Snatched update Thursday 27 February 2020

Snatched Thursday update. A baba comes and stops bhushan he says i know everything. You got married. bhushan says everyone knows that i got married. baba says save your family from breaking you would need me when your family shatters. You have to save it. anything can happen.

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baba says to bhshan your family will shatter. Anything can happen and that day you will come looking for me. bhushan says i dont believe in all this. shreya calls bhushan and says please come home and bring a doctor, dadi has fallen, she is really hurt. Bhushan says okay i am coming.

kirlok says where you fell? she says i slipped there was powder there but i never used it. i dont know how this happened. Bhushan comes in with the doctor. He says its not a fracture, its a sprain. You should rest. dadi says yes i have daughters to take care of me. She asks avni to bring tea for doctor. bhushan tells shreya about the baba. Avni says the milk is rotten. vinati says i boiled it i dont know how it happened. avni says does it ache? She says yes but thank God its not a fracture. Ayush says bhabhi please make sweet. vinati says i am making pakory alon with it.

Shreya gives flower to elaichi. Sanjina sees something in her sari, she comes downstairs. Ayush says sanjina come join us for the breakfast, she says i will eat later. elaichi sees the everything burnt up flowers in temple. They all come, she says look all the flowers, they burnt. Shreya says how could this happen, i brought fresh flowers. Shreya says what is happening today. Ayush gets a call and says what? he says i am coming in 10 minutes. He says mama ji some thugs had a fight in front of our shop. They broke some windows of the shop. dadi says what is happening today. Shreya says bhushan are you okay? he says yes i am fine. Sanjina sees shreya hiding something in her sarri’s corner.
Sanjina peeks in shreya’s room, she sees her hiding something in the closet. Shreya gets a call and goes out. sanjina comes in her room she takes out that thing, vinai comes in and says what are you doing here? sanjina says i was looking for shreya bhabhi. This file was on the floor i put it on the table. Vinati says shreya is not in the room, then go. sanjina says yes.

Shreya calls her mom ad says i put water on the floor, I dropped lemon in milk and your thugs they played well. I am sure bhushan will be ready to meet that baba soon. bhushan recalls what baba said. Shreya comes and says dont tell me you are thinking about that baba. Mayeb whatever he said was right, dadi was okay last night and she fell today and all that happened. i think we should meet that baba once. Bhushan says no they are all fraud. We should stay away from them. shreya says i know, but this is all weird. whatever he said turned out to be truth. What if something big happens. Lets meet him. Bhushan says they have a racket, they are all fraud. Shreya says just for the peace of mind, this house is my heaven. I dont want to see anyone in trouble. lets go to him and listen what he had to say. bhushan says okay.

Sanjina sees samar playing with kirlok in the garden. Kirlok says these plants need attention like you. They give flowers and grow when you take care of them. samar goes to elaichi and says one sweet please. She give him. kirlok says samar give me that toolbox please. sanjina gives him instead. He says thank you. He says samar we dig it, he doesn’t know samar is not there. He looks back and sees sanjina standing there.

Bhushan and shreya go to that baba. Shreya says baba why are you quite? we are all scared, something weird happens every day. baba says i can see that on bhushan’s face. Shreya says but we never did anything. Baba says we have to do a pooja in your house, that bad brother of yours. bhushan says he is my brother dont say that abut him, he just bad a mistake. Baba says yes this wedding is where it all started from. Ajay should stay away from this pooja.

kirlok keeps talking while thinking that samar is still there, he looks back and sees sanjina. samar comes back and says how did the flowers burned? kirlok says i dont understand myself. they leave. sanjina sees the acid stains there. she is dazed.

Bhushan and shreya ask elaichi for the pooja baba has asked. Elaichi says there is nothing wrong, ayush has become champion. Bhushan says there have been weird things. Somebody put money in his bag. Elaichi says the reason troubles me, i dont want this pooja to happen. Its better to care for family. Bhushan says can you do this for me? Elaichi says what is wrong bhushan? when did you become so serious with all this. Kirlok says i think he is not wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing the pooja. Tell us when do we have to do it? bhushan sasy today. elaichi says but we will have to prepare for it. shreya says i will prepare for it. Elaichi says okay then, i will help. bhushan says thanks ma..

Ajay comes downstairs, bhushan stops him and says look idk what you did this for? What did you think before doing this but all i know is that you are not going anywhere, you will be part of us because mummy papa wont let you go. You have some responsibilities with business as well. You have to drop this parcel, its urgent. Do this if you can. Ajay says yes i would. He leaves, shreya comes and says bhushan you are doing this for your fmaily. Ajay shouldn’t be part of this pooja. just makes sure he doesn’t return till the pooja is over. bhushan says its an imaginary address, he wont come. i have lied to my brother because of the girl. he leaves. sanjina overhears all this. she comes to shreya and says i thought you would understand. this is too wrong, you would never change. sending ajay has something you have plotted behind. i made a mistake by concealing your reality, but i wont do this again. I will tell them all your truth. Shreya says go ahead tell them. It will be fun. no one even wants to see your face how will they trust you? Do you have a proof? She laughs and says listen to me, Why dont your understand i am the only daughter in law of this family, You are all outsiders and you are that outsider ajay’s wife who ran from his house and no one even want to see your face. Go tell them all. sanjina says i know you are really smart, but this smartness kills you sometimes. One clue and i will ruin your plan. Shreya says could you find any proof? and please next time you come do knock, out.

baba ji comes in. elaichi says to shreya why is our pandit ji not here? Shreya says bhushan’s friend always call this pandit, he is really good as well. Kirlok says lets start the pooja bhushan. sanjina says to vinati bhushan has sent ajay somewhere for delivery, the address is far from here so he might not come. kirlok says where have you sent him? Bhushan says it was urgent. Kirlok says lets wait until he comes back. baba says this is the right time for pooja, we have to start it. dadi says our son isn’t home. baba says this kinda time will come after two years. dadi says sanjina text ajay to come as fast as he can.

The pooja starts, ajay is looking for the address but he can’t find. sanjina goes to her room, shreya wonders where is sanjina gone? Shreya coughs and says i am goin to drink water. Sanjina looks for the things shreya placed in her room. She looks in shreya’s purse but cant find it. shreya is coming in that direction. Shreya locks the door from outside. She finds the acid bottle. sanjina stands out but the door is locked.

sanjina finds acid bottle, she tries to go out but the door is locked. She is worried what to do. Ajay comes home, shreya tells bhushan, She says will he sit? bhushan says ajay go to shop handle there. Kirlok says why does it matter, we have keepers there. and he wont have to leave pooja. kirlok says dont come anywhere come sit in the pooja. Bhushan says no you didn’t deliver the packets? Go deliver them.
sanjina says how can i go out? I have to stop all this. ajay says i went there, there is only a factory there i think you gave me wrong address. i called you, you didn’t pick. Bhushan says i didn’t have my phone. krilok says go after pooja come and sit. Bhushan says wait a minute, sanjina tries to come out, the window opens, she leaves with the bottle of acid. Bhushan says ajay you cant be part of this pooja, kirlok says what are you saying? elaichi says why cant he? you are mad at him but this pooja is for house. Come here ajay. Bhushan says maa he is a curse. Dadi says how dare you say this bhushan. kirlok says he is your brother. bhushan says i have many reasons, when i met this baba. he told me ajay and sanjina are responisble for all the problems in our house. dadi says enough bhushan.

bhushan says since you ave gotten married problems keep appearing, you have become a curse for us after you wedding.sanjina shows shreya the acid bottle from balcony. Bhushan says you all tell me if i told you the real reason would you let me do this pooja? Bhushan says i want this pooja to happen. kirlok says i dont know how he fooled you, bhushan says he has not fooled me. i am your son. I didn’t know either of this but nothing like that happened in our house, kirlok says nothing considerable has happened. bhushan says yes i want to stop anything from happening. kirlok says enough. Everything will be okay. Bhushan says my mentality has changed. Because of ajay my thinking has changed. sanjina comes downstairs, shreya now you will tell them? she smiles and says i am so sorry no one is gonna believe you. how will you prove? use your brain.

dadi says pandit ji will go from here, and i will do the pooja. i cant see my son being treated like this in my house. Thank you for coming here, ayush give him his money, Ayush does.dadi says lets proceed with the pooja. bhushan goes in his room in anger. Dadi says call his shreya, kirlok says he wont come. kirlok says shreya you should sit here.

Sanjian stops shreya and smiles. shreya says i was scared. sanjina you and scared? anyway i like talking to you this way. if i knocked you wont have opened the door. when are you going to stop this? this has hurt everyone. why are you doing this? What you want? shreya says my husband’s right, i will do anything for it. No one can stop me. shreya says you know it better who are outsiders. shreya says sadly your plans and proofs can’t stop me. Keep trying. sanjina holds her hand and says you are right i can’t prove anything with acid bottle i will do this slowly and you have to be careful because i can’t leave you now. Shreya says very good, good going. all the best. shreya sees elaichi standing there.

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