Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 30 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 30 June 2021: The Episode starts with Abir saying you have handled the situation so well, you would be thinking about me, I m so amazing, smart and intelligent, I will ask the doctors to ask the patients to think about me, so that they feel better. He asks Mishti to be a cute girl patient and sleep, dream about him, she will get a good sleep. Mishti sleeps. She dreams of romancing Abir. Saathiya mere…..plays….. Varun comes to Abir. Abir says I thought just I m awake. Varun says I m being awake since 3 months, when I sleep, I see Karan’s dead body, I get so angry that the culprit is sleeping in peace, you tell me, what shall I do. Abir says I can understand your situation, this happened with me, I was torturing myself with my dad’s memories, I made him my hero in my imagination, I thought my mum is wrong, I went against destiny and found him, he was a monster, he wasn’t a hero.

Varun says my brother wasn’t a monster, I want the culprit to get punished. Abir says you should accept the truth and think of Ketki, concentrate on your life, maybe you get sleep. He goes. Varun says I won’t leave you and your wife, I won’t give up. Varun comes home and sees Nirmala. She asks did you fail again and come.She says I trusted you, you promised me that you are doing all this to make Mishti confess, that she killed Karan. She shows the papers and says your dad left this, you will get everything that Karan owned, I will never forget him, his murderer is still free. Varun says it will happen as you want, Mishti will confess the crime, you just have to do this. Nirmala meets Rajvansh family. Kuhu says aunty told an interesting rasam. Nirmala says we get the Gudda and Guddi married, so that evil sight doesn’t catch the bride and groom, Mishti will do this rasam.

Kaushal greets Nirmala and says sorry, Mishti is unwell, you know there will be much work, Mishti can’t do it, but Kuhu will handle it, she is a champion in these things. Nirmala says maybe, I want the things to be done with right rituals, its fine, it doesn’t matter if the rasam doesn’t happen, we pray for the children every day. She leaves. Nidhi says you had made her upset. Kaushal says Abir requested us to let Mishti rest. Nidhi says we can do this for them, not Ketki’s Sasural. Parul says Mishti is unwell.

Nidhi says don’t talk to me about Mishti’s health, we have made Nirmala upset. Kuhu says I will do the preparations and say that Mishti did it. Nidhi says Kuhu is the best, go and talk to Mishti. Kaushal says Mishti will work, if she gets unwell, then what will I answer Abir. Mishti looks on. Abir asks Rakesh about the paper. Rakesh says the man gave me the receipt, address was of Rajvansh Sadan, it had Ketki’s name. Abir asks what, thanks. Kuhu comes to Abir. Mishti also comes and takes him aside. She tells about Nirmala’s wish. She says just I can do that rasam. Abir says no, Varun would be there. Mishti says let me do this. Kuhu asks are you done, I won’t take your time. Abir says I don’t want her to exert herself. Kuhu says I will help Mishti, Nirmala kept this small demand. Mishti says yes. Kuhu says we are agreeing on a same thing, think the function will be epic. Abir asks will you really help Mishti. Kuhu and Mishti promise. Kuhu says I will do all the work, I won’t fight if the family gives the credit to her for Ketki’s sake. Abir smiles.

Mishti thanks Abir and hugs him. Kuhu and Mishti go. Abir says Mishti is happy, but I have another question, who bought this paper, Ketki can’t, there is some confusion. Laxman says I went to resort at night and called you here, its imp. Meenakshi asks him to say. He plays the video. Hotel staff guy says Abir and his wife stayed in our hotel for three months, the day they checked in, it was too late, they paid double price, I felt that his wife met with an accident, she was hurt, her clothes had dirt and blood stains. Laxman says Abir paid him money to burn her clothes. Meenakshi says none should know this. Laxman says sure. Meenakshi asks how can this happen, mum can become a shield and sword for child, I won’t let anything happen to my Abir.

Nirmala asks are you happy with the shopping. Ketki says yes. Nirmala says I m also happy that Mishti agreed, take care, have multi vitamins on time, its imp for the baby. She ends call. Abir comes to Ketki. Ketki says Nirmala called just now, she took me for shopping, so that my clothes match with the bridal doll, Varun came there to surprise me, he got my fav chocolate milk shake, he takes care of me like you do, I feel he is like you, maybe his brother is like Kunal. Abir says no, there can be no one like Kunal. He asks do you have such paper. Ketki says let me check. She gives the paper and asks why do you want this. He says I had to make guest list, did you use the papers to write love letter to Varun. Ketki says we use phones, not letters like you, Kuhu took the papers after you and Mishti came home, why are you worried, everything okay? Abir worries. Nidhi calls Ketki. Abir says Kuhu had written the letters.

Nidhi asking Meenakshi to come home. Mishti says everything is ready. Kuhu says you should start doing this work, its so cute. Parul gets the dolls. She compliments Nidhi. Nidhi says I feel shy. Parul says when we got dolls married, we used to celebrate it well, we used to sing and dance. Mishti asks why don’t we do this today. Parul says yes. Nirmala says lawyer gave the papers, he said business can’t get transferred to your name. Varun asks why. She says police didn’t shut the case yet, this house and property are yours, you have to focus on one thing. Varun says to make Mishti confess truth. She says Mishti agreed for the rasam. Varun says I will make her confess truth in front of everyone, Abir can’t do anything. She smiles.Parul sings Naina milaike…. Parul and Nidhi hold the Gudda and Guddi. Abir is worried. He goes to Kuhu’s room and checks. He gets the papers. Kuhu and Mishti dance with everyone. Meenakshi joins. Kuhu sends the voice message to Kunal and updates everything. She says I wish you were here, I miss you. She switches on the fan. The papers fly. Abir comes. She says I felt Kunal came to surprise me, but he is busy in work, he won’t come. Abir says I trust family and ignore mistakes. Kuhu says its a good habit. He says no, many people don’t deserve this trust, I told the Maha shivratri truth in front of everyone and felt guilty, maybe you don’t know to feel ashamed.

Kuhu says I know, there is a confusion. He asks why did you send threatening letters to Mishti, tell me. Kuhu gets shocked. She says bro, you and Mishti weren’t telling anything. He says so you started blackmailing us, you have seen Mishti’s state, she fainted, thank God I got the letters, you know what would have happened if she got the letters.She says I did a mistake. He says its a crime, I trusted you, maybe you don’t want this, you made me against you, congrats, don’t call me bro. She cries. He says I m not your bro from now, stay away from Mishti, please. He goes to his room. He smiles getting a paper bird. He gets Mishti’s notes on the birds. Mishti sings Naata mera…. Abir asks where are you, you have to sleep to dream. Mishti comes and says Kuhu and I made the preparations for rasam, it reminded me of college days, we used to work together for the project, trust me, everything will be better, I will recall you and our family. Abir says you can feel better if you think about me. He praises himself and smiles. She asks him to sleep now. She asks about letters. He says don’t get stressed.

She says I trust you, I won’t ask anything. They smile. He says great, I already handled it. He thinks what will I answer if she asks again. She thinks to be strong for Abir’s sake. She prays. Kuhu cries and recalls Abir’s words. She says what will I tell Kunal. Varun comes inside the house. Kuhu goes to see. Varun puts red colour on the dolls’ face. Kuhu calls out Parul. Varun hides. Kuhu checks around and goes. Abir sees Kuhu going upstairs. Its morning, Meenakshi prays and thinks there is another challenge for me, Mishti met with an accident on the same night when Karan died, I will find out how is all this related. Mishti asks Kuhu to tell which curtain will look good. Abir selects it.

Abir greets Meenakshi and Parul. They bless him. Abir says you told me to ask your help when needed. Parul says yes. He says I can’t tell you the reason. She says I trust you, when there is love and trust, then there is no condition, I will be worried if you don’t tell me, I will explain myself that you always do the right. Abir says I m lucky to get you. He gets Varun’s call. Varun says we aren’t getting any taxi, we will get late. Abir says I will come to pick you, relax. He goes. Nirmala says Mishti has to tell that night’s truth. Nidhi says Varun and his family will come anytime. Mishti says everything is set, Kuhu we will show everything to her. Kuhu asks her to go. Nidhi asks Mishti to get the dolls. Nirmala asks if it ends before we reach. Varun says Abir isn’t there, Kuhu won’t waste the chance to blame Mishti, Ketki is also there, she is excited for the function, none can save Mishti. Mishti goes to get the dolls.

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