Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 7 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 7 April 2021: starts with Mishti saying I feel there is some problem between them. Abir says Kuhu is kiddish, Kunal has no emotional maturity, calm down, I have an idea to make their mood better, we four will do this, Ketki, Atul, Abir and you. They dance. Nanu says there will be fun on Kanha’s birthday, are you ready Rajkot. Vishwamber says sure. Everyone claps. Ketki asks Nanu to talk normally. Nanu says we dance always, we won’t dance today, we will have a dance competition between couples. Nidhi says I will do. Kaushal goes. Abir says Nidhi can dance with Jasmeet. Nidhi says no. Jasmeet says I won’t dance with her.

Sacred Relationship 6 April 2021

Jugnu says Mishti will win, its decided. Ketki says no, Kuhu is a better dancer, she will win. Abir asks Nidhi what does she think. Jugnu says Mishti is the best.Kunal says we will know it after competition, Nanu can judge it. Nanu says done, but who will dance with Mishti. Abir asks who can dance with Mishti. He signs about himself. Nidhi says you Abir… Abir says no, I can’t dance, fine if you are saying. Nidhi says so its decided, Abir will dance from our side. Everyone claps.Kuhu dances on Radha kaisa na jale…Kunal sings and dances with her. Mishti and Abir dance. Mishti’s foot twists. She stops dancing. Abir holds her. Kuhu completes her dance. Everyone claps. Rajshri asks Mishti are you fine. Mishti says yes. Nanu says the winner is Kunal and Kuhu. Kaushal says everyone knows it. Nanu says both the families clap for them. Kuhu hugs Kunal. Meenakshi sees Parul. Rajshri says Mishti you lost intentionally. Mishti says no, my foot. Rajshri signs no. Nanu says the main attraction is…. Jugnu says my break dance. He dances. Everyone laughs. Nanu says enough, don’t break the floor, go back, Bal Gopal liked Dahi handi a lot, these are Abir’s NGO boys, they study and play well, they wait for this day, the team who wins today will get coaching of their choice.

Mishti thanks Lord and thinks Kuhu and Kunal are happy.Jugnu gives the ice pack. Mishti says no need to call anyone. Jugnu says I mean someone that would make you glad. She says no need. Abir comes and does the aid. She says its good that you came to do the aid. Jasmeet says I m very happy Kunal you won, Mishti lost. Kuhu says Rajshri gave this to me, saying its for cutest couple. Kunal says you save it. Rajshri says no, don’t give everything to her for shopping. Kuhu says Kunal asked me to keep this. Rajshri says we want you both to stay happy. Kunal says grow up Kuhu, I don’t love you, I will never love you. He goes. Kuhu asks him to stop. Ketki asks for her share. Kuhu says you don’t need to share anything, take this, sisters’ love. Ketki hugs her. Abir asks is it paining, how will you say I love you. Rajshri looks for Mishti. Mishti says Rajshri will see us. Abir says if my love is a problem, no need to tell anything. Mishti stops him and says our love isn’t a problem, but a solution, I will say. Kuhu sees them smiling. She thinks my fairy tale didn’t complete, Mishti is happy.

Rajshri says these gifts are for you all from our side. Meenakshi says I can’t take gifts all the time. Varsha asks Nidhi not to refuse. Meenakshi signs no. Nidhi takes the gifts and says I like your choice. Meenakshi says really sorry, I… Vishwamber says its our thankfulness, we are happy, you are Kunal’s mum. Parul gets tea. Meenakshi says the function had to go well, Parul took the responsibility, she does everything. Rajshri says everyone loves Parul. Meenakshi goes to attend a call. Parul thinks Meenakshi looks worried. Meenakshi says how dare you call again, if you call again, I won’t be quiet, its my last warning. Mishti collides with her and says sorry. Meenakshi asks did you hear my talks. Mishti says no. Meenakshi says you reached my house, don’t be mistaken that you will trap Abir and may become my bahu, never ever, you won one move, I will win the battle. She goes.

Kaushal says the team which wins will get best sports coaching for free. Nanu says we will also participate. Kaushal jokes. Nanu says Kunal will take part in the competition. He asks Vishwamber to come from his family. Vishwamber says no, it doesn’t suit my name. Nanu asks Shaurya… Shaurya says sorry, my foot has a sprain. Nanu says mighty Mishti will come from Maheshwari family. Vishwamber says Mishti didn’t lose any competition. Abir says Mishti can’t do what’s told to her. Mishti says I will win in front of everyone. Nanu asks where is Kunal. Kuhu says don’t know. Parul says call him. Kuhu asks Kunal where is he going. Kunal says office, tell Nanu I m going to office to earn money so that I buy your fav earrings. Kuhu says you were good as a liar, its your mistake to be so good, you gifted me a bracelet. He says I gifted it as a fees to get rid of you, tell them this marriage is over, you like to blackmail me, forced relation is such. He goes. She thinks what will I tell everyone about him.

Nanu saying Kunal and Kuhu got busy, Abir will come from our side. Vishwamber asks Mishti to come. Abir says we will show the competition to Mishti. He does shayari. Abir and Mishti see each other and smile. They climb the human pyramid. Haath me ho haath tera….plays…. Jasmeet says its fun to meet this way post marriage, where were you going DJ/Damaad ji. Kunal says I have an imp meeting, take Kuhu, stop calling me DJ. Jasmeet says its fine, you should have a light funny bond with someone in Sasural since you don’t have this bond with your sister-in-law. Kunal goes. Jasmeet says Mishti doesn’t know true love, Kunal was in your fate Kuhu. Kuhu recalls Mishti and Abir. Mishti thinks I have to win.Abir worries when she slips. She goes ahead.

Mishti and Abir reach on the top. Mishti says I don’t know when did this happen, I love you, you are brave, strange, whatever you are, you are mine, I love you Abir. He looks at her. Kuhu and Jasmeet see them. Kuhu gets angry. Mishti breaks the dahi handi. Everyone claps. Abir says this is cheating. Mishti says I won, you lost. He says I lost to win you. Kuhu recalls Kunal’s words. She pushes a boy. The boys start falling. Mishti loses balance and falls down. Everyone gets shocked and run to Mishti. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…
Meenakshi sees Kuhu. They see Mishti’s forehead bleeding. Mishti faints. Rajshri shouts call the doctor. Kaushal asks doctor to come fast, there is an emergency. Kuhu thinks I m sorry, don’t know what happened to me. Parul asks Abir to lift Mishti. Abir lifts Mishti and takes her. Kunal recalls Kuhu’s words. He calls someone and asks where are you. The man asks him to come out. Kunal goes out. Parul and Nidhi give haldi lep and ice pack to Jugnu. Shaurya calls doctor again. Lawyer and doctor come. Doctor goes in. Shaurya asks what are you doing here. Kunal calls the lawyer. Lawyer says I m at your home.

Kunal says come to my office, don’t tell anyone. Abir thinks nothing will happen to Mishti, please get fine. Parul asks Rajshri not to worry. Abir says make sure she gets fine. Nanu says we wanted to spread happiness, not pain, we are worried. Doctor says don’t worry, the injury isn’t internal, she needs be rest. He goes. Abir holds Mishti’s hand. Doctor asks the family to meet her. Nanu goes to Abir and Mishti. He asks Abir if anyone doubts on them. Abir leaves her hand. Everyone comes in. Abir sadly does shayari. He prays and apologizes. Kuhu looks on and thinks Abir thinks its his mistake, he doesn’t know I did this. She cries. Kunal says I want divorce soon. Lawyer says I will find some way, don’t fight Kuhu, try to stay normal. Jasmeet says Mishti has become heroine again. Kuhu says she met with an accident, what if anything happened to her. She goes. Jasmeet answers a phone.

Meenakshi comes and takes the phone. She asks how dare you. Jasmeet says I was just helping you. Meenakshi scolds her. Jasmeet goes. Meenakshi says its good Jasmeet didn’t hear the call. She blocks the number. Parul looks on. Meenakshi says I won’t get any calls now. Parul thinks why is she worried. Rajshri gets Mishti. She meets everyone before leaving. Abir takes Mishti. Mishti says I won the challenge. He says I was scared. She asks why, we won. Nanu asks Mishti to get fine soon. Parul asks her to keep drinking kada. Mishti says I didn’t know you will lose and get upset, say something, think before challenging me next time. Abir holds her close and says come silently.

Rajshri calls Mishti. She thanks Meenakshi for caring for them and Mishti. Mishti asks why are you sad, I m fine. Abir says take care. She doesn’t leave his hand. Nanu asks Vishwamber to tell them if they need help, Abir will come. Kuhu asks can I go home, Mishti is hurt. Meenakshi says sure. Kuhu says I will take care of Mishti. Mishti kisses Abir’s hand. Abir smiles. Vishwamber asks what happened. Abir says nothing. Mishti leaves. Abir kisses his hand and smiles. Nanu calls Kunal. He says you left Janmashtami function and new wife, go and pick Kuhu. Kunal says I m busy, I can’t go, where did she go. Nanu says Maayke. Kunal says its fine. Nanu says Mishti met with a bad accident, she climbed for dahi handi competition and fell down, Kuhu went to take care of her, she loves Mishti, you go and pick Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu said she hates Mishti, why did she go for her.

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