Snatched update Wednesday 25 March 2020

Snatched 25 March 2020: Shaina wakes up. She looks in the mirror and says you are so beautiful But for Ajay you have to look even more beautiful. She recalls Ajay saying I am ready to marry you. She says I wish we could go to a place where it was just you and me.

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I want to meet you every time I think about you. How can I come to you. She goes to Ajay’s room. He is asleep. Shaina caresses his arm. She says you have no idea how much I love and crave for you. But now God has listened to me. Now you and I will together forever. she comes close to him and touches his lips. Ajay wakes up and says what are you doing here? She says don’t worry. There was no water in my bathroom. I thought I should take a bath here. Is that okay? Ajay says okay and goes towards the window.

Mishri says to Sanjana anuj is just pretending. He is just like Ajju. I am not gonna call him. Sanjana says listen to me, there must be some misunderstanding. I know anuj. There must be something or he wont have done this. Mishri says you think everyone is nice. Sanjana says Anuj is nice. I have seen love for you in his eyes. You wont get a guy like him. Mishri says you can’t understand.

Shaina says Ajay.. please give me my clothes. He says they must be in somewhere. Shaina says they are on bed, I feel cold. Ajay gives her the clothes. He holds his hand, Ajay says leave someone will see. She comes out in a bath suit. Shaina sneezes and pretends like she feels cold. Ajay ignores her. She comes and hugs ajay from back. ajay says go change your clothes or you will feel cold. She says i wont now. Shaina shoves him on bed and lies on him.

Sanjana says to Mishri wont you listen to me? Mishri says if you wanna favor anuj then I don’t want to talk to you. Ajay says shaina someone will come. Shaina says don’t you like me near you? He says please go. She says so what? You and I have to get married soon. Ajay says we are not married yet. She says so what and comes close to him.

Sanjana runs after mishri and says please listen to me. Sanjana is outside Ajay’s room and she sees Ajay and Shaina together. Sanjana comes in. Ajay is dazed. Shaina says Ajay I will go change the clothes. Ajay says Sanjana, its not what you think like it is. She came here to take a bath. Sanjana says did I ask you something? Its your room your life. Do whatever you want. Sanjana leaves.

Sanjana checks Shaina’s room, there is no water. she sees that Shauna has palces a chain in the valve. Shaina says now I will tell her how to use brain.
Shaina comes to her room and sees water coming out of her washroom. All her room is messed up. She comes in and says how did this happen. sHe is about to slip. Sanjana holds her arm. Sanjana says be careful bride to be. Why are you scared? because of me or seeing water from a blocked tap? Ajay comes and sees water everywhere in Shaina’s room. Shaina says what you wanna say? Sanjana shows her the chain she stuck in the tap. Sanajana says this how you blocked the tap right? Sanjana says shaina do whatever you want, you can never come between me and my husband. Our love is deep enough. Don’t waste your time.
Sanjana says to ajju you know i am a cop. If you tremble i wont leave you.
Shaina leaves.

Shreya says to shaina I guess you need help. Shaina says what are you here for? Shreya says you are my enemy’s enemy. So you are my pal. You have helped me alot. I wanna give you a suggestion. Prove ajay that you can be a better wife than sanjana. Shaina says how? Shreya says its difficult. But sanjana has a lot of troubles so she can’t take care of family. So you do. Start from kitchen. Make the meal for today. Shaina says what an idea. I can do anything for ajay. Sanjana overhears it.

Shaina asks dadi to leave the kitchen. Dadi says why should I. She says I am trying to be a good daughter in law and you are misbehaving with me. Don’t talk in front of me. Dadi says if someone sees you misbehaving me they will kick you out. Shaina says dont say a word. You talk too much because of your old age. Dadi is about to slap her. shaina grasps her wrist and twists her arm. Sanjana says shaina what are you doing? Shaina says what are you doing here? Let me cook here. And you better get out of here. And all of you, soon I am the daughter in law of this house and will take sanjana’s place. On 30th october I’ll become shaina pethywala.

Sanjana says enough. Shaina says Ajay has decided this and he never asked any of you. Because its his life. Let him do what he wants to. He only loves me. Sanjana says are you done? Do whatever you want. But don’t dare misbehaving with our elders. Ajay will kick you out of this house. Elaichi says Sanjana enough. Ajay’s second wife wants to cook so let her cook. Everyone is dazed. Elaichi says shaina you know where everything is, starts cooking and ask Angoori for help. and rest of you come out of kitchen and rest. Vinati says Shaina be generous and make it for everyone. Won’t you ask what to made?

We make meal of everyone’s choice. You should know everyone’s choice, like sanjana does. Shaina says I will only make what I like. Now you all go out and eat whatever I cook or I will send your sanjana back to jail. I am making handi biryani today. Vinati says Ajay likes it a lot. Dadi says it takes 7 hours. sanjana says if she can’t make it i will. Shaina says you dont need to. I will make it alone. You better worry about your packing. Soon you have to leave this house.

Truth is always bitter. Shaina shoves her. Vinati says how dare you shove her. Elaichi says wait, shaina looks very sensible. Make a biryani that shows you are better than Sanjana. Shaina says yes i will make it so good that you will love it. Elaichi says once i give you approval everyone will accept you. Shaina says I accept this challenge.

Bhushan says I am really tired today. Bhushan says no we have to go for check up today. The child and mom to be should be taken care from first day. She reads a text. He says is that phone more important than your child? She says it was promotional message. He says give me the phone. Shreya says no no. she throws the phone on bed. Bhushan says in heart she is concealing something. Shreya says I am sorry. Tell me what were you saying. He says I have to confirm if you are pregnant or not. We have to go to doctor today. I know I was mad at you but I never liked you being blamed. We have to confirm this news so we can tell everyone. He says get ready. He goes to the car. shreya says what should I do. I should call mom. she calls her mom and says bhushan is taking me to pregnancy test. think something and tell me. Her mom tells her a plan.

Shreya comes to the car and pretends like he has fainted. Bhushan gets worried and takes her in. Sanjana says what new drama is it. Shreya says stop hurting my feelings all the time sanjana and how can a woman lie about being a mom and you are already accused of a murder. Bhushan leaves. Sanjana says how many times are you going to hurt feelings of Bhushan. Shreya says better go and control your husband who is going for a second marriage very soon. Sanjana leaves. shreya says bhushan how easy it is to fool you.
Bhushan says in heart i know shreya has deceived me before as well. Its her habit but if this time she does something, i wont forgive her. she doesn’t know that I am too good with good people and worse with bad people.

Shaina is cooking. Sanajana comes in. Shaina says I came here first. You go wherever you can. Sanjana and Vinati are cooking. vinati says you know royal people used too cook like us on stone stove. Dadi says shaina you look so good while cooking. Shreya comes to Shaina and says is this how you cut onion. No one is going to eat your biryani. Shaina says what should i do. Shreya says i want sanjana to lose as well but for that I have a plan. Sanjana leaves her biryani for a while. Shiana comes in.

Sanjana leaves. Shaina tries to throw her cooking pan with a stick.It falls off the stoves. Sanjanja comes and catches it. Ajay says your hands are burnt. He makes her sit and brings burn heal. The song ‘kuch is tarha’ plays in background. Shaina is looking at them and is mad.
Shaina comes. Shreya tastes her biryani and says this is what you made? You are so stupid. This is almost burnt.
Ajay’s hand is burnt a bit too. She applies burn heal. He says I am fine. Sanjana says saty quite.

Sanjana comes to kitchen and says to Shaina is it burn? Oh I told you true love always wins. My husband will give me his true love back. Shaian says this small triumph can’t change the truth that Ajay is mine. If he doesn’t marry me you will have to go back to jail. If he has to save you he has to marry me. Go serve your biryani.
Dadi says Shaina couldn’t even make biryani. Sanjana will be back to jail on 30th how will you do all that afterwards. Shreya says is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Dadi says Sanjana told me. How could I conceal it. Everyone congratulates Shreya. Dadi says shaina how can we trust that will you be able to do our work. Shaina says I will do all the work. Sanjana says Shaina you couldn’t even make biryani how will you handle the kitchen.
Kirlok receives a letter. They are divorce papers. he is shocked. Dadi asks what is it? He throws them away. Ajay picks it up and reads it. Kirlok says Mishri’s divorce papers.

Kirlok says come with me mishri. There is something. I need to clear it. Sanjana says mamma ji wait a minute. Mishri didn’t get married to Anuj, she got married to Ajju. Everyone is bewildered. Sanjana says yes this is the truth. She tells them everything. Everyone is in tears. Mishri hugs kirlok.
Kirlok is crying outside. Sanjana goes to him and says give me 24 hours. I will save Mishri‘s marriage too along with mine. Shreya says it will be fun now to Shaina. Kirlok nods at Sanjana. Sanjana gazes at Shreya and Shaina.
Everyone is doing the pooja. Shaina says in heart your daughter’s life is ruined as well. Pooja is not going to help anyway.

Scene 2
Dadi says very good sanjana. Sanjana says yes both families should sit and talk we might find a solution. Kirlok says very good. Elaichi says you are going through a lot and you still think about us so much. Sanjana says this is my family. Dadi says only you can bring them together. Sanjana syas anuj loves mishri. I will reunite them. Like I and ajay can never be parted. Dadi says you are such a nice girl. Only you can handle this house. Dadi says appreciating her for nothing wont help. Let her do something first. Dadi says come with me kirlok. I have to talk to you. Sanjana says please save our marriages God. Sanjana collides with Ajay.

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