Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 29 May

Sacred Relationship 29 May 2021: Parul falling down. Abir holds her. Kunal sees her fine and goes. Abir says your son doesn’t went on you. She asks did you talk to Mishti. Nannu asks will you forgive Abir if he tells you why he broke the engagement, its our marriage tomorrow, I can’t move on without knowing this. Mishti says that temple was special for Abir and me, we promised to fight for our love, our future doesn’t have a place for Abir, trust me. Nannu says there is one more thing. Abir calls Mishti. Nannu thinks if you answer, then I will tell you everything, else… Mishti disconnects. She says I promised you, I will never hurt you.

Abir throws colours on the canvas. He recalls Mishti’s letters and cleans it. Mishti says I won’t make you wait now. He gets a call and asks Kunal to answer the call. He asks Kunal to put it on speaker. Nannu says Abir will want to hear this from you. Mishti says I moved on, whatever the reason that Abir left, I have moved on. Nannu goes out and asks did you hear it. Abir asks did you tell truth to Mishti. Nannu says you said if Mishti doesn’t change her decision, then you won’t come in front of her. Abir says Nishant didn’t tell her the truth. Kunal says you should have not told him. Abir says if he told the truth, Mishti would have come running as you came running for Parul. Meenakshi says I can’t bear Mishti in my house. She looks on.
Nannu thinks of Abir and Mishti. He jogs. He says I didn’t tell anything to Mishti, it doesn’t matter to her, Abir is just like drug addiction, it gives happiness for some time and then just pain. Meenakshi says you are right, you can’t hide truth from Mishti for long, Abir will tell her the truth, what will you do, I can help you.

He says no thanks, you made Kunal spike my drink. She says that’s why Mishti and Abir got away, Mishti and you got together, you are welcome, you will talk to me, don’t delay much, I will wait for your call. He goes.Kuhu welcomes everyone in Raatjaga. Rajshri says Mishti is getting ready. Mishti gets the toy house. Ungli pakad ke tu ne….plays… Mishti cries and hugs Vishwamber. Everyone dances. Kunal comes and greets them. Rajshri says you made us cry today. Mishti says this is just trailer, see what happens on vidaai day. Nannu thinks Mishti spoke about marriage, it seems like she wants to marry me. Kunal thinks Mishti wants to marry Nishant, I have to talk to her. Mishti goes and consoles Kuhu. Kuhu cleans her makeup.

Mishti says you were really happy today. Kuhu says for the first time, I found Nanchak really happy. She goes. Mishti thinks Nannu and everyone deserve happiness, I will give them happiness. Mishti hears Kunal talking about Abir’s accident. She says I hope Abir is fine. She runs. Kunal says I was right, Mishti is coming…. Mishti runs and shouts Abir. She cries and says I hope he is fine. She sees Abir. Khubsurat raat ye….plays…. Abir opens arms. She hugs him. She says I was so scared. He says I was also scared, you have come now, everything is fine. She gets away. She says you are really fine. He says everything is fine now. She asks what is your problem. He asks why can’t you face truth, you came here hearing about me, why did you come. She says you have all the answers, I came for you. He says but you don’t know everything, I will tell you everything, our families were meeting on card ceremony, Meenakshi kept a condition, I didn’t know that Kunal is my own brother, she said if our wedding invite is distributed, then this card will be distributed on next day, she threatened me, she said she will make Parul and Kunal out of the house, so I said I don’t trust you and broke the relation. Mishti cries. She says it means I was right, my love was right, you don’t hate me. Abir says I told you before, I can’t hate you. She hugs him. Nannu looks on.

She says everyone felt I made a big mistake by choosing you, you don’t love me, our relation was wrong. Abir says I was wrong, you are angry, violent and chorni, then you are just mine. She nods and hugs him. He says I love you and will always love you, whatever you decide, I will love you, its my truth. She says Nannu…. and gets away. Abir says Nannu doesn’t deserve one sided relation, don’t do this, you love me, this is the truth. She goes crying. Dil mera yun tod ke…. plays… Mishti says why does Abir’s mum hate me so much, she used both her sons against me, I was trying to prove to myself that my love and belief were true, today my belief has won, why do I feel lost. A little girl asks her not to cry and gives her few balloons. Mishti hugs her. Rajshri says Mishti and Kuhu sang a beautiful song. Vishwamber says good thing is Abir didn’t come, we all were happy, Mishti was also looking happy. She says you just have questions today. He asks don’t I have to express my worry. She asks do you worry for her future or your decision, say the truth, we just want Mishti’s happiness, I don’t know if I can trust Abir again or not, we have hurried in fixing Mishti and Nannu’s relation. Vishwamber says all the relations depend on their relation now. Mishti hears this and goes. Nannu says I m a big idiot, what did I get by hiding the truth, Abir told her the truth, Mishti is my fiancee, Abir can never win, she is mine.

Abir, Kunal and Nanu discussing about Mishti. Nanu says Mishti can’t take much time, its her marriage tomorrow. Abir gets a call and asks where are you. Nannu says outside Rajvansh Sadan. Abir goes and sees Mishti. Meenakshi comes to Nannu and asks what do you want to say. He says Abir and Mishti are uniting again. Mishti asks what shall I do after what you did with me, answer me Abir, you talk poetic and say big things, you got too late to say that you love me, why. She sees her handcrafted birds. She gets on a stool and corners him. She says I saw this last month and understood that you love me, I tried to talk, but you didn’t listen to me, why did you make me away. Abir says I m sorry. She says now I m sorry, its too late now. He holds her. She says you jumped in the stupid lake and got this, then you left this outside my house like a stupid, I tried to talk, you insulted me, what shall I do, tell me.

Meenakshi says I told you not to get late. Nannu says I love Mishti, my mom will not insult Mishti, you and your family don’t deserve her, promise that your son won’t create any problem in my marriage. She says Maa Ambe and Abir aren’t in my control, I can’t promise this, I can promise that Mishti won’t leave you, if you listen to me, come and meet me tomorrow, it will be last day of Mishti and Abir’s life, Mishti will make Abir out, Mishti and you will marry, promise me, you will take her to London and never come back. He promises. Mishti asks how shall I break my best friend’s heart, Vishwamber’s trust and family’s hope. Abir apologizes. Yeh rishte….plays… Abir says when I was in problem, I should have come to you and Vishwamber, I dealt everything alone, I know you are strong, I lied to you that I don’t trust you and don’t love you, I can’t live this lie, I know you can’t live without me. He hugs her and says don’t go leaving me.

Saathiya mere….plays…. He says I will fix everything. She asks how, what will I tell Rajshri and Vishwamber, he doesn’t hate you, but… Abir says but Nannu is their family. He thinks if Nannu told you the truth… Mishti says if Nannu knew this, then he would have not let this happen, you remember our promise that we can’t break old relations to make new relations, I can’t lose my family. Abir thinks I can’t tell you that Nishant knew everything, you can’t lose him, he is your friend. Abir asks her to go home, he doesn’t want her to get questioned. He says I will talk to Vishwamber before your haldi, everything will get fine. She says I m scared. He does poetry and says everything will get fine, I will come tomorrow. She says I will await you. Dono milke….plays…. she leaves.

Its morning, Parul gets prasad for Abir. She says Kunal is upset that you didn’t tell Mishti about Nannu’s lie. Abir says maybe Nannu loves her, she is amazing, why can’t he fight for her. Parul asks him to be careful, Nannu can do something which he shouldn’t. Kunal hugs Abir and says I will come with you. Nanu jokes on them. Abir takes his blessings. Nanu asks him to take his Nani’s blessing. He says its your Nani’s odhni for Mishti. Abir thanks him and hugs. Tujh sang….plays…. Mishti gets ready. Abir takes the red balloons and is leaving. Meenakshi looks on. Nannu is waiting outside. Mishti sees Mishbir’s name board. Rajshri takes her for haldi. Kunal says what we want doesn’t happen, but the right happens. He holds Mishti’s hand and takes her for haldi. Everyone sees Abir coming. Mishti recalls their moment.

Vishwamber says we have marriage in our house. Abir says that’s why I had to come and talk, Mishti I m sorry. Vishwamber says you just talk to me. Abir says this can change her life, she knows why I broke the engagement, we think about family before ourselves, I should have not broken the relation being helpless, even she should not make this relation, if this marriage happens, three lives will be ruined, you know Mishti well, she doesn’t love Nishant. Vishwamber says I don’t like to tolerate your coming. Abir says tolerate it once, look into Mishti’s eyes and tell me that she doesn’t love me, if I did a mistake, then why are you punishing Nishant. Kunal says give him some time to talk, everyone will know why this happened. Rajshri asks why. Jasmeet scolds them. Vishwamber says you have two mins. Abir says that day, mum has…… Nannu comes there drunk and shouts enough. They get shocked.

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