Sacred Relationship Update Friday 5 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 5 March 2021: Starts with Rajshri asking Kunal to stop. She falls. Abir holds her and asks are you fine. She says yes, stop Kunal. Meenakshi says Mishti broke the relation, Kunal won’t stop now. She scolds Mishti for insulting Kunal. Mishti says I wanted to talk to Kunal alone. Abir asks why did you break this relation. Meenakshi says she was never serious about this relation. Abir says let Mishti answer. Mishti says maybe this courtship was a joke, I thought I can know Kunal, I felt we are alike and our likes and dislikes are same, but no, we are different, Kunal didn’t wish to try, I didn’t wish someone else to try. She sees Abir. He gets back.Mishti says many people got troubled because of me.

She apologizes to Meenakshi. She says Kunal isn’t a right life partner for me,
my mum and dad were not right for each other, their marriage was a mistake. Meenakshi scolds her. She says Kunal always agreed to Mishti and even then she rejected her. Vishwamber says you regret that our daughter broke this relation, not your son, when marriage happens, groom’s family doesn’t lose anything, daughter’s family send their daughter, even groom’s family thinks they are doing a favor. Meenakshi says its the norms of the society. Vishwamber and Meenakshi argue. Meenakshi insults them. Abir says stop it. She says I m not done yet. He says your frustration and anger aren’t done, come. They leave. Mishti cries and hugs Kunal. Vishwamber says enough, nothing matters than your happiness. Abir sees Mishti and goes. Yeh rishte hai….plays….

Rajshri throws the decorations and get angry. She cries and says I couldn’t stop Naman. Abir says well done, your upbringing won and Kunal lost. Meenakshi says Kunal can’t lose for this cheap alliance. Abir says when a relation breaks, much breaks with it, Kunal has broken down. Parul says what’s her mistake in this. Nidhi says its Mishti’s mistake. Meenakshi says a girl can’t break the alliance. Abir asks why did we break Ketki’s relation, we will forgive Ved and fix relation again, are the rules not for Ketki. Meenakshi says she has broken Kunal’s heart. He asks why didn’t you stop Kunal if you cared for him, why did he judge Mishti, he should have trusted Mishti. She says she can’t be trusted. He says your attitude is wrong, you are the reason. Nanu says its not time to fight, I m worried for Kunal.

Kunal is on the way and recalls Shweta’s words. He thinks I should have not spoken to Mishti this way, she doesn’t deserve me. He stops the car and gets down. Abir says I know where is Kunal, problem is in this house. Meenakshi asks him to vent out his poison today. Mishti says this relation broke as I knew Kunal isn’t right for me. Abir says you can’t hear it. Meenakshi asks how can you get against me. He says you are a working woman, Kunal stopped Mishti when she wanted to do a job, you didn’t stop him, why isn’t the ideal woman rules different for you and Mishti, you didn’t stop him when he told about eye surgery.

Shesays it was Kunal’s wish. He says a girl isn’t a property, wife is a support who matches your step and walks in life, Kunal wasn’t like this, you have made Kunal like this. Kunal comes home and shouts stop it, you are blaming us. Abir says it was mum’s mistake, not Mishti’s mistake. Kunal asks what’s this friendship that you are supporting us and blaming us. Abir says we guys are taught that we are never at fault, its always girls’ mistake, we believe that, try to see it from Mishti’s perception, you aren’t so self centered. Kunal says it was Mishti’s demand to have courtship.

Nanu says you should have not accepted the demand if you had the problem. Abir says if you think Mishti isn’t a right match, you would have not married her, your male ego is coming in between. Kunal says you are shouting on me because of a girl. They argue. Parul interrupts them. Kunal asks her not to talk in between. He says Abir is doing wrong to go against us for Mishti’s sake. Meenakshi says no, Kunal you have to convince Abir, I can’t see my two sons fighting like this, go and convince him. Kunal asks what can we do, Abir has no time for us. Lamhon ko…..plays… Abir and Kunal leave.

Meenakshi looks on. Mishti asks for Rajshri. Jasmeet says she is in her room, why did you break this relation, Kunal was good. Mishti says Kunal was good, but not right for me. Jasmeet says you aren’t understanding, you broke a relation. Mishti says I didn’t wish to do this. Varsha says but you did this, we will bear the consequences. Parul cries and drops the pot. Meenakshi catches it. Parul says forgive me. Meenakshi consoles her.
She says I won’t lose even this time. Parul says Kunal and Abir are own brothers and…. Meenakshi says not a word more, we have always found some way, we will find a way again. Vishwamber goes to see Mishti. Kuhu says Mishti is fine. He asks and you. He says I m fine. He says you both have much love, when one gets hurt, other feels the pain, Mishti is hurt. She asks did Mishti do right. He says yes. She asks why do people feel this wrong.


He says its tough to understand what’s right and what’s wrong, one shouldn’t follow anyone, but just the heart, our heart doesn’t lie. She hugs him. She doesn’t see Mishti on the bed. Mishti goes out.Mishti coming to the police station and meeting Naman. She scolds him for harming her family. She says last time, I took 5 lakhs back and left you, this time I won’t leave you, you have snatched my childhood, I will not let you snatch anything else from my family, its my promise. She leaves. Kuhu asks where did you go. Mishti says I went to meet my dad, he has hurt Rajshri. Kuhu says you have troubled my family, you have become a disaster queen. Mishti says sorry. Abir gets the balloons and does shayari. He leaves the balloons in air. Meenakshi plays sitar and misses Parul. She says all the relations are shattering. She prays. She hears Nidhi talking on call and telling about her mistake.

Nidhi gossips. She says I like Kuhu, she would have not rejected Kunal.
Meenakshi shouts Nidhi. She scolds her. Nidhi says I felt bad for Kunal, another girl rejected Kunal. Meenakshi shouts. Kunal looks on and gets upset. Nanu comes to wake up Abir. He says Kunal went on the bike. Abir says just sell the bike. Jugnu says Nidhi stopped me from selling it. Meenakshi says I don’t know what Kunal heard. Nidhi says I said two girls rejected Kunal, he heard it. Meenakshi asks Abir to go and find Kunal. Mrs. Parekh comes to meet Mishti. She taunts Mishti for breaking engagement. Varsha comes to defend Mishti. She answers Mrs. Parekh. Mrs. Parekh asks are you supporting Mishti, you think Kuhu will get a line of alliances after this. Kunal speeds up the bike and recalls Mishti’s words. Mishti thanks Varsha.

Varsha asks Kuhu to have breakfast. Kuhu goes. Jasmeet asks what shall we do of the jewellery. Varsha says I can’t decide on that. Abir follows Kunal and asks Kunal to drive slow. He drives ahead of Kunal’s bike and stops the car. Abir gets down the car. Kunal stops the bike. He asks what’s wrong, what’s this madness. Abir slaps him. Meenakshi shouts on Nidhi. Nanu says we got Kunal, everything is fine. Meenakshi gets calm. He asks her to calm down. She says explain Nidhi, Kunal’s alliance broke twice.Nanu asks Nidhi will she go to her Maayka for some time. Nidhi says no, don’t make me out of here, I was talking to my mum. Meenakshi says none will take Mishti’s name in this house. Nanu recalls Abir’s words. Nanu asks Meenakshi and Parul to take Kunal out. Meenakshi likes the idea. Abir and Kunal say sorry…..

Kunal says I m just saying sorry for the bike. Abir says I m saying sorry for yesterday, not for the slap. Kunal says you still think it was your mistake. Abir says this relation was wrong, why do you have this problem. Kunal says you are blaming me. Abir says find the solution of this problem. Kunal asks how, shall I beg Mishti not to break this alliance. Mishti meets Ketki and says sorry to come here. Ketki asks how do you know about my classes. Mishti says you told me, I didn’t come to give any explanation. Ketki says I like you, I love Kunal a lot, if anyone sees you…
Mishti says relax, I will go, just give this jewellery to your family. Abir says Mishti didn’t wish to hurt you, but to explain that your match is not right, forget it. Kunal hugs him. He says why shall we fight for a girl, its better to forget Mishti, she will not come back in our life. Mishti drives the cycle there. Abir says I didn’t mean that. Kunal says Shweta was a gold digger, I don’t know what was Mishti, you are my brother, I won’t let Mishti come between us. Abir says its okay, don’t touch this bike again. Kunal says this bike and Mishti out of our lives, I promise. Kunal leaves on his bike. Abir turns and sees Mishti coming. Mishti sees Abir and stops. She drives away. She recalls Kunal’s words. She stops and sees Abir.
Abir holds his ears. Dheere dheere….plays….She leaves. Abir leaves in his car. He says Kunal wants to make Mishti his history, I want to make her my future, I just want to see her, Kunal and Mishti are upset, where shall I go. A red chunri flies over his car. He stops his car and gets off the chunri. Flowers fall over him. He does shayari and smiles with the sign. He sees a man parking his cycle. He thinks its a sign. He takes the cycle. The man says thief. Abir says I will return it. He drives the cycle and follows Mishti. He thinks this story won’t end this way, I won’t let anyone come between us. Mishti sees him and stops her cycle.



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