Shakti The Power Movie premieres on Zee World, see plot and casts

Zee world channel is not only about TV series, we are also treated to prime time movies especially on weekends. So viewers, get ready to be thrilled with a movie titled Shakti the power, showing 4pm CAT / 5pm WAT on Sunday the 30th September.

About the movie:

Shakti: The Power is a 2002 Indian action drama film directed by Krishna Vamsi and stars Karisma Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Sanjay Kapoor in leading roles, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepti Naval, Ritu Shivpuri and Prakash Raj in supporting roles.

Plot of Shakti the Power

Shekhar (Sanjay Kapoor) and Nandini (Karisma Kapoor) are an Indian couple living in Canada with their young son Raja.

Shekhar hears news of violence in India, and the family journeys to his ancestral house, which is in a rural town of Bihar, the North Indian State of India.

Nandini is shocked to see that Shekhar’s family is deeply patriarchal and embroiled in feudal gang wars, lead by Shekhar’s father Narsimha (Nana Patekar).

Shekhar tries to bring an end to these feuds, but is attacked by a rival gang and killed. Nandini, having been suddenly made a widow, decides to leave India with her son but Narsimha does not allow this and virtually imprisons them.

Desperate to escape, her only allies are Shekhar’s mother and sister. Wanted by Narsimha, Nandini seeks help from drifter Jai Singh (Shahrukh Khan) who, after hesitation, helps her and her son board a train to Jaipur.

Jai engages in a fight with Narasimha’s men, and successfully protects Nandini and Raja, but he dies. Shekhar’s mother emotionally begs Narsimha to let Nandini and her son go, but he does not relent.

At the airport, Narsimha becomes overwhelmed with emotion after interacting with his grandson and allows Nandini and Raja to peacefully leave and go back to Canada.

The main casts and their pictures

Karishma Kapoor as Nandini

Nana Patekar as Narsimha, Nandini’s father-in-law

Sanjay Kapoor as Shekhar, Nandini’s late husband

Shahrukh Khan as Jai Singh, a drifter who helps Nandini

Jai Gidwani as Raja, Nandini and Shekhar’s son

Other casts include:

Deepti Naval as Shekhar’s mother

Tara Deshpande as Shekhar’s sister

Ritu Shivpuri as Kamli, Shekhar’s sister



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