Snatched update Sunday 8 March 2020

Snatched 8 March 2020: Sanjana is travelling in a rickshaw. Shreya comes and stands in front of it.Sanjana gets out. Shreya gifts her flower plant and tells her happy birthday. She says how could she have forgotten such an important day.

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Sanjana is not impressed. Shreya says that she has finally gotten what she wanted as all members of the family now respects her. She leaves from there. Sanjana thinks finally Shreya is treating and do the right thing for the family.

Trilok is sitting in his room with a dejected look. Elaichi comes and brings water for him. He tells her not to worry to much. She says she does not feel good since they threw Sanjana out the house. Trilok says that he had made a promise to Ajay’s mom to take care of her kids but he has failed to do so. He says that relationships are delicate. Elaichi says even she has some rights on them.Trilok says the kids are Sundana’s (Ajay’s mom). Elaichi says she has love them and that she also has the right to punish them. Elaichi and Trilok have a little disagreement. She is hurt and leaves the room.

Vinati is standing by the window of her room. She has a worried expression. Amar tells her that she has to wake up early in the morning since samar has school. He comforts her and tells her not to worry. They hug. Mishri and the others are in their rooms and are crying. they cannot sleep. Bhusan is lost in thought. Shreya comes to meet him. She tells him not to think about what happened. She says the best part was that sanjana’s true colours were revealed and she was thrown out the house. Bhusan asks if that was the right thing to do. The hug and she smiles cunningly.She thinks that soon Bhusan will get his rights as she is doing all this just for him.

Ajay is in his room. he tries to call Sanjana but she does not answer his call. She texts him instead. He thinks why isn’t she speaking to him. Elaichi is weeping in daadi’s lap. She says that she raised the kids but Trilok said they were Sunada’s kids.She continues to cry while daadi consoles her. Shreya is listening to their conversation and smiles. She is happy to know that she has created a rift within the family.

Ajay wonders why Sanjana isn’t speaking to him. Trilok comes to meet him and asks why he haven’t slept yet. He tells him to forget whatever happened with Sanjana. He says it is very hard for him but he will forgive him on one condition. He asks Ajay to promise him that he would sever all ties with Sanjana and start over afresh. He says that Ajay should never go against the family’s values. Tells him not the let the past affect his future. Ajay promises. Trilok says he expected this from himand leaves Ajay to think.

Sanjana’s dad asks her for forgiveness and says everything that happened was his fault. Sanjana says its not his fault. He cannot change someone’s destiny. She gets up and leaves. Amrita tells her dad to leave sanjana alone for a while. He says he changed his ways because of Ajay but now Sanjana is paying for his sins.

Ajay is walking and hears Sanjana calling out t him. He looks around but there’s no one.Its a pigment of his imagination. He goes to the temple and sits. he remembers Trilok’s words.

Sanjana is standing before the idols in her house. She lights a lamp in front of it. She says she knew that the truth would come out one day. She prays and says she has fallen in love with Ajay. She asks god to make everything alright.

both Ajay and Sanjana are praying in their temples respectively. the wind blows and sanjana shields the lamp. She cloese the window. She calls up Ajay but he isn’t taking the calls.Ajay keeps recalling Trilok’s words. He thinks he can’t break his promise. Sanjana tries to call again but the phone is switched off…

Bhushan comes and asks shreya why were you on the floor? what happened? She says ask me what didn’t happen. She says its a bad day maybe. Bhushan says tell me what happened? She says promise me you wont be mad? he says what is it? Shreya says it will ruin your mood. he says i don’t like things left incomplete. Shreya says because of that girl mummy papa had a spat. Bhsuhan says what? shreya says i was passing by and i heard that mummy was not agreeing with papa. Mummy said ajay should have left too.

Papa said that he can’t kick out bua ji’s children they are his responsibility. Mummy started crying. Bhushan says this sanjana. Shreya says she ruined everything. I remember how you told me rules and rituals of this house. She spoiled it all. He says its late, come sleep. She says i will come in a while. He says okay. Bhushan goes in, shreya smiles.

Next morning ajay wakes up and says sanjana please draw the curtains, he reads text from her. Did you sleep well? Is everyone okay? Kirlok comes in.
Agarwal asks sanjana what are you thinking? She says just that everyone must be on breakfast table and samar must be getting ready for school, he is mischievous. Everyone runs after him. And vinati bhabhi she makes such good food, we call her kitchen queen. She knows varities. If you ever eat her food you will become her fan. I forgot to tell mami there was no candle in temple.

And nani ji is so cool. she reads fashion magazines. She gave me these bracelets. Agarwal says you miss your in laws? sanjana says papa, i am wife and daughter in law. kirlok says to ajay we have nothing to do with that girl now. You better forget her, i have talked lawyer we will get divorce papers soon?

Agarwal says do you wanna go there back? Maybe those relation were fake but the love was real. Whoever find real love, shouldn’t let it go. This is in your hands how to make those fake relations real for yourself.

Kirlok says ajay sign the papers, we should start this procedure soon. I know what you are going through i am not liking it either. I have always been against divorce but there is no other option. dont feel guilty she is not the right girl. She was trying to manipulate us all. Sign these papers and give them to sanjana.

Sanjana says i dont know if they will accept me or not. i dont know if ajay loves me or not. Agarwal says he really loves you. He has done so much for you. Maybe he is oblivion. you have to make him realize. He is a nice guy and you are still his wife. If he is with you his family will accept you. you should give it a try. Sanjana says thank you papa.

Vinati gets samar ready and gives him breakfast. Kirlok says amar take ajay with us to the shop. Let him work on the plan he has. Amar says have you seen the mistakes he has done? kirlok says we have to direct his mind to the right path. He can work, we should give him one chance. Bhushan says he wont learn this way. He did such a big mistake and you pardoned him in one day?

Tell me truth if i did this would you have forgiven me? he has ruined our family name? Why no rules for him? kirlok say dont point at my decision. bhushan says you are getting me wrong. Kirlok says dont ever judge my decision. I wont change my decision. is anyone bringing ajay or should i call him? Vinati says i will. Bhushan goes back in his room. Shreya says i will talk to him.

Ajay is in his room, he looks at the divorce papers, the song ‘kon mera’ plays in background. He recalls how she helped him in jungle and when he was injured. How she held his hand when she was leaving.

Ajay is about to sign, vinati comes in and says mama ji has called you you have to go to shop today. Ajay thinks about sanjana motivating him for his project. Samar says mama i cant do these sums help me. Vinati says you are doing them right now? i am busy in kitchen. Samar says i should call sanjana chachi. Samar calls and says come back please help me with sums. sanjana says i will come soon. sanjana says how is everyone? Samar says everyone is fine. Ajay chachu is going to shop today. He hangs up. Sanjana is really happy.

Sanjana says its a new day for you today. Sanjana sends ajay a voice message, i know its your first day. I messages to wish you luck. I wish i was there to support you. Just stay calm you have whole family with you. This is your first step. Ajay says thank you sajana you are a good friend and don’t call me after today and never try to meet me.

Bhushan gets an order ready he sees ajay in shop. Ajay says bhushan can you help me understanding some clauses. Bhushan says this is your project, you should know and we are working here. We are not free and sitting on sofa with you. You know modern ideas only. Kirlok comes an says this is shop not home. Kirlok says ajay you can ask amar. Kirlok says bhushan look at amar and learn something from him. behave like an elder. Dont be mad all the time.

Shreya says to elaichi bhsuhan didn’t have to behave this way. Papa did right we should forgive ajay. Elaichi says but bhushan was right rules should be same for everyone. Dadi comes in and says you people are still stuck there. We have to much to do. We have to make new jewelry for Avni. Elaichi says we have made a new locket already. Vinati says i think the old jewelry should be remade. maybe she wont like the old designs.

Elaichi says new locket? Elaichi says we will remade them. Vinati goes in kitchen. Shreya says this remading thing will take a lot of time. Avni is simple and traditional. The old things are in fashion. We spent so much in sanjana’s wedding. We should ask her to return what we gave her. Elaichi says leave that. shreay says i cant see my family in loss. Dadi says we will give avni old jewelry. Vinati overhears it all.

Ajay is working. sanajan comes with her face covered and orders something. Ajays ays chandu give her. Sanjana says chandu is not here i think you have to serve me. he wonders is he dreaming or is she really there? Ajay says what if someone sees you here? sanjana says why no calls? She says anyway go and pack order for me.

Ajay brings it. She says what is your favorite one? He says why does that matter? She says i have been eating your fav stuff all day? he says why are you doing this? He says i am going chandu will pack it for you. Sanjana says i need answers that chandu can’t give. Why did you say that you will drop me? Did you miss me? he says go from here. She says i wont go until you answer my questions.

Ajay says okay wait. He gives her the envelop and says here are your answers. SAnjana is dazed she says i dont like such jokes. He says this is no joke. Sanjana is taken aback. Ajay closes the door he gets a bruise on his hand. Sanjana suck his finger. Ajay says you should sign these papers. He says this had to happen after 6 montths your dad has pardoned you. i know this is weird but we dont have another option. Sanjana throws the papers on his face and leaves.

Ajay comes out and says why are you behaving this way? She is leaving ajay holds her by arm and says sign these papers. Sanjana says i wont sign. Do you get that? She says you asked me where is old sanjana. that used to do what she wanted. i wont listen to you. I wont sign them. she leaves.

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