Ring of fire update Monday 2 March 2020

Ring of fire 2 March 2020: Shristi knocks on door. Ragini gets angry that she always disturbs their romance. Shristi enters and gives ointment and leaves. Anurag applies ointment and finishes dressing. He thanks her for saving him. She says it is her duty. They continue chatting and he then asks her to sleep now.

Next morning, Ragini gets ready and tries to apply sindhoor on her forehead with great difficult. Anurag is about to leave for work when he sees her effort. She says her suhaag is more than her life. He applies sindhoor. She gets very happy. Revati brings her breakfast and asks to have it. Ragini asks Anurag to finish it as he needs to go early. He says it is okay, he will have downstairs. She tries to eat with great difficulty. He feeds her. She bites his finger. He asks what is she doing. She says sorry, she thought it is her dream. He feeds her and tries to leave. She asks him to have curd and go and feeds him. He goes down. She thinks today is very good day, he fed her and even she fed him.

Anurag joins family for breakfast. Shristi finishes her breakfast hurriedly. Anurag wishes her all the best for her exam. She waits for Poonam eagerly. Anurag says he will drop her. Ragini sees that and feels jealous. Shekhar comes and says Poonam asked him to pick her up and let us go. Vishu says thanks for coming, but Anurag will drop her. Revati thinks Vishu changed after her moral gyaan. Anurag says Shekar is going to exam venue itself, so let him drop Shristi. Revati fumes.

Ragini thinks she should not be tensed for small issues. She then looks at Anurag’s photo and reminisces Anurag dressing her wound, thinks she does not have to worry now as her mister is on her side.

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Dulari brings turmeric for her wound and says she felt bad when Anurag left his breakfast half to drop Shristi to college, she is worried for Ragini. Ragini says she does not have to worry as her mister is slowly getting attracted to her, till now she was living in this room as bahu and now as Anurag’s wife. Dulari says she is happy for her and will pray god.

Brij reads newspapers sipping tea. Revati scolds instead of finding solution for their problem, he is enjoying newspaper and tea. Brij says he is ready an exciting news that a woman eloped with her boyfriend even when her husband was present. Revati says she got a good idea, wait and watch. Vidhvan passes by and informs Revati that he is going for panchayath at nearby village and will come late. Revati says good if he comes late, she can finish her work.

Ragini gets ready in black and red sari and wearing bindi sings meri bindiya teri nindiya…song…and thinks today she is wearing her mister’s favorite color, he will fall for her easily. She imagines Anurag doring her bangles and kissing her hand. She gets out of her imagination and smiles. She imagines again Anurag kissing her earrings and realizes it is her imagination. She wears each ornament and imagines Anurag romancing her. She gets happy.

Dulari tells Revati that Shristi is her biggest problem and she should get rid of her. Ragini comes down and Revati asks how is she now. Ragini says she is fine. Shristi returns with Shekhar and asks him to sit while she gets his notes. Revati starts yelling at Shekhar that she knows what he is up to, he cannot play with her family’s dignity. Shekhar says he can answer her nicely, but Shristi should handle her family issue herself. Shristi confronts Revati and asks what she means. Revati says she means what she said, she cannot roam with another man and ruin this family’s dignity, she did not do any favor my marrying Vishu, instead Vishu married her and stopped her broke father from suicide. She is poor father’s daughter and did not get a single penny, but is Acting as queen.

Shristi says she realized who she is, she is a cunning woman. Revati angrily tries to slap her, but she holds Revati’s hand. Revati tries to slap again, but Anurag returns and stops her, asks what is happening, if they cannot sit without fighting. Ragini thinks nobody can digest their food without fighting in this house. Shristi confronts that she alleged her wrongly today and she is staying here with a reason, now she will leave this house. She angrily walks to her room to pack her bags and Vishu runs behind her. Revati smirks that her work is done.

Shristi confronts Revati and walks away saying she will leave this house. Vishu runs behind her to stop her. Anurag walks behind, but Revati stops him and says she is spoiling our family’s dignity by mingling with Shekhar, let her go. Anurag says Shristi came here to save her father’s self-respect. Vishu tries to stop Shristi and says he cannot live without her and decorated their room and brought cake for them. She holds his hand and pushes him out of room and says if he respects her, he will not stop her.

Revati continues that Anjurag should not be bothered for Shristi and now she has only one Bahu Rangini. Anurag yells she is praising Ragini, but she ruined his life and instead of Shrisit, Ragini should go out. Daadi asks what did Ragini do. He says the garment project he was handling, Ragini’s brother frightened to kill owner and whole team wrapped up and escaped. Ragini says if Parag has done mistake, she will scold him. She picks mobile. Anurag throws it and shouts enough of her drama now, she and her father has planned all this and angrily leaves.

Anurag knocks Shirsti’s room door and asks her to not go away, fights happens in family. Ragini comes and confronts that he is worried about Shristi more than his wife. Anurag shouts at her to go. She say she will not go without clearing his wrong allegations. He continues shouting and walks to his room. She follows him. Vishu stands crying who will stop Shristi.

Ragini walks behind Anurag and says he cannot alleg her like this wrongly. He continues yelling and says she is gawar and will be always, is unfit for him. Her family is so cruel, they kidnap people and marry them if they like them or else kill them. She says she left everything for him, though she married him forcefully, she tried everything she could to convince him. He says she thinks their relationship will change if he gives her wife’s rights, then will. He misbehaves and forces himself on her. She pushes him and says she needed love and not charity, they respect marriage in their culture and not like his western culture where they use woman as object. She says she cannot never be perfect for the man like him, holds his hand and drags him to home temple and says she frees him from all their bonding. She returns mangalsutra and washes her sindhoor with forehead and says he is free from all bonding now. He should return to London before her father knows about it and punish him. Dulari and Revati come and are shocked to see this.

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