Ring of fire update Thursday 4 February 2021

Ring of fire 4 February 2021: Anurag tries password again and says even that did not work, now he has only one chance.Revathi enters and starts her drama and says he had brought a dirty dog in childhood, but it became family’s dear one and says why don’t he ask Ragini as he informs everything to Ragini.

Ragini gets nervous. Shristi enters with legal files and says she remembers papa telling dog’s name as Chacha Chaudhry which even got lost once and Anurag was crying a lot. Anurag says it is right password. Revathi taunts she is surprised how can Ragini forget it. File falls down. Ragini tries to pick it with Anurag. Anuag says so what password did not match, their hearts are matching. Revathi fumes and says if pet pooja is done, he should come and have pete pooja/dinner. He walks with her.

Shristi asks Ragini not to get tensed as even she does not know much about Vishu. She asks who is Ramesh. Ragini tells her story about a goon who frightened VDO to cancel Anurag’s contract, but then her heart melted and asked to approve Anurag’s contract. Shristi says goon is Ragini. Ragini says she was in Anurag’s love a lot that time. Shristi asks if she met Ramesh. Ragini says no, don’t know why he came out after a long time.

Anurag sits for dinner. Dulari and Revathi try to brainwash him against Ragini and says she hid such a big issue. Vishu says she did right seeing his condition. Dulari and Revathi interfere and forcefeed him halwa. He says Dualari needs halwa more for her brain. Their drama continues.

Vishu returns to his room and sees Shristi busy studying legal papers. He plays Hey Udi Udi…song….She starts dancing and pulls him along. They both dance holding each other. Dulari watches them and gets happy. Revathi comes and asks what is happening. Dulari dances with her and says she was enjoying a dance. Revathi scolds her.

Ragini calls Narad and asks him to find out deyails about Ramesh. Anurag comes and she drops mobile nervously. He picks mobile and holds her hand.

Ragini calls Narad and asks him to find out details about Ramesh. Anurag walks in, and she nervously drops mobile and says she was speaking to maa. Anurag asks him to get her tasty tea and holds her. She frees herself and asks if she prepares bland tea and walks away. Anurag thinks why did she drop her phone when he entered and why she goes away always.

Vishu gives contract files to Shristi. Shristi asks from where did he get it. He says from Anurag’s room and asks to get penalty for Ramesh for defaming Anurag. She says these papers are very important for the case and Ramesh will not easily agree, so she has to file court case.

Anurag walks to living room. Revathi sees him and starts showing fake concern and says he was going go London, but did not due to this contract and now contract is gone. Anurag says there must be huge monetary loss. Revathi says a lot. Dulari says Shristi has gone to meet rival lawyer and will get good news. Revathi yells when her father did not win their single case, how will she. Ragini brings tea. Revathi asks if she did not tell Anurag why did he did not go to London honeymoon. Anurag says she told because of this contract. Revathi continues her drama.

Shristi meets rival lawyer and asks what violation her client made. Rival says his juniors are preparing file and will give her a copy. She says court case will halt her client’s business. Rival says it is obvious and says he has to go to court hearing and leaves wishing her good luck.

Shristi returns home sadly. Revathi asks if rival lawyer agreed. Shristi says he did not and they have to file court case now. Revathi starts yelling. Anurag says he does not want to file case as nothing will happen. Shristi tries to convince, but he leaves and Ragini follows her. Revathi continues yelling on Shristi.

Anurag tells Ragini even if he wins case after 5 years, he will not get much profit and only lawyers will benefit. Ragini says they should meet Ramesh and scold him and if he does not agree point gun at him. Anurag is surprised and asks what is she telling. She says she is talking about Manoj’s Tiwari’s movie and he used same way to tackle enemy. Anurag yells this is not a movie. After sometime, he tells he will meet Ramesh and speak to him once. Ragini says no and insists. Anruag thinks if she really knows him well.

Revathi plans to create rift between Ragini and Anurag via food. She acts as feeling very tried and tells Ragini she wants to prepare kheer for Anuarag and asks Dulari to support her. Ragini says she will prepare kheer. Revathi gives dry fruits and rains and asks to add them well. Ragnii prepares kheer. Revathi serves it to Anurag and before he eats stops him and says it is raisins and he is allergic to it. Vishu says yes bhaiya is allergic to raisins. Shristi also says same. Ragini says Revathi herself gave her raisins. Revathi says she gave it for others and not Anurag. She continues yelling at Ragini. Drama continues.

Revathi asks Ragini to prepare kheer with raisins for Anruag and herself alleges Ragini and asks to take her opinion before giving allergic food to Anurag and spare Anurag. Ragini feels bad. She walks to her room. Anurag asks if she did not know he is allergic to raisins. She says she knows, but forgot. He says that is okay. She then apologizes and says she did not know. He says it is okay even then and leaning on bed thinks how can she not know about him being a wife.

Shristi sees Vishu sad and thinks she will speak to him tomorrow, then changes mind and chats with him. Vishu expresses his helplessness and says he is sad seeing Bhabhi being alleged by maa repeatedly and trying to make her bad in bhaiya’s eyes. Bhabi works so hard to take care of bhaiya, even then maa does not deter. He says when Shristi went away from him, Ragini helped him convince Shristi to return home, so he wants to help bhabhi somehow. Shristi cheers him up, they will together help Ragini. Vishu says she is his bestfriend and he wants her help. She says again they both will help Ragini and help Aurag get back his memory, then they both will start writing a diary.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up hearing mobile ring. She sees Narad’s number and goes out of room to speak. She scolds him why he is repeartedly callling when she is not picking call. She asks if Ramesh is same one whom she frightened and took contract. Narad says yes. Ragini asks him to find out whom he meets, what he does and which politician is helping him. She sees Shristi coming who asks if Anurag is awake, she wants to talk about Ramesh and convince him to file case.

Ragini says Anurag is insisting to meet Ramesh. Shristi says what if Ramesh reveals about her past, then Anurag will come to know about her past, so whenever Anurag talks about Ramesh, she should divert his attention. Ragini says Anurag is not a kid and he will try to find out reason. Revathi sees them and tells Dulari she has to separate devrani and jethani if she wants her plan to succeed.

Ramesh calls Shristi and asks if she met his lawyer. She says yes and is filing case. Ramesh insists to meet her once and says he will message his address. He happily sings Zuban Pe :Laga Namak Ishq ka…song… Shristi thinks she should not inform Ragini about it, else Anurag will also involve himself. Vishu insists he will also accompany her. She thinks she does not know Ramesh, so she cannot risk Vishu’s life. Vishu gives her microphone and says he wanted to record Ramesh’s conversation, but now she can use it. He fixes microphone in her bag. Shristi says he is so tech savvy, she needs to take lessons from him. He says he will take fees. She asks what. He says her smile. She smiles and leaves.

Shristii meets Ramesh. Ramesh gets mesmerized with her beauty and thinks she is beautiful as described and gets friendly with her, asks what she will have. She says nothing and takes out case file. He says let us chat first, she is a lawyer and should not work on construction site with cement and sand, should leave it to him. She says she likes working on construction site. Guard comes and says he did not check madam’s back. Shristi gets nervously.

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