitude if he does not earn. She asks him to get mango crate, else she will sell the bike. Shivam gets annoyed and leaves. Raghav goes to freshen up.

Sarla says I will go now, I m thinking to do a job like baby sitting. Raghav stops and asks why will you work. Sarla says she has to pay fees. Shanti asks why, your brother is alive. Sarla asks for 10000-15000. Raghav asks how much did she ask. Shanti says just 5000rs. Raghav asks him to give Sarla, its for kid’s fees. Shanti gives money to Sarla. Sarla asks Raghav to come for lunch. Raghav says you come here, we will meet, whats there is food and all. Sarla says yes true and leaves happily with 5000rs. Raghav asks Kaushalya to ask Shivam to get mature. He goes to room.

Shanti taunts Kaushalya. Riya’s entry scene is shown. She is with her friend at a stall and chilling out. Riya says she was thinking about the love column, it was written about love at first sight, how we feel, everything stops, thundering strikes, everything glitters….. like the man is just made for you.

Her friend says she feels the same for mangoes. Her friend buys a crate. A thief runs with her friend’s bag. Riya asks Shivam to take her after the thief, who snatched her friend’s bag. Shivam races the bike. Riya asks him to drive faster. He says I m driving fast. She says more fast and holds his hand. The thief runs inside the railway station.

Shivam catches the thief and beats him. Riya gets the bag and throws the coconut to hit the goon, which hits Shivam’s head. He turns and looks at her. The police comes and arrests the thief. Shivam holds his head. She smiles and feels like love on first sight, with thundering, rains…. Kabhi jo badal barse…………….plays…………… It rains and they have an eyelock. Her friend comes and says Riya…. Riya says I m sorry, I was hitting the coconut, it struck you by mistake. He says aim and intention should be good, here is your bag. She says thanks and gives the mango crate to him. He says sorry, I don’t eat mangoes. Riya says please keep it, else these mangoes and I will feel bad. He says fine, and thanks her. He leaves. Her friend asks Riya is she fine. Riya says yes but I felt like love at first sight. Her friend says stop it, see the rain was by station pipe. Riya smiles. Kaushalya irons Raghav’s clothes. Raghav asks her about Shivam. She says he will come. Raghav gives her 5000rs and says mum is not wrong, she knows about managing children, its today’s time kids, if we let them free, you will be managing their children. She asks him to keep the money, if she needs, she will ask Shanti.

He says you do all the work and no complains, no anger on your face, how do you manage. She says you are praising me a lot. He says he will take her to Shimla when he gets leave, and promises her. Kaushalya asks him to sleep, and smiles. He hugs her and asks her to keep smiling. Shivam comes and presents the mango crate to Shanti. Raghav asks how did he get these mangoes, you did not had any money. Shivam says he has got this by his hard earned money and smiles. Shanti says great. Nimmi says he has won in the colony match and got man of the match prize. Kaushalya happily cries. Everyone eat the mangoes. Nimmi asks Shivam about the sign on his hand and he recalls how Riya held him tight. He says a wild cat has scratched his hand. Preeti and Nimmi smile. Shivam waits for a call. He gets a call and thanks someone for the interview kept for sales marketing job.

Its morning, Shivam does not come in Shanti’s sight and leaves out. Nimmi asks him to tell her all the best, its exam result and asks him to make duplicate marksheet as she is scared of Shashikala/Shanti. Shivam asks her not to take tension, if her number come less, its her not mistake, she wanted to do fashion designing and Dadi made her do science course, he will come till she tells the result to family, and even her third division will be good. She thanks and hugs him. He leaves. Sarla sees the sarees and her son asks for 2000rs. She asks what will he do. He says I know you got 5000rs from Nani’s ATM. She gives him 2000rs and asks him to come on time for Kanya pujan. He takes another note and goes. Srivastav family do the kanya pujan. Shanti poses and Preeti takes her pics. Shanti gives the keys to Kaushalya to bring some items from storeroom and asks her to return the keys.

Nimmi gets a call and tells Preeti that result has come, she has to go. Shanti asks her whats the need to do when puja did not end. Kaushalya returns the key bunch to Shanti. Nimmi sees two sarees worth 500rs and 1500rs. Shanti asks her not to see things. Nimmi tells Preeti that she got angry seeing price tag. Sarla comes and says everyone is not lukcy as them. Sarla gives the clothes to the girls, while Kaushalya holds the basket. Preeti takes Sarla and Shanti’s pics to send Raghav. Sarla shows the two sarees and asks which one will you take. She gives the costly one to Sarla and cheaper one to Kaushalya, saying she does not differentiate between sarees, there is no difference in rates. Nimmi says 500rs saree for mum and 1800rs saree for Bua, shall I take this pic and send dad. Shanti asks her to wait till her result comes, then send the marksheet to her dad. Nimmi gets tensed.

Sarla says her three children pray for their Nani, her Amit, Pari and Sonal pray for Raghav. Amit and Pari come and talk sugary. Preeti says she will get late for office and goes. Amit keeps an envelope and says bless me that I earn well to give money to my Nani. Sarla says Pari and I will stay here for sometime, I asked Sonal to come here. A lady tells Nimmi that Pari did not come to work at parlor, but she got fired as she was caught stealing a gold chain. Nimmi says what and is shocked. Sonal comes and hugs Shanti. She says she got first division, 80% marks. Everyone bless her. Kaushalya says congrats. Sarla taunts Kaushalya for her fast so that Nimmi passes. Nimmi comes home and smiles. Shanti asks the result. Nimmi says she passed and takes blessings. Sarla asks which division. Nimmi says second. Sarla says Sonal came 1st division, what will you do in life and see how Sonal has many plans in her life, she wants to do M.Sc, but it will need 1-2 lakhs, I told her to do her job and then study. Shanti says she wants to study, I will arrange the money.

Nimmi says no, Msc does not need lakhs, first division people get scholarship. Sarla says Nimmi does not know anything, and asks her to show her marksheet to prove she passed. Nimmi shows it. Sarla says its really 2nd division, and thinks whats fishy that Nimmi passed. She says our Nimmi’s name will come in newspaper too and checks. Shanti says Nimmi said she passed, why to check. Sarla says let me see, and checks her roll number, and says its not here. Shanti looks at Nimmi. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to say it. Nimmi worries.

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