Ring of fire update Tuesday 12 January 2021


Ring of fire 12 January 2021: In shekhar office, Srishti tells Vidwaan and Ragini that she wants Vishu to stop loving her and focus more on himself. Ragini says what you think that it will turn out as she desires? You have any idea what’s happening to Vishu at home? Mother in law is planning second marriage for him.

Vidwaan and Srishti shocked but srishti says if this is happening what can she do? It is internal matter of that family.

Singh House
Rev brings Vishu into the drawing room next to the prospective bride. Excitedly she tells Panditji to guide them with the engagement ceremony.

Shekhar Office
Ragini tells Srishti what you think by staying away from Vishu you are distancing him from a weakness (namely his dependency on Srishti)? MIL is planning to get another weakness in his life. Devarji could not bear your leaving the house, how can he tolerate someone else’s arrival? Whatever little improvement has happened in Vishu’s condition may go waste. My obligation was to inform you so I have done it. Further I leave it upto you to decide. Remember, it is only you who can save Devarji.

Singh House
Dadiji in the courtyard calls Divya and suggests her to inform Vidwan about the drama unfolding in the house. Divya says it is not possible that Mom has hidden everyone’s phones. Daadiji says that means Revati understands that her actions are wrong. Back in the hall REvati urging the Pandit to hurrying up with the engagement rituals. Vishu who has been made ot sit next to Chauhan’s daughter asks her if she is playing role of Srishti – Thanks. Revati gulps and Chauhans are shocked. Revati telsl Vishu she isn’t srishti but Shanti. Then she tells Chauhans that Vishu is not good at remembering names.

Shanti asks Vishu what types of toys he has. Do you have dolls. Vishu says he is not a kid for dolls but he makes machines. Everyone is tensed as Shanti lifts her veil. Her mother says it is customary among them to gift dolls to their daughters while sending her off in marriage. Revati says wonderful. Vishu tells to hurry up with the ceremoiny so that his wide returns home soon. Chauhan teases that heis so desparate for marriage. Revati laughs saying men will be men.

Shekhar’s office
Ragini tells Srishti she will do whatever to help her devarji. Rest is upto you what you want to do. Ragini and Vidwan leave.

Singh house
Rituals have started. Shekhar arrives. Revati annoyed seeing him excuses herself. Shekhar congratulates her and she goes to get the divorce papers. Then she hands them over to Shekhar with a message for srishti that Vishu is not dependent on her. Shekhar says Srishti will be happy as she wants Vishu to be independent. As revati moves back to engagement venue Shekahr’s mental monologue this engagement is too important for me.I am happy to see this.

As Vishu is about ot put ring in Shanti’s finger Srishti arrives and tells Vishu to stop. Vishu gets thrilled and tells his mom that her engagement ritual has worked so well Srishti is back! REvati’s face contorts in all direction with anger. Vishu goes running to Srishti and hlds her hands asking her ot enter the house. Srishti withdraws her hands and declines ot step into the hosue. She tells all that are you all not ashamed of palying with Vishu’s life? The erson who doesn’t understand the implications of marriage, how can you lead him to a second marriage by misleading him? Chauhans are shocked. Srishti asks what will they get out of this marriage? Revati goes towards Srishti asnd says what is she seeking by coming here and creating all the drama since she has got divorce form Vishu.

Vidwan and Ragini join Srishti. What is she dog here? It is their family matter you have no business with whats’ happening here. Vidwaan says it matters to him. Vishu is his son too. He had asked her to not do any such drama. Revati shows them the divorce papers. She is free to get Vishu married again. Vishu confronts his mom that she had told him that the engagement ritual was being carried out to bring back Srishti. Then he turns to Srishti and tells her that he can’t even think of getting married to anyone else. To trust him.

He had never signed on any divorce papers. Chauhan asks that they were under impression tha the marriage has been dissolved. They are respectable people and can’t stand such duplicity. Ragini steps in- Heyyy Chauhan do you consider yorusekf ot be Pritviraj? I know all the hidden secrets of your family. You are hising your daughter’s metal condition and imposing her on her devarji.

To top it all tyring ot find fault in our family??????Mrs Chauhan trying to turn tables says that in their family ladies don’t arigur with men. Ragini retorts for few minutes you can consider me as a male and let me reveal that this match has been suggested by mukhiyain wanted to take revenge for her MIL and used you all as her pawns. Chauhan says they have been insulted enough and leaves.

Anurag walks in and asks what is going on? Revati says your wife has watered down all her plans and let go a great marriage alliance for Vishu. Srishti asks Rev why does she always try to make people supporting truth as wrong doers? Today due to rAgini’s efforts you son has been saved form a relationship that would have given him only pain and she shoul d thank her.

Ragini and me have never liked each other but she has to admit that what ragini has done today for Vishu ewven she owuldn’t have been ableto . Ragini gies alook to Anurag saying she can give her life for people who trust her. Vidwan looks greatfully at Ragini. Shekahr and Revati leave. Vishu runs behind Srishti. Rev tires to stop him but anurag takes her away in the house.

Whiel walking out Srishti asks Shekhar that he was there in this house how come he didn’t inform her of what was going on? Shekahr replies he wasn’t aware of the engagement he has only come to collect the diorce papers. Vishu reaches Srishti holds her hands and pleads her ot stay back. Srishti withdraws her hands and leaves. Vishu cries aloud.

Vidwan tells rEv that listen to Vishu’s cries. She is responsible for it. infact all are unhappy because of her. Rev screms that he msut be very happy seeing her plans of getting vshu married in a prosperous family destroyed, Both Vidwan and Daadi scold her. Anurag taunts that does she understand impact on vishu. Rev says she was doing all this fo rvishu’s happiness. In order ot forget Srishti she has to get Vishu married. That is the only solution fopr hisheart break. She has seen many people forgetting past sorrows after second marriage and she is dtermeined ot get Vishumarried again as heis divorced now


Vishu shouts that he does not want to marry and tells Revathi that she lied him and is very bad, he will not obey her. He sends pandit and Chauhan’s family away and says Revathi is her mother and is very dirty, he will not trust her from hereon. Whole family angrily looks at Revathi.

Shristi in Shekhar’s office fumes thinking how can Vishu’s family get him remarried forcefully. Shekhar comes. She scolds him why did not he stop Vishu’s family. Shekharsay when he went there, they had already started drama and he could not stop them. He then tells that she has moved on, so she should not bother about Vishu.

Anurag come to Ragini and thinks she did good work today, anyways even stopped watch shows right time 2 times in a day. Ragini thinks why did he come to her. He picks laptop and thinks she tried to inform him, but he did not listen. He says I am sorry. She says sorry, she should write it on paper for him instead. He says he did not mean to misunderstand her. She says she is mad to try to inform him about Vishu’s second engagement. Their argument continues. Ragini confronts him nicely. He thinks whatever it is, she did good job today.

Ragini goes out and sees Vishu walking with his bag. Vishu says let him go, he does not want to stay here, all are bad people here. Ragini takes bag and says she brought Shristi to break his engagement, will he listen to her. He agrees. She explains him and promises she will not let anything wrong happen to him, he should go and sleep in his room now. He agrees and leaves. Revati passes by and sees that. She yells at Ragini that she warned not to interfere in her issues, then why did she bring Shristi to break Vishu’s engagement.

She should rule over here instead of spying, she hates Shristi, then why did she bring her back. Ragini says Vishu loves her and cannot stay with her. Revati says if he had married Chauhan’s daughter, he would have forgotten Shristi. Ragini says Chauhan’s daughter is insane and unfit for Vishu. Revati continues yelling and leaves. Ragini thinks she will make Vishu so much capable that Shristi will accept him.

Shristi reminisces Vishu pleading her not to leave him, he was doing this for her. Pooja comes and asks why she is so tensed for Vishu’s family. Shristi says Vishu is very innocent and Revati is misusing his innocence, she is feeling bad for him.

Ragini goes to Vishu’s room and sees him cleaning his room, he says he will become intelligent as she said for Shristi’s sake. Ragini says he is smart like Anurag and her papa, even he should show his intelligence. He says he does not understand. She says he should show his talent and we all do. He asks what will he do, everyone consider him as kid. She asks if he is a hid. He says he has grown up and married. She says he is experienced in machines and should help his bhaiya on site. Vishu says there will be a lot of work on site. Ragini says she will help him and he has to become self-sufficient and take his own decisions. Vishu says he will do it for Vishu. Ragini thinks she will help Vishu get Shristi back.

Shekhar is throwing darts at Ragini’s pic. He says that by destroying his plans she is now on top of his hit list  and Congrats Ragini Singh for spoiling his plan. He will play such a clever game making her as the main pawn.

A pawn which will kill herself to make the king a winner. Her sasural is like Ravan’s Lanka where his Sita – Srishti is trapped. He as ram will rescue his Sita and take Agnifera with her. He swears that his plan will be so,leakproof that Ragini will never get a sniff of it? No. I trust Ragini’s skills and narad’s help too much. With Parag ocassionally thrown in for special effects.

Singh house
Who goes to bathroom first contest takes place between Anurag and Ragini. She teases him saying in his London there is tradition of ladies first. He retorts back saying he has no time for unnecessary arguments. Moves towards bathroom. She takes his towel and throws it behind him and challenges him. Towel snatching tug of war. Anurag’s lame remarks of he doesn’t want to,stoop at her level n she says I will stoop to your level and throws rest of his clothes on the bed.

He screams and tells her to go abck to her fathers house. She tells him he got her here so he has to drop her back. And tell her father that he couldn’t manage her. He tells her that she is not of his level tell that to your father. He tells her let her dream of him dropping back to her house …so go abck to sleep! she tells him that she will sleep but til she is in this house she will,give him sleepless time. He says let’s see who is more capable of harassing the other. Then she pretends that her FIL is on the door. Anurag turns to look at door she runs into the bathroom and tells him to wait for half an hour now and witness his own harassment.

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