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Dua comes to the kitchen and cries, she says why do we have to go through the pain. This Gazal has destroyed everything. She says where is Gazal and still sleeping? She goes to her room and throws water at her. She is shocked to see Hina under the blanket. Hina shouts how dare you do this? you have no shame. Dua says I didn’t mean it. Gazal comes there and rushes to her. All come there. Dadi asks what’s going on now? Dua says I didn’t know Hina was sleeping here. Gazal says you always want to hurt her, I won’t spare you next time you hurt her. Hina says I should tell Haider what Dua is doing with me. I should leave the house as Dua is dangerous, she might burn me. Gazal asks Hina if she wants to pack her bag? Hina is surprised. Dua says she is ready to send you off. Dua says I am sorry Hina, I thought to wake up Gazal as its very late. Hina says shut up, you are so cruel. Dadi says Dua did the right thing. Hina says nobody cares about me anymore. Dua asks everyone to leave.

Gulnaz laughs and says poor things are happening with Hina because of Gazal. Dua says I hurt Hina by mistake, it pains me when I have to talk against her. They all are shocked to see Hafeez coming back home and bleeding. Dua cries and says call the doctor. Ravi takes him from there. The doctor checks Hafeez, Dua cleans his wounds. Kaynaat is worried for him. Dua asks what happened with you? Hafeez says I went to search for Ruhaan, he tells her everything. Then how he was attacked by Gazal. Hafeez says Gazal and Ajaz have planned to kill Ruhaan. Gulnaz says where did they take him?

Hafeez gets a message of Ajaz beating up Ruhaan while he is unconscious. Gulnaz cries seeing that. She says I want to kill myself before seeing all this. Dadi slaps her and says calm down, Gulnaz says my son is in pain, what should I do? Dadi says I am crying for him too. Dua is like his sister and a friend but we have to be strong for him. Gulnaz says I am so hurt, Dadi consoles her. Dua says don’t worry, God will show us the path, we will bring Ruhaan back today only, I promise you. Gulnaz says I pray for your success. Gazal hears that and thinks I wanted Dua out of the house so I can enjoy my night with Haider.

Dua tells Gulnaz that I will bring Ruhaan back home tonight only. Gazal comes there and says you can’t make those promises as you are the reason Ruhaan is in this condition. If you go against me then I will give a painful death to Ruhaan. Gulnaz charges at her and says don’t you dare hurt my son but Gazal pushes her away and shouts to keep her hands in control otherwise Ruhaan will die a bad death.

Dua strangles her and says I will kill you today. Dadi says leave her, she wants this. Dua says I will kill her and end all this. Gazal says Ajaz kill him. Kaynaat pleads with Dua to leave her. Dua keeps strangling her but Gulnaz pulls Dua back. Gulnaz shouts at Gazal to not hurt Ruhaan otherwise she won’t spare her. Dadi says she won’t hurt Ruhaan as she needs him, Gazal says I can do anything to complete my mission, you have already faced it. I don’t care whoever is in front of me so if you want to be safe then stay away from me, you are an oldie and don’t forget I am Gazal. I can chop up Ruhaan if I want to. She asks them to stay in their limits otherwise they won’t even get his dead body. Dua says Haider will kill you if you try to hurt Ruhaan. Gazal says at least then he will touch me, if he doesn’t care for me then I want him to be in pain, I will feel good if I see him in pain. I will fight back now and we will all enjoy. Dadi says you will die a bad death. Gazal says I am going to get ready for Haider and you all can burn, she goes from there. Gulnaz cries for Ruhaan but Dua says I promise to bring Ruhaan back.

Gazal says I wanted Dua to leave the house so I can spend the night with Haider, we will have marriage night with him. Hina comes there and says what did you say? Gazal says Haider doesn’t even talk to me, when will I have his love? Hina says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She hears Gulnaz crying and says what is happening? Gazal says they all must be laughing at you as Dua threw water at you. Hina says I can’t see them insulting me like this, I will go there and teach them a lesson. Gazal stops her and says they will insult you so don’t go and talk to them. Hina says I should talk to Haider, she goes from there. Gazal says I want her to anger Haider.

Haider is working out and recalls Dua insulting him, telling him that he has no right on her and he can r*pe her if he wants. Hina comes there and recalls Dua throwing water at her. She says Haider will take revenge from Dua but he has been trapped by Dua. I have to do something. She throws water at herself and mud on her face. She says Haider will get angry seeing me like this and will not spare Dua. Hina comes to Haider and says why do you keep punishing yourself for Dua? Haider doesn’t look at her and keeps working out. Hina says look at me and see what Dua did with me. Haider looks at her and asks what happened? Hina says I was sleeping in Gazal’s room and she threw water and mud at me, they were all laughing at me. Haider hits the wall in anger. Hina says teach her a lesson and show her what you can do for your mother but Haider doesn’t move.

Hina says won’t you show her how you can support your mother, won’t you punish her, are you even my son? ask her why is she punishing me? Haider says I feel like you might have applied this mud on your face just to blame Dua, I don’t believe that Dua can do this. Hina says enough, you are blinded by her, I should have died before seeing my son blaming me. She sees Kaynaat leaving and calls her out. She asks her to tell Haider that Dua did this with her, you were laughing there but now tell him that Dua did this with me. Kaynaat says she threw water at her but it was a mistake. Hina says enough.. don’t take her side. She tells Haider that your wife insults me so much, nobody cares about me, I should die. Haider thinks Dua shouldn’t have done that. He gives her water, Hina thinks Haider will punish Dua now.

Gulnaz asks Dua how will they save Ruhaan? Dua says I have one idea.

Dua tells Gulnaz that she has an idea, Ajaz might be Gazal’s brother but he is very greedy and we can use that to save Ruhaan. She calls Ajaz and says I know you are doing all this for money, if I give you more money then just give us Ruhaan back. Ajaz says what do you want to do with him? Dua says just tell me what you will take to give him to us? Ajaz says I want 50 lacs, bring it to my location alone and then I will bring Ruhaan to you. Dua says okay. Ajaz says don’t let Gazal know about it otherwise she will kill me. I will give Ruhaan to you and then you can do anything you want. Dua says okay and ends the call. Ajaz turns and sees Ruhaan standing there. Ruhaan is heartbroken and recalls his moments with Dua. Ajaz says see that she is not in your favor, she is ready to buy you with money. Ruhaan says I can’t believe this, I trusted her so much and she wants to kill me? Ajaz says this world is bad but don’t worry, I am with you.

Dua says I have 10-12 lacs. Gulnaz says I have some money but I don’t think it will matter. Dadi and Kaynaat pitch in their money too. Ravi says I just have 75K, Dua says you can keep it. Ravi says please let me do this for Ruhaan. They all give their money. Gulnaz praises Ravi and says I bless you with happiness. Dua says I will take out more money from the bank and go to Ajaz. Gulnaz says you can’t go alone. Dua says Ajaz wanted me to come alone, I don’t want him to hurt Ruhaan. Dadi says you will be in danger. Dua says he just wants money and then I can get Ruhaan. Gulnaz says I will go with you, I can’t let you go there alone.

Dua says please understand, I have to fight alone. She leaves with money. All pray for her. Dua is leaving the house but Haider stops her and asks where is she going? she says I don’t need to answer you. Haider says fine but can I ask if you threw water at Hina in the morning? Dua says yes but it was a mistake. Haider says you misbehaved with her and I can’t bear that. Dua thinks I have to leave as soon as possible. She thinks I have to cross my limit today. She pushes him away and shouts yes, I threw water at her to wash her sins, she deserved that. Haider says I can’t believe you are my Dua, how can you be so ill-mannered. Dua says if you loved me then you wouldn’t have married Gazal. Hina is laughing at my pain and you want me to respect her? she deserved what I did with her. You have no right to question me, I have no love or respect for you so stay out of my business. She leaves from there. Gazal smirks hearing all that, she thinks that Dua made her work easier.

Gazal calls Ajaz and says Dua has already left the house. Ajaz says Ruhaan is totally against her now.

Haider is sadly sitting and says I can’t believe that Dua can insult Hina like this. Hina comes there and says she was always like this. Haider says I want to be alone for now. Hina says you still can’t hear anything against her. Haider says please leave me alone. Hina cries and leaves.

Gazal comes to Hina and asks why are you crying? Hina says Dua has destroyed my son. Gazal says he keeps taking her pain, he is not even eating anything. Can you please ask him to drink this milk? he won’t accept it from my hands. Hina says you are so patient for him, I bless you. She takes the milk and goes to Haider. Gazal smirks.

Hina brings milk to Haider and says please take this at least for me. Haider sighs and drinks the milk. Gazal is elated seeing that as she recalls mixing sleeping pills in it. Gazal says my plan is working to spend the night with him.

Dua arrives at the address where Ajaz called her, she looks around for him. He sees her from afar and says she is here to save Ruhaan. He tells Gazal too. Gazal sees Haider getting dizzy and thinks Dua will be busy there and I will enjoy my night with Haider.

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