Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 26 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 26 June 2021: The Episode starts with Mishti crying and says why did you change Abir, why did you do this. She cries. Abir recalls Kuhu’s words. He says if they know the truth, they will trouble her more. Kuhu comes to apologize to him. She says I broke the bro code and troubled you, just stay here for two weeks, I won’t stop you if you want to go. Abir says we have to go. She asks what happened to her. He says doctor is diagnosing. She says we can contact Dada, Dadi and Naira’s family, they know big doctors, don’t leave the house, its Ketki’s marriage. He says I have no option than leaving the house.

Mishti says I don’t want to leave the house, I didn’t know about tickets, trust me, I don’t want to break the house. Meenakshi says trust should be earned, not asked, if you want me to trust you, then stop Abir from leaving, you don’t have time and I don’t have patience, find Abir and explain him, I will pray that he listens to you and changes his mind, if he doesn’t know, then I will change your life, then you won’t be able to identify yourself, this is not my threatening, I promise you. She goes. Mishti cries. Abir cries thinking of everyone. Ketki cries. Kuhu consoles her. Abir thinks of his family. Meenakshi cries. Mishti thinks of Abir. Yeh rishte….plays… Abir comes to his room.

Mishti says the entire family is blaming me, you always listen to me right, where are you going. Abir asks why are you behaving like this, I agreed to find the family. She says we never hid anything from each other. He says remember that feeling when you wrote the letter. She says you lied to me, you didn’t post the letter, you burnt it, and now the tickets, how did you decide alone, you didn’t tell me, I know there is some problem, we can sort it out, tell me, you always help me, tell me the reason. He says we are going to Bangalore. She says I don’t want to go. He says you have to decide, will you stay with me or family. He goes. Abir plays guitar. Meenakshi plays the sitar. Abir thinks to leaving. She wants him to stay back for her sake. He thinks I can’t stay back for anyone. She thinks if mum’s love can’t stop you, then mum’s scolding will stop you, Mishti can’t win over me. He thinks mum will make this a game, its not a game for me, I m sorry. He gets ready. Meenakshi stops him and asks did you forget everything, you are family’s elder son, what’s the reason, that I see a husband in you, not a son and brother.

He says I m the same, maybe your perception changed, maybe you forgot that Mishti is this house’s Bahu. She warns him. He says she didn’t ask if I have some problem. Kuhu comes and scolds Mishti. She says you may refuse, I know its your plan to shift to Bangalore, did you buy a house there, you were fine when you had a secret meeting in NGO, why did you go there, tell me. Mishti says I don’t have time to answer you. Kuhu says I understood your plan, I will find out why you are finding this info. She shows the phone. Jugnu asks Mishti to come, Varun has come to meet her.

Varun says I don’t want to tell you, but I feel you are going because of me, mum said my jokes can trouble people, I m really sorry, don’t leave the house. Mishti says don’t say sorry. He says your sense of humour is good. She says I m not annoyed, I should say sorry, we are going away, actually I can’t tell you anything. He says you don’t need to give me explanation, its your choice, just think of your health, even if you did any crime, am I any police to stop you, Ketki is already missing Kunal and now Abir is leaving, I know the pain of missing a brother, what if we keep the engagement today. Mishti asks are you serious, perfect, I will tell Abir, he will convince everyone, inform your parents, we will meet in the evening, thanks. Abir says thanks for arranging so much so soon. Mishti sees him on call. She says your decision would be right, just tell me the reason. He says I just have the questions. She says I couldn’t keep my promise, I tried hard to stay positive, but see I have failed.

He says we are going as its the right decision. She says Rajshri says that happy times with family is imp in passing the bad times, can you give me good memories with this family, Varun came and he said his family wants us to attend some major rasam, so they want to keep the engagement today. Abir asks today. She says yes, please agree.Ketki cries. Kaushal and Nidhi come from shopping. Mishti comes and gets Abir there. Meenakshi asks why was Abir contacting so many hospitals. Kuhu says I found this number, I called to find out whose number is it. Meenakshi asks did you find out anything. Kuhu says no one answered. Meenakshi says you should never call from own number, you should have not shown the pic to Mishti. Kuhu says I didn’t think of it. Meenakshi asks her to control her anger, none should know what they are doing. Parul asks Meenakshi to come fast. Meenakshi asks what happened. Mishti says we can make arrangements, Varun’s family wants this. Nidhi scolds her. Meenakshi asks will engagement happen today. Parul says yes, Varun’s family wants this. Abir says Mishti and I will like to help you in engagement preparations. Ketki says the problem is with your leaving. Nidhi asks would I do the engagement in hurry since Mishti has to run away. Abir says its my decision to leave. Ketki says we know you don’t want to stay here.

Parul saying Abir and Kunal were young at the time of Ketki’s birth, they prayed to get a sister. Abir says we didn’t know that we would do your bidaai one day. Ketki asks do you regret for that prayer. Abir says Ketki…. Abir asks Meenakshi to tell Ketki, she knows its not true, he isn’t leaving Ketki. Kuhu says stop it, how can we cry so much from now, its engagement today. Meenakshi says Kuhu is right, Nidhi inform them that we are ready for engagement today, we shall forget our fights today and just talk of happiness. Kuhu taunts Mishti. Abir says don’t worry, there won’t be any problem in engagement. Meenakshi thinks I will get a chance to find Abir and Mishti’s secret.

Varun says you could thank me, you were waiting for the engagement. Ketki says thanks, Abir will be with us, how did you convince Abir. He says I just spoke to Mishti. She asks is Abir leaving because of Mishti. He asks her to dream about him. He says I m coming in the evening. Nirmala says I will always do everything for my sons. She sees Karan’s pic. She says Karan would have been happy today. Varun says I m happy today. She says me too. Kaushal and Nidhi manage things. Mishti asks shall I help you. Meenakshi checks something. She gets shocked when Abir comes. He says I got some shagun, you can go downstairs and see. She says don’t go Abir, this time is to send daughter, not son. He says fine, I won’t go. She asks really. He says yes, promise me, that you won’t blame Mishti always, you will love her like a bahu, if you can promise me, then I m ready to stay back, what happened. Meenakshi says Mishti has…. He asks her to leave it, come and see the gifts. She says fine and goes with him. Parul gets flowers and gives to Abir. He smiles.

Mishti cries. Abir looks on. He throws the flowers on Mishti. She gets the balloons and says thanks. She recalls their moments. They hear Mishti shouting. He says I will go and see. She says I know what to do, I will go. He thinks once the engagement happens well, we have to leave. Kuhu and Nidhi start murmuring. Meenakshi asks what’s happening. She asks Kuhu about the Gudh plate. Kuhu asks about the number. Meenakshi says we will talk later. Abir says Varun, I m sure there is something special in this. Varun says very special, thanks for convincing everyone for the engagement soon. Abir says thanks, I had guilt of not attending the marriage. Meenakshi asks how did the plate fall down, we have no time, Parul send someone to market and get the plate. They see Mishti bringing the plate.

Parul and Nidhi say you saved us today. Meenakshi thanks her. Mishti says don’t thank us. Parul says if you didn’t go, then the engagement would have not happened. Meenakshi says don’t forget Parul that Mishti is the reason that we are hurrying with the engagement. Parul asks Mishti not to feel upset. The engagement gets started. Meenakshi gives gifts. She says Abir got all the gifts. Nirmala says I didn’t think Abir is so close to his family, I heard he is leaving the family. Abir says I m not leaving from their hearts, I learnt this from mum to give gifts to everyone. Meenakshi says he writes poetry, he is also like poetry, we don’t understand him sometimes. Nirmala says sorry Abir, your wife would be really ill that you are leaving the house, but Mishti looks fine. Varun touches Mishti’s feet and says you became my fav. Parul says Mishti prepared the Gud plate. Mishti says we all did this. Nidhi says Kuhu did all the work. Meenakshi asks them to go and get Ketki. Varun says yes, she would be waiting. Varun says if Karan was here, he would have got much happy, I wanted his memories here. He keeps Karan’s pic there.

Meenakshi prays for Karan’s soul peace. Nidhi says you did good to get his pic, we shall start the engagement soon.Abir worries and thinks if Mishti sees Karan’s pic, then she can’t tolerate it, I can’t take risk, I have to move this pic. Varun lights the diya. Abir switches on the fan. The photo falls down and breaks. Mishti asks what happened. Nidhi says Varun’s brother’s pic fell down. Varun picks the photo and asks how did it fell down. Abir says sorry, I thought to switch on the fan, shall I keep it in the car, give me the keys. Varun says its fine, I will keep it. Abir goes with him. Mishti asks Ketki not to worry, Abir will manage. Ketki says he will manage now, but he will leave me and go. Kuhu asks her to smile. Varun keeps the pic in the car. Abir says sorry. Varun says whatever happened, you did that intentionally. Abir gets shocked.


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