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Snatched 19 February 2020 starts as sherya comes in her room crying. Bhushan says are you done with you drama? she says you dont care about me at all? He says you still care about yourself only. I dont know how will i face everyone tomorrow.

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Elaichi wakes up, Kirlok says what is it? She says i a worried for bhushan and sherya, I think they had a spat. Sherya came to the room and apologized chachi. i felt like bhushan forced her. She says its time for them to strengthen their relationship. kirlok says i know what you are trying to say. Bhushan has a reason to behave this way. you remeber when all these kids came here? Bhushan was really competitive. He wants his wife to be perfect in everything as well. We know the problem and we can manage it. He puts flowers in her hair.

Vinati comes to ayush and gives him yougurt. Ayush says you are the best bhabhi. Ayush says where are you going bhushan? Kirlok says come sit here bhushan. Take your shoes off. now i a going to teach you a yoga. Bhushan says do i have to do this? Kirlok says its really simple. Look in fron and breathe. Bhushan does it and is about to fall. kirlok says you think i dont know what is going on in your mind? you want sherya to keep us happy. Have you ever thought about her? You have to kill others happiness sometimes for the happiness of your life partner. You know your mom doesn’t like tea but she drinks it with me, you know because it gives us sometimes alone. Dont think about little things so much. Sherya says smile bhushan.

Sanjina is in her house, she says how will i meet ajju, how will i get out of this jail. Ajay says to ajju relax she will come. Ajju says her family would do anything. ajay says she will come i a sure. Sanjina’s dad says this proposal is done, your son likes sanjina. The guy says i couldn’t meet sanjina properly yesterday, i wanted to talk to her before we finalize things. SAnjijan’s dad says yes sure. He says this would be awkward in house, can i take her to a restaurant? His mom says yes they should know each other. Sanjina’s dad nods and says yes of course. Sanjina’s sister says there is a temple near, you can go there instead of restaurant.

Sherya wakes up and sees the bhushan is not by her side. She says i should apologize him. Sherya comes downstairs. Elaichi says come sherya, she says good morning She says avni have you seen bhushan? She says bhushan has take chachi to doctor he would go to the shop then. Sherya calls bhushan but he doesn’t pick. dadi says come here sherya. sherya says i a sorry for last night dadi. dadi says forget it. dadi says everyone makes mistakes. husband and wife should take all the steps together. You have to do a lot of effort to get your wedding going. Sherya says i am trying really, especially for bhushan. i know i made a mistake last night but bhushan in the room.. She says look he didn’t even meet me. He couldn’t even let me say sorry. dadi says he is so bad. Elaichi will scold at him. You should apologize him in new ways. should i give you an idea? The path of heart of a man goes through his tummy. you should take food for him. make him eat, he will be forget everything. sherya says you are great. She says i should get ready and take lunch for him. Sherya goes to kitchen to pack the food.

Amar says sherya is going to bring food today. bhushan says papa can i take half day toady? Kirlok says i am your dad and boss, boss gave you permission and dad to sherya. Sherya comes in, Ayush says will you bring him food every day? She says yes i will. Ayush says he is so happy that he has take half day off. Sherya smiles. Amar says are you both done? i am really hungry. Lets eat the food. They all go to wash hands. bhsuhan says thanks you are amazing sometimes. Drives comes in with the lunch box, he says bring all the lunch boxes.He says there is only one in the car. sherya says i brought for you only. he says its lunch time, she says i didn’t think. He says think about everyone sherya.

Vinati comes with food for everyone. Amar says come eat everyone. bhushan says to sherya see this is how she cares about everyone. Bhushan says driver bring my food with everyone.

Ajay and ajju are waiting for sanjina. Ajju says she didn’t come. Ajay says relax. Ajju says you wont understand you have never loved someone. Ajay says i dnt wanna love after seeing you. Ajay shows ajju sanjina coming out of a car, the guy comes out from the other side. Ajar says he is the guy her dad has selected for her. sanjina looks at ajju and smiles, ajju turns other side, sanjina says to ahat call him. Ajju says she is calling us behind temple. sanjina says please do something they have fixed the date. Ajay says go sit with ajju on the bench we will handle the rest. Sanjina says if he sees he will tell dad. Sanjina to goes to the guy and says lets go.

Sherya says what is it bhushan? He says go home i will meet you in the evening. She says you took half day to take me out. Bhushan says i have a meeting. Vianti says i am going home, Bhushan says bhabhi sherya is coming with you. Sherya says to vinati why you did this? Why you brought the food? Vinati says it was lunch time. Sherya says you could have asked me. vianti says you had left. Sherya says you could call me. Sherya says i did all the work and you got all the appreciation. vinati says think what are you saying. we are family, its not any competition, if you think i did this deliberately i wont interfere in any of your matters. She sits in the car and leaves, Ayush overhears it all.

Sherya says to her friend, vinati took all the credit. Bhushan thought i did this intentionally. Jeena says she is plain and simple jealous of you, you are beautiful and rich. She is competing with you.
Vinati says does someone do the competition like this? we are a family. chachi says she has lived alone. Jeena says to sherya chill and focus on your husband only. Chachi says i can’t see you being insulted vianti. If she doesn’t like you to interefere dont ever do, she will need you. She will come back to to you. Elaichi says where is vinati? avni says she is in her room. Elaichi says is she okay? Mishri says i think she is fie but her mood is off. Kirlok says why? Avni says sherya’s mood is off as well. elaichi says ayush what happened?

Ajay comes an sit5s with sanjina, he says i love you sanjina you cant marry someoene else. She says ignore him, i dont know him. the mans says you know him. Sanjina says he is my ex, when he got to know about our wedding he mind it. Vinati is cooking, Elaichi says everyone saw the breakfast i made they all went without eating. Vinati says i am sorry you had to work because of my mood. Elaichi says kids keep doing these mistakes and its okay elaichi hugs her.

Sanjina says i love you ajju, he says i love you too. Ajay says give me some credit too. sanjina says thank you. sanjina’s dad asks the guy where is sanjina? he says i dont wanna marry your daughter she has another guy in her life.

Mishri says how can we solve things between them? Ayush says lets lock them in a room. Elaichi says i have a solid idea.
Sanjina’s sister comes and says eat something. sanjina says what is papa’s problems. We always think about him. No one cares about my feelings my heart. her dad comes in and says your feeling don’t matter. i will write your fate, that guy doesn’t understand words, he will forget his name. sanjina says don’t harm him papa please. He says now i will decide what will i do to him. sanjina says papa please. Her dad says you want to eat, then eat. If not then stay here. He locks the room and leaves. sanjina sits there in tears.

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