Ring Of Fire Update Tuesday 27 April 2021


Ring of fire 27 April 2021: Vishu angrily looks himself into mirror and addresses himself that he has failed and could not get Shristi and kick Baiju out of Shristi’s life. He wraps tape around himself shouting he does not have right to live and gasps for air. He then removes tape and thinks he will not accept defeat so easily and will take revenge at any cost.Anurag asks Ragini why did not she inform him Vishu’s truth, if she does not trust him. Ragini says Vishu is family’s favorite and nobody would agree to her, she researched a lot and planned all this. Shristi also tells same to Baiju and says they made Vishu accept his crime in front of whole family. Anurag asks to inform him first next time. Ragini agrees. Shristi also agrees to Baiju. Their nok jhok starts.

Vishu walks to living room thinking what to do next. Anurag walks to him and showing their photo asks if he remembers that moment, they clicked it when he went to London, he met so many people around the would, but did not meet innocent person like vishu. Vishu says he is a sinner. Anurag says sometimes we go overboard in love, he should forget what happened and move ahead in life. Vishu acts and nods head, but thinks whole family is a fool. Shristi watches them from 1st floor. Revathi brings doctor and says she wants Vishu to get treated and remember his past. Vishu says he does not want to, else would not be able to live. Anurag requests Revath. Revathi agrees and apologizes doctor and sends him away.

Family sits enjoying tea in the evening. Dulari says even she wants to confess her crimes, she burnt Vidhvan’s favorite kurta and burnt Ragini’s food as she was busy reading novel Saas nagin hai. She confesses his crime to each one. Revathi scolds her. Ragini says Dulari’s punishment is double food. Dulari happily finishes whole food. Baiju says he will take care of Vikral, she can relaax.Baiju goes to Vikral’s room and takes care of him. He gets a call and walks out of hosue. Vishu walks in and seeing Vikral asleep thinks he will kill this old man and get Baiju punished. Ragini walks in and asks him to forget old memories, she informs she asked Baiju to give headache medicine to Shristi. Vishu reminisces he changed medicine to kill Vikral. She goes to give Vikral’s medicine. Vishu runs to Shristi’s room and sees Baiju already giving him medicine.


Vishu mixes poison in prasad’s laddoos and serves them to Shristi and Ragini. Baiju tries to feed laddoo to Shristi and drops it. Vishu gets jealous that his plan failed, he has to think how to kill Vikral soon. A doctors walks in and says he is Vikral’s doctor’s friend and came to check Vikral in his absence. Ragini says she will take him to Vikral. Revathi asks her to have food first. Ragini says she will return soon. Vishu says he will take doctor to Vikral, she can have food. He takes doctor to Vikral and fixes headset on Vikral’s ears and asks doctor why did he come here. Doctor says his perks stopped, so he came here. Vishu says he already paid more than he promised. Doctro says he did not pay GST, if he does not, he will expose his truth to whole family. Vishu says he will send money and asks doc to leave. Doctor walks out and tells Ragini that Vikral is fine and is recovery speedily. Ragini relaxes.

Dulari starts her jokergiri and does superstitious acts on Ragini saying she will bear baby boy. Shristi says it is wrong, there is no difference between boy and girl. Ragini says she loves watching Dulari’s jokergiri and asks Dulari to continue. After sometime, family talk about Janmastami festival and special sweets prepared. Dulari takes Divya to teach preparing special sweets.Vishu reaches doctor’s hotel room. Doctor asks why he came with money instead of sending someone else. Vishu says he wants to reward him for doing is job so well, but he made a mistake by threatening him for money and reeveals that he is Shekhar who took Vishu’s face via plastic surgery with doctor’s help. He strangulates and kills doctor. He then returns home and reminisces all the incidents happened between Shekhar and Shristi and thinks how can he let Shristi go with someone else.. After sometime, family watch TV and shocked to see news about doctor’s murder. Vishu acts innocent.



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