Sacred Relationship Update 10 Wednesday February 2021

Sacred Relationship 10 February 2021: starts with Kunal coming to everyone. He smiles. Atul says I got him here. Abir says I asked Atul to get Kunal here. Kunal asks what’s the matter. Meenakshi says we want to know if you are interested in this alliance or not, Abir won’t let us be in peace. Kunal says I also broke down when my engagement broke, my mum had to bear pain seeing me sad, she also stayed sad, I can’t see my mum sad now. Meenakshi says its Kunal’s life, let him decide. She says Kunal, its fine if you aren’t ready for this alliance. Kunal recalls Kuhu’s words.

He tells Abir’s words to them. He says I m ready, say yes to them. Everyone gets surprised. He says whatever happened in past, we lose hope for a while, later when we realize the matter, we think its not worth it. Everyone gets happy. Abir asks Meenakshi to call them and inform that Kunal is ready. Mishti thanks the Lord and requests for the family’s happiness. She says Kuhu troubles me a lot, she will get married, make sure she doesn’t get pimples. She turns and sees Varsha. She greets her and goes. Rajshri asks Varsha to pray fast and come for breakfast. Varsha asks to which Devi shall I offer flowers first, Laxmi ji or Saraswati ji, which Devi should be choose. Rajshri and Varsha praise both the Devis. Everyone looks on. Vishwamber says you both said the right things, a house needs happiness, peace, wisdom and knowledge, we need both our daughters. Varsha says yes, I understand, but they have sent a proposal for Kuhu.

Vishwamber says we will keep their wish, both the daughters should get equal love and rights. Mishti answers the call. Abir hears her voice. He thinks of shayari on hearing her. She asks who is speaking, hello? He smiles. He asks Meenakshi to talk. Meenakshi asks can I talk to Rajshri. Mishti says I didn’t recognize you. Bau ji says tell your full name, Meenakshi Rajvansh. Mishti asks Rajshri to talk to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says we couldn’t discuss the alliance. Rajshri recalls Naman’s words. Mishti prays for Kuhu. Rajshri says I wasn’t fine. Meenakshi asks if you are fine, can we come home. Rajshri says yes, I m feeling better, you may come. Kuhu gets happy. Varsha apologizes to Vishwamber. She says I should have told Mrs. Parekh that Mishti is also our daughter, we will find the world’s best guy for Mishti, Mishti will get the best in-laws in the world. Mishti says the world’s best Maayka is mine, I won’t leave this family for a silly boy. Kuhu says you stay here, I will get married and go with my sports car.

Rajshri asks are you happy. Kunal says I m happy if mum is happy. Abir jokes. Meenakshi says Kunal hasn’t got married yet. Abir says he will get married, I m your son, I have decided this and will get him married. Abir looks at Meenakshi. He goes and says when mum agrees to us silently, it means she has some plan in mind, she wants a robot bahu for her, someone who obeys her. Bau ji says no, she agreed to get Kunal’s wife. Abir says she is planning something big. Bau ji asks don’t you have a plan. Abir says no. Bau ji asks then what do you have. Abir says I have dangerous mum, she thinks relationships are meant to control the other person. Bau ji asks him to think what will he do. Varsha asks Mishti to select Kuhu’s dress. Mishti says my dressing sense is different. Varsha asks her which dupatta looks good. Rajshri gets a dupatta for Kuhu. Se says Akshara went to meet Naitik for the first time, wearing this dupatta. Mishti says its very beautiful.

Rajshri says I thought of something special for you as well. Kuhu comes to them. They smile and compliment. They hug. Mishti smiles and thinks everything is fine. Meenakshi asks Kaushal did he send the reports to London company. He says no. She taunts him. She calls Kunal and asks him to go office for an hour. She asks Kaushal to help Nidhi in Ketki’s marriage arrangements. He agrees and goes. She calls someone to get info about Maheshwari family. Abir hears her. He thinks I knew this, she won’t lose so soon, I won’t let her win. Everyone takes Kuhu with them and pamper. Kunal stays busy in office. Ankhon ko yaad…..plays…. He sees Kuhu’s pic on the presentation screen. Abir comes dancing and takes Kunal. Mishti gets jewellery for Kuhu. She dances with Vishwamber. Shaurya and Kuhu dance.

Abir dances with Kunal. Everyone smiles. Abir and Mishti come to market. Mishti helps a girl. Abir buys the balloons. She sees him leaving. Meenakshi thinks why didn’t I get info about Maheshwari family. Nidhi shows some pics. Meenakshi asks her to go and give green tea to Bau ji. She checks Kuhu’s pic and zooms the pic. She sees her earring and reveals. Parul gets medicines for her. Meenakshi says its the same girl with those earrings. Parul says she looked like a simple girl, Bau ji also liked her. Meenakshi asks her to go and clean spider webs in Kunal’s room. Parul goes.

Mishti buying some necklaces for Devi Maa. She doesn’t bargain. Abir comes and says rich people and thieves don’t bargain. Mishti looks at him. Shaurya gets a call. He gets shocked. Vishwamber asks what happened. Shaurya says Naman is going to get released tomorrow morning. Vishwamber says we will see the tensions tomorrow, we will meet today’s happiness first. Mishti says I m not a thief. Abir says I m saying the same. She says I had bought these balloons and then missed it. He says then balloons came in my hand, you wanted to thank me right.
She says my hair pin will reach the balloons now. She takes the necklace. He asks is this for me, it will be too much. She asks him not to follow her. A bike passes.

She falls in Abir’s arms. Dheere dheere…plays…. They have an eyelock. He says don’t fall until evening, I won’t come. She says whatever, don’t follow me. He says listen, go. He smiles. Varsha checks the arrangements. She asks Jasmeet to order sweets for guests. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to come fast. Rajshri holds Varsha. She reminds the day when Shaurya and Varsha’s alliance was fixed. Varsha says yes, I wish Kuhu gets such good husband and Saas. Rajshri says she asked for Kuhu’s hand, there can’t be anything wrong. Abir says something is wrong. He goes to call Meenakshi. Kunal says she would be getting ready. Abir says she isn’t in her room. Kunal says mum had called the girl’s family herself. Bau ji says I will tell them that we will be late. Abir says no, we will go on own, relation can happen even without mum, if it can happen without a dad. Meenakshi comes home. She says I m waiting for you since long, why are you so late. Abir asks were you waiting in car for us. She says yes, so that my son doesn’t blame me for coming late. Kunal says Abir creates a big scene sometimes. Abir asks Meenakshi what’s the mystery she is hiding behind her smile. She says I like Abir’s poetry a lot. They leave.

They come to meet Maheshwari family. Bau ji introduces his eldest grandson Abir, Kunal’s brother. Mishti says he is Kunal’s brother….. Vishwamber says we met before, come in. Abir jokes seeing Mishti. He gives her the balloons. Mishti takes the balloons and thanks her. He says keep it safe, many girls burst balloons in anger with their hair pin. He praises Kunal.
He compliments Jasmeet for looking so young. He asks can I call you Kat, you are like Katrina. Jasmeet smiles and says sure. Abir asks where is Kuhu. Varsha goes to get Kuhu. Meenakshi asks Kunal to take the drink. Abir says Kunal just takes natural drinks, Nanu eats unhealthy stuff, I m just found with chips and cold drinks. Rajshri says even Mishti don’t take cold drinks. Meenakshi says just like Kunal, what else do you like. Mishti asks me? Rajshri says she likes studies, work and spending time with family. Meenakshi says just like Kunal.

Kunal asks who is your fav author. Mishti says I like all books. Meenakshi says I like you. Varsha gets Kuhu. Meenakshi sees her. She asks Bau ji did he get the ancestral necklace, maybe he forgot in the car. Abir says I will get it. She smiles seeing him going. She says I like your daughter. She takes sweets and feeds to Mishti. She says I like Mishti. Everyone gets shocked. Kunal gets up and sees Meenakshi. Vishwamber says I think Abir learnt jokes from you. Bau ji says we spoke about Kunal and Kuhu. Meenakshi says I had no idea that this will happen, I couldn’t meet your daughters well, I felt Mishti is right for Kunal, I don’t want to hurt Kuhu’s heart, really sorry Kuhu, I m also a mum Varsha ji, I can’t find a wrong life partner for children, I will tell the truth, the truth is, Kuhu and Kunal aren’t suitable for each other. She says Kuhu is cheerful, while Kunal is calm like Mishti, their likes are also same. Bau ji says we should leave. She says its Ketki’s engagement, you can come home if you forgive me and want to talk about Mishti and Kunal. She leaves.

Bau ji apologizes to Vishwamber. Kunal sees Kuhu crying. Bau ji asks Kunal to come. Kunal leaves. Kuhu cries and thinks of Kunal. Abir gets the necklace and sees everyone leaving. He asks what’s the matter. Kunal says we will go home and talk. Abir sees Kuhu crying. Mishti collides with him. He asks what happened. She says your mum rejected Kuhu. He asks how. She says it happened, when guy’s family rejects a girl, many things breaks, then she had asked for my…. She sees Kuhu and runs after her. Kunal asks Abir not to tell anything to mum.

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