Ring Of Fire Update Wednesday 21 April 2021

Ring of fire 21 April 2021: Revathi says she wants to give him a right of giving fire to her dead body. Baiju emotionally hugs her and promises again. Revathi leaves.Vishu walks to Shristi. Shristi asks not to talk to him. He leaves. Ragini passes by and seeing Shristi asks what is she doing here, she should be with Baiju.

Shristi says Baiju came here for maa. Ragini says she should show her wife’s right on Baiju. Shristi leaves. Anurag hears their conversation and asks what is Vishu’s mistake in whatever is happening. Ragini asks what is Shristi’s mistake and says he tried to separate a daughter and father and does not have right to speak. She walks away.

Shristi walks into Baiju’s room and tries to speak. He yells at her and sends her away. She shuts door on her hand and shouts. Baiju asks if he is fine and shows concern. Shristi says she knows he does loves her and is acting. He says he is not, yells at her. She walks out crying. Anurag sees that and asks Baiju if he does not love Shristi. Baiju says preferences change with time and asks if he is not on Vishu’s side. Anurag says he is neither on Vishu nor on Baiju’s side, though he loves Vishu a lot, now the question is what Shrtisti wants.Vishu shows medicine chart to Shristi and says she has to take them regularly and he will accompany her to doctor’s checkup. Shristi shows her disconcent and yells at him to stop worrying for her as he is nothing to him now…

Vishu tells Shristi that Baiju is her husband, but did not come seeing her condition, but he came, he will get her water. Shristi says she will decide where she will stay, he does not have to worry. She leaves. Vishu thinks they h ave crossed limits, so she is pregnant, till when she will resist him. On the other side, Ragini angrily tears books and burns them. Anurag pours water and asks what is she up to. She says she does not want to study. He asks why, she wanted to study for their child. Ragini says it is only his child as he took all the decisions, once she gives birth to the child, she will hand her/him to Anurag and leave this place with his babuji far away.Shristi gives food to Baiju. Baiju pushes her and says he does not need. Vishu runs and holds Shristi and asks if she is fine, then asks Baiju to apologize.

Baiju says why should he. Their argument starts. Baiju pushes Vishu. Their fight starts. Shristi pleads them to stop and sends them away. Revathi watches them and goes to Baiju’s room and says she feels sorry for him and he is bearing so much because of her. Baiju says he don’t mind, wait and watch how he explodes big bomb tomorrow.

Next morning, Shristi opens door and sees a girl standing. Girl enters and asks if Baiju Kanpura stays here. Shristri says yes. Baiju sees her, happily runs and hugs her. Dulari asks who is she. Baiju says his ex-fiance and says she will stay in his room. Woman says she has so much to tell him. He takes her to his room while Shristi stands sadly. Girl continues her overacting. Baiju warns that he paid her only to act in front of Shristi. Revathi walks in. Woman continues acting. Baiju tells Revathi that he hired this girl to make Shristi jealous.Shristi in her room cries reminiscing Baiju closeness to his ex-fiance and reminisces her inner self telling she is loving her fake husband. Vishu walks in and says he brought her something. She sees divorce papers. Vishu asks her to sign them. He says she cannot force her. He walks away.

Anurag sells old items to vendor and asks him to take even Ragini’s guns. Vendor gets afraid and says he cannot buy them. Ragini sees that and angrily shouts at Anurag how can he sell her father’s gift a few bucks. He says he would give money instead to get rid of bad things. Their argument starts. Anurag asks if she has to choose between him and her babuji, whom she will choose. Ragini says her babuji as he is a better man than Anurag… Anurag is shocked. Their argument continues

Vishu asks Dulari what she prepared for breakfast, he is hungry. Dulari says hing kachori. Vishu shouts he hates hing. Dulari says Baiju loves it. Vishu shouts if Baiju is family member or him… Shristi in her room jealolusly thinks about Damini and Baiju’s close proximity. She walks to Baiju’s room and sees them chatting. Baiju asks if she needs anything. She says no and walks back to her room and jealously injures her hand, thinks why she is feeling jealous when Baiju is with his fiance. She thinks bandage is in Baiju’s room and walks towards it. She hears Baiju telling he will deduct money, walks in and says she needs bandage. Baiju asks what happened to her, why don’t she take care of herself.

Shristi asks why was he talking about money. Baiju say she was playing game with Damani and she always cheats, so he warned he will deduct money. Damani backs him. Shristi returns to her room jealously. After sometime, family sits for a chat. BVaiju walks in with Damini and introduces family to her and her to family. Revathi says she has 3 sons and 3 bahus now and will fix Baiju and Damini’s wedding with Vyjayanti’s help. Shristi feels jealous. Anurag asks Ragini to sit. Ragini fumes that he wants to separate her from her father and now showing fake concern. She feels drowsy and collapses. Anurag rushes and holds her. Doctor comes and checks Ragini and says she collapses due to weakness and asks family to take care of her well. Vishu thinks even he should take care of Shristi. Damini brings sweet corn soup for Ragini.

Vishu walks to Shristi’s room with sweet corn soup. Shristi jealously says she does not need Damini’s prepared food. Vishu says sweet corn soup is good for her baby. Shristi says she is allergic to pepper. Vishu notes down. Shristi says she is not pregnant. Vishu ignores her words and continues showing his concern.Ragini takes care of Vikral. Anurag tries to help her. Ragini yells not to show his fake concern. She continues and slips. Anurag scolds to take care, what if something happens to baby. Ragini yells he is concerned about his child and not her. She continues yelling at Anurag.Damini tells Baiju she is getting bored. Baiju scolds her, but seeing Shrisit’s shadow towards door dancdes with Damnini. Shristi walks in. Baiju asks why did not she knock and come in, not to worry, she will learn soon. Damini says Baiju is a good dancer. Shristi says she has seen that. Damini says she does not a lot about Baiju. She continues making Shrisit jealous…

Shristi asks Damini to go out as she needs to speak to Baiju alone. Damini says Baiju does not hide anything from her, so she can speak. Shristi says she will speak later. Baiju say okay and starts dancing with Damini again, once Shristi leaves, he pushes Damini away. Damini yells he is so rude. Ragini in her room tries to read something. Shristi walks in and asks if she had something. Ragini says Dulari fed her juice and even Damini served her soup, asked if she knew about Damini. Shristi says no. Ragini says not to worry, she will get used to it. Shristi says she doubts Baiju and Damini as Baiju is still keeping her pic as his mobile DP and Damini does not know about Solid and told his real name is Chandan. Ragini says it is lie. Shristi says she has a plan and murrmurs in her ears.

Shristi walks to Damini’s room and hears her practicing dialogues and asks why did not she marry Baiju. Ragini on the other side asks Baiju why did not he marry Damini. Damini tells Shristi that her daadi did not like Baiju’s goondagiri. Baiju says same to Ragini. Shristi asks what are her plans. Damini says whatever Baiju decides. Baiju says same on the other side. Ragini asks him where did he meet Damini first. He says he was selling Salman Khan’s movie ticket in black when Damini came to buy tickets and fell in his love. Damni says same. Shristi continues questioning Damni. Both Damini and Shristi say same answer. Ragini meets Shristi next and says they both are in deep love. Shristi says they answered without hesitation in one go, that means they are acting. Ragini says she has one more idea and continues speaking. She slips and falls from stairs and collapses. Shristi runs to her and calls Baiju. Baiju runs and lifts her and rushes her to hospital.

Shristi, Baiju, and Anurag rush Ragini to hospital. Ragini says my child. Anurag says nothing will happen to their child. Doctor does not allow them in ICU. Anurag requests and walks in. Shristi blames herself for Ragini’s condition. Doctor does Ragini’s ultrasound and tells Anurag that she has bad news for him, Ragini has internal bleeding and baby has matured and delivering her/she is risky, they can save either mother or child. Ragini pleads to save her child even if she dies. Anurag says let him take decision and requests doctor to save Ragini as he can get another child but not his wife. Doctor asks him to go out, she will try to save them both. Anurag waits outside ICU tensely. Baiju consoles and hugs him. They all 3 wait outside ICU.

Baiju asks Shristi to give mangalsutra. Shristi says she will not as it is her mangalsutra and she considers him as his husband even now. Baiju says Damini has right on this mangalsutra and she will be his wife and not Shjristi.Anurag shows photo collage to Ragini and fixes Vikral and his photo with Ragini’s. Ragini happily thanks him and shows him family photo.Damini waits for Vishu in temple. Vishu walks in and scolds why did she call him here, he will pay her money. She says Shristi told he called her here. He says he did not and she sent him message instead. Shristi walks in and takes them into temple and shows wedding arrangements, says when they love each other, then they should marry. Baiju and Damini get tensed and asks what drama is this. Shristi asks panditji to start mantras. Panditji asks mangalsutra. She says she will give her mangalsutra, she just wants to see Baiju happy. Rituals start. Baiju stops. Shristi reveals that she doubted Damini and found drama certificate in her bag and realized she is an actress. Damini thanks god that she does not have to marry Baiju, she is stuck between Baiju and Shristi’s love.

Shristi asks Baiju if he does not care for her. Baiju says he loves her a lot, but wants her to return to Vishu. Shristi says how can he think like that, she loves only him and he is her husband and not Vishu. She hugs him emotionally. Baiju prays god not to examine him repeatedly.

At home, Vishu panics that both Baiju and Shristi are not at home. Revathi tries to calm him down. Baiju returns home and says Shristi was feeling unwell, so he took her to doc. Vishu gets concerned and asks Shristi if she is fine, holding her hand. She pushes his hand, yells at him and leaves. Revathi fumes noticing everything. Dulari taunts Revathi that her plan is backfiring on her.

Shristi and Baiju’s romance continues. They hug each other. Ragini passes by and seeing them coughs. They get alert and act nervously. Ragini taunts him and leaves. Their drama continues… Ragini walks to Vikral’s room and seeing him watching movie says she will also join him. Anurag walks in and says it is his place and asks her to get up. She gets up. He says he will sit in balcony and enjoy popcorn, she can sit down. Ragini and Anurag’s nok jhok starts. Vikral smiles seeing that, then coughs and signals at a packet. Ragini picks and sees books in it with a note that Vikral bought it via Divya, Ragini should start her studies again and even he will study. Ragini says good they both will study, but first watch movies.

Baiju walks to Revathi and says he needs to talk and takes her to room. Shristi in living room signs song happily and enjoys snacks. Ragini joins her and asks what is happening. Shristi after a bit of drama says she said Baiju finally I love you. Ragini happily jumps with him and says she will go and inform Anurag, Shristi can go back to Baiju. Baiju on the other side tells Revathi that he could not keep his promise made to her and tells her whole story how Shristi tricked him and make him confess he was making drama and stil loves her. Revathi fumes in anger. Baiju says she considers him as her son and should forgive him. Vishu in his room prepares a song for Shristi excitedly and thinks of singing it for her and express his love. Revathi walks in and asks him to listen to her first. He says he will return soon and runs away. Revathi pleads god what she should do now, on one side she has biological son and other side foster son.

Ragini and Anurag’s romance starts when Dulari walks in and says bua should keep baby’s n name, so she has selected names. Anurag says there is a lot of time for that. Dulari says let it come when it has to, she has selected Bhavra for baby boy and Bhavri for girl. Ragini says it is very bad. Dulari says Basant and Basanti. Anurag checks her book and says it is animal book. Dulari says she will bring human baby book and leaves.Vishu stands in Shristi’s room playing guitar. Shristi walks in thinking him as Baiju, but gets disappointed seeing Vishu. Vishu sings Aye Dil Hai Mushkil.. song for her and giving her a rose says I love you. Shristi says she loves Baiju. Vishu shatters hearing that. Baiju walks in and says Vishu heard it right, he and Shrisit love each other.

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