Snatched update Tuesday 18 February 2020

Snatched 18 February 2020 starts as Bhushan comes downstairs, Elaichi says where is sherya? bhushan says she has no interest in cricket. Mishri says you had a spat with her its on your face. Elaichi says until sherya and bhushan are fine no match ayush says please go and ask for her apology.

Avni says you lied to her.bhushan says i dont need to do anything. vinati says write a romantic song. Ayush says take her to shopping. Sanjina comes home. Kirlok says give bhushan and idea otherwise no match. Kirlok asks ajay who is it? Ajay says sanjina please go. kirlok comes and sees her with sanjina. she says namasty uncle i came to return the camera, you had the function. Kirlok says there was no function here. dadi comes and says sanjina come in please.

Kirlok says to elaichi ajay wants to spend life with a girl like her. Vianti shows sanjina the picture of bhushan disguised as magician in childhood. sanjina says you should impress her with some magic trick. bhushan says if ayush helps me then, ayush says no please.

bhushan goes to room as magician. He dances with her. He does magic tricks. He takes her to a side, bhushan slips, she says are you acting or are you really hurt? she says it hurts. everyone come in, kirlok says call doctor. Ayush says let me check. he says its just a sprain. Sherya says its all my mistake. elaichi says its better that he learned the lesson. he wont lie to you again, bhushan says i promise i wont. ayush doesn icing on the sprain. Sanjina says okay i am going, everyone says please drop her. Ayush is on bike with sanjina, he says dont worry about the interview, he will make it. She syas drop me here. he says i will drop you. She says i dont wanna take a favor. He drops her home.

Sanjina’s dad asks where were you? she says it was extra class. he says how you came? she says a friend dropped me. he stares her in anger. he says next time call me, she says okay. Ajay comes to her home and gives the servant a bag and says give it to sanjina and say that ajay gave it. he goes in and says some ajay gave this bag, her dad says who ajay? she says papa.. Dad says tell me. He says i know you would lie to me now. The servant says i saw his bike and noted the number, sanjina says papa its not what you think like. he says dont lie to me. you came home with that guy. give me your phone. now. he says go to your room.Sherya’s phone is ringing, she says bhushan pick the call. He says its your phone. its her friend, she says how are you? did i disturb you on honeymoon?

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she says i am not n honeymoon, we came back for something important. She says whats more important than honeymoon. SHe says i am in your city, Sherya says come here at my place. SHe says its a joint family would they be okay? sherya says yes everyone is cool here. She says I am having breakfast at Taj mehal. I will meet you.

Sherya comes downstairs and says wow who made all this breakfast? Mishir says vianti bhabhi, she does it every day. Sherya gets everything ready for her friend.
Vinati makes lunch box for her son and says you have to eat it all. Vinati asks the angoori where are you taking all this? angoori says sherya has asked to place it all at roof top for the lunch. Vinati says take everything for everyone its such a good idea.

Sherya says bhushan come with me there is a surprise, she wants to show him the breakfast table she has arranged for him. The rest of whole family is there on the roof. They are getting everything arranged. Kirlok says what a small. Vianti says sherya’s imagination was too good, we should have breakfast on and off on roof. Sherya comes with bhushan and says surprise, she is shocked to find everyone there. Sherya is disappointed, he says what surprise? Vinati says bhushan i have made these parathy for you. bhushan says you are the best cook in the world. Kirlok says i love this idea of having breakfast in front of taj mehal. Bhushan says thank you sherya i love this surprise. sherya says i hope you all liked it. They all sit down for the breakfast. Sherya says my friend has come from US, i invited her home. elaichi says this is your house. you can always have your friends here.

Sanjina says i have to call ajju and inform him with everything. Ajju comes to college, Some thugs come to college and start beating ajju, they say if you are ever seen aroud sanjina we will kill you. Ajay comes and says why did they beat you? he says they were sanjina’s dad’s thugs. they said i should never be seen around sanjina again. He says but i wasn’t with her yesterday.

Everyone is busy in cooking, Sherya comes. avni says we are baking this cake for your friend. Sherya says we could order from outside. She says to dadi i want to spend some time alone with my friend. Elacihi says i know old pals need time togther, no one will disturb you. Sherya says thank you mummy.

Sherya’s friend comes. her friend says hats off to you, you manage so many people. i have joint family too but everyone like privacy. has bhushan changed? sherya says no he loves me even more now. Everyone is so friendly now. My wedding was impossible but they made it possible. her pal says but you should make a line, maintain your privacy. she says where is bhushan? sherya says let me text and ask him.

Elaichi asks vianti are you going to sherya’s room> elaichi says no give it to angoori. She should have time alone with her friend. vianti says oour friends come as well, we all talk to them. elaichi says we need to give her some time. vianti says we are one and we need have same rules. Dadi says all the flowers are not same in the garden but they compile and make it beautiful. Same is with our family. now go and make halwa.

Their aunt comes. They all hug her and meet her. Mishri says i missed you a lot. avni says how are you? she says i am too good. Aunt says i want to meet the new bride. Bhsuhan comes home, Chachi says come here bhushan.He says where is sherya? elacihi says she is upstairs, bhushan says i am bringing her. Bhsuhan goes to room and meet jeena. He says to sherya what are you doing? chachi is waiting for you downstairs.

Bhushan says sherya chachi is waiting for your downstairs and you are sitting here with your friend, everyone is there. Sherya says she has come after so long, Bhushan says chahchi has come after so long as well.
Sherya comes downstairs with bhushan, chachi meets him. She says you are beautiful. She says look what have i brought for you. its a bed cover, sherya says its really good but i can’t use it, it doesn’t go with decor of my room. everyone is shocked and taken aback. Sherya says i said what i felt like. she goes upstairs, bhushan follows her.

Bhushan says what is this sherya? she brought is with so much love how can you be so rude to her. Bhushan says its not about the cover, in my family here we think about others before we think about ourselves. Look at mummy and vinati bahbhi, learn something from them. Sherya says i am sorry. He says sorry wont work.Bhushan says sorry wont work you have to get that bed cover back as well. Sherya goes downstairs.

Chachi says so she is not from joint family. Dadi says she is the only child of her parents she has lived alone all her life. Sherya comes. dadi says what happened sherya? Sherya takes the bed cover from chachi. Sherya says i am sorry if you didn’t like what i said. Forgive me if you can. She leaves.

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