Snatched update Monday 16 March 2020

Snatched 16 March 2020: Sanjana says leave my hand you can go. Shreya recalls how Bhushan threw her out of the house. She is walking in the street, Her mom sees her and tries to stop her. shreya stops a car and sits in it. Her mother says why is she not listening? she calls on Shreya’s number. she picks without seeing she says please pardon me bhushan. Her mom says its me. Shreya says my life is ruined. I don’t want to live this life. I am going far away.

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Her mom asks driver to follow the taxi. Shreya’s mom calls Bhushan. He says why are you calling me? We know your reality. Don’t call me. she says dont do this. She is going to kill herself. I am following herself. Only you can stop her please. Bhushan says what?

Ajay, ajju and sanjana come to shop. Ajju drapes her shoulder. Sanajana shoves his hand away. he says okay this is India. She says yeah but there is another reason. She says i wanna talk to you. He says I have a surprise for you check it first. She opens it, its a wedding card. She says wedding card? He says show it to ajay. He is your brother in law. The day after tomorrow. Ajay and sanjana are dazed. He says let me bring petha. Sanjana says to ajay please stop him ajay. I am not liking this. Ajju says what are you not liking?

Dadi says you should go bhushan stop her. Bhushan says its another drama. Vinati says no what if something happens to her. Bhushan says she wont do anything, she loves herself. Kirlok says lets go bhushan.
Shreya’s mom calls she says shreya’s is going near Shiv temple.

Ajju says what are you both talking about? you both are concealing something. Ajay says no there isn’t anything. Sanjana says yes there is something. Shreya asks driver to take her to cliff. He says we don’t go there. She says okay then stop here. She gives him bangles as fare. Shreya’s mom asks driver where is that girl? He says she went to the cliff. Bhushan and kirlok come as well. Shreya is going towards cliff.

They all start looking for her. Shreya sees bhushan. Bhushan sees her and says there she is. Bhushan says its a new emotional blackmail drama of hers. Kirlok says shut go and stop her. Bhushan comes running, shreya jumps. She is badly injured.

Sanjana says I have changed. Nothing is same for me anymore. Ajay and I are not just court married. We married with all rituals. Ajay gets a call from home. He tells sanjana shreya jumped from cliff. He says i have to go. Sanjana says take me with you. She holds his hand and says don’t worry we will save her. Our family needs us we should go. Ajju is dazed. She says to ajju our family needs us we need to go. they leave.

shreya is in hospital. Dadi says she will be fine. Shreya’s mom says don’t give me false hopes. You people better care about yourself. If something happens to her i wont leave you. Doctor comes out and says her life is out of danger but she has lost her vision. She wont be able to see again. Everyone is take aback.

Bhushan says to dadi i am even mad now. I was mad because she betrayed us all. I started hating her. But I am so heartless. I didn’t even stop her. Sanjana says please don’t blame yourself. Forget what has happened. shreya needs your love and support.

Doctor says the reason of her suicide is her mental condition. she will need your care and love to recover. Kirlok says can we take her home? He says okay. Bhushan says you wanna take her home after all this ? Kirlojk says its her house as well. Elaichi says she has been punished already don’t say anything to her now. Shreya’s mom screams. Everyone is dazed.

Shreya says to her mom go from here i dont wanna talk to you. Thank God i have lost my vision. In don’t have to see your face. Shreya says you made me part of this game. Mom makes thier childern’s life peaceful and you took everything from me. Just go from here.  Vinati helps shreya to lay down. Bhushan says in heart sorry shreya i feel so bad but I can’t forget what you have done to my family.

They bring shreya home. Kirlok says bhushan take stuff out from your room. Bhushan says shreya and I will live in different rooms. Ajay says she needs you. Shreya says no i deserve this after what I have done. Elaichi says shreya forget what has happened. You are repenting. Bhushan has loved you, everything will be okay. Lets go out and let her rest. sanjana says take care. Shreya says i am sorry sanjana.
Shreya says bhushan are you here?

Sanjana says i never thought this would happen to her. Ajay says and bhushan is still mad at her. Ajju comes in and says bhushan is not wrong ajay. Your gloom wont change anything.

Bhushan says i dont love you but I am helping you because I have some humanity left in me. Don’t expect anything from me.

Ajay says to sanjana ajju is back you should be with him. Sanjana says he is not for me. I am married to you. Just go tell him everything. Ajju comes in clapping. He says betrayal. Ajay says its not like that sanjana. Sanjana says it is. Ajju says i was setting our future there and you did this. Sanjana says where were you when i was dying to contact to you. Do you even know how lonely i was. You were never here ajay was. You have no right to come back. Ajju says i have right on you and i know what to do.

Ajju grabs her hand and takes her in lounge. He shoves her. Ajay picks her up and says you dont know how to behave with her. Ajju says now you will teach me manners? You took my gf from me. Just looks at what you have done. You lived in one room. Didn’t you do something. Kirlok says you are forgetting there are elders here. Ajju says they crossed their limits and i should feel ashamed to say it. Your son took my wife to be from me and I should be quite.

Dadi says its not what you think like. Ajju says sanjan has to give a test. Dadi says what test? Ajju says to sanjana are you ready for the test, i will check if you have done something with him. Sanjana slaps him. She says you got your answer. I dont have to give any test. I have lost all respect for you. Ajay says she wont go anywhere. she wont give this test. Ajay says you cant take her. she is my wife she was your gf. she will stay here with her family. I love her. Ajju shoves him. He takes sanjana’s hand and drags her out. Sanjana says ajay save me.

Ajju says this wedding was a drama. Please take off this wedding locket. Sanjana shoves him and says this is my love’s proof. He comes to her again. Ajay shoves him and says stay away from her. People taunt on pethywala family. Elaichi says lets go sanjana. Ajju says how long will you stay with her. I will kill you guys. He screams at people.

Kirlok says you are such a nice girl, ajay couldn’t find a better life partner than you. Bhushan says he is right. This ajju can’t do anything. Your brothers are here for you. Amar says yes he is right. Elaichi says we all vow that we will do our part to unite our family. They all take the vow on her hand.

Shreya stops sanjana. She says i am so happy for you and ajay. You will both stay happy together. i know what i did was unforgivable. You got consequence of what you did and i got mine. sanjana says i know bhushan is mad but he will be okay. Don’t be sad. Lets go rest.

Sanjana says to why you wasted to much time in telling me whats in your heart. He says i did now be happy. She says you didnt say it like you should have. He says how you thought it would be? She says i wanted.. He comes near and says how did you want? Sanjana says like you should. He says how should i? He kisses her forehead. Sanjana hugs him.

Kirlok says to elaichi how are you? She says in front of you. He says i couldn’t even talk to you lately. I divided without telling you. You were mad at me. But now i will spend all my time with you. Because you are really important to me. He makes her wear her bangles again. He says are you still mad at me? She says no and hugs him. She says we are all one now. Kirlok says yes i am very happy.

vinati comes and says i have made the list bhushan will bring them for ganesh. Ajay comes and says where is my wife? dadi says we are all talking about festival. And you are looking for your wife. Vianti says she is in kitchen. Ajay collides with sanjana. Dadi says he can breathe now finally. Elaichi says lets go for shopping. Vinati says bhushan will bring sanjana to temple. ajay says no i will.

Ajay says to sanjana get ready. We have to go to temple. She says i will be ready in 5 minutes. He says we have to go on bike. She says how romantic. he says romance on bike. Ajay says got get ready. Sanjana is getting ready in her room. Ajju clambers in in. Ajay is out on his bike. sanjana says leave me. Ajju grasps and ropes her. He blindfolds her. He says you were touching him? Touch him now. Call him now. Its just me and you now. We will love like we used to. He shoves her on the bed.

Sanjana tries to run. shreya says there is some noise. Like someone is falling. Ajju tries to touch her but sanjana is running from him. Ajju says no one is coming to save you. I still love you. I am ready to forget everything.

Shreya says i guess it from sanjana’s room. Ajju shoves sanjana on bed. He takes off his jacket. Mishri comes and hits ajju on head. She releases Sanjana. they see ajju in all blood. Sanjana hugs mishri. Ajay comes in. He is dazed to see ajju. Shreya comes in and says what happened? why was there so much noise? did someone fall? Ajay says yes all okay. Mishri fell and dropped everything. Shreya says you people are concealing something? Ajay says no.

Ajay checks ajju’s heartbeat. He says ajju is dead. They are all shocked. Mishri starts crying. she says i hit him. She says i killed him? sanjana says please clam down. you didn’t do anything. She hugs her. Ajay picks ajju up and they take the deadbody out from back door. They hide the body in plants.

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