Ring of fire update Saturday 20 February 2021

Ring of fire 20 February 2021: Competition continues. Shristi with Vishu runs on injured feet draping bandage on them. All opponents start falling down. Brij falls first and host taunts this is called budha ghoda laal lagam. Vishu and Shristi head towards finish line. Anurag and Ragini also head along with them.

They both fall purposefully letting Shristi and Vishu win. They then smile at each other and shake hands. Rajjo fumes seeing Shristi winning and angrily walks away.

Shristi falls down writhing in pain. Vishu shouts to call doctor. Doctor comes and treats Shristi. Ragini says doc that Shristi is bleeding profusely. Shristi asks her to let doc do her job and then asks Ragini to tell truth now. Ragini says truth is she lost. Shristi says she saw everything. Anurag says they lost purposefully as Shristi deserved win. Ragini says they mean it. Vikral hears that and blesses Anruag and Ragini.

Dulari says Revathi that she should not hate Shristi so much that she harms her brutally. Revathi says she hates Shristi, but will not think of harming her. She walks to Ragini and says she disappointed her. Ragini says her leg slipped. Revathi yells she saw everything and is not a fool, from now onwards, she should not expect any lenience from here. Ragini gets sad and tells Anruag that her babuji taught her not to snatch anyone’s right and it was Shristi’s right. Anurag says she may have lost match, but she has won his heart already.

Rajjo angrily throws things and creates havoc. Brij tries to cheer her up, but she continues shouting that he knows she hates losing. Shristi throws her shoes in front of Rajjo and says she tried to use wrong way, but could not win over truth, this will remind her always that truth always wins. She asks her to wait and see her receiving trophy. Vishu joins her and they both walk towards stage. Vikral announces them winner and praising Shristi says trophy will come to her. He walks down and giving her price money and trophy says only a bahu and beti can do this with injured hand. He then goes and praises Ragini that she won even after losing and blesses her and Anurag. Revathi fumes seeing al that.

Back home, Shristi thanks and says she… a lot. Vishu realizes she loves him a lot and thinks if she really. She walks, he tries to hold her hand, but she does not hold. He smiles..

Shristi signs Chan Chan Man Gaye Kyun..song and dances happily after winning competition. Vishu smilingly looks at her. Shristi and Ragini then serve dinner to family. Revathi as usual yells that food is bad, roti is rubbery and kheer is uncooked. She continues her drama. Vidhvan comes and informs Daadi and Revathi that he has a good news for them, he is coming after meeting Himalayan baba who has returned after 7 years, so he invited baba home for his blessing. Daadi says it is really a good news. Anurag asks if he is same baba who predicted his future.

Ragini gets kheer for Anurag. Anurag takes Ragini to a dark place at home. She feeds him kheer. Kheer says it was not so sweet earlier, now it is sweeter with her love. She gets shy and says someone will watch them. He says let it be, he can take any risk for love. Their romance continues. He tries to kiss her when Revathi walks in calling Dulari. They both hide. Revathi walks stepping on Anruag. He writhes in pain. Ragini taunts he told he can take any risk for love and laughs. Revathi walks towards them asksing who is it. Shisti come and says it is her and takes Revathi aside.

Vidhvan asks Revathi to prepare sabudana dish for baba as he is going to bring him. Ragini and Shristi work. Revathi yells at Ragini that she hates her for supporting Shristi. Family drama continues. Rajjo enters and says nobody can prepare sabudana dish better than her, so she will prepare dish for baba. Revathi shouts to get out of her kitchen. Rajjo gets adamant and talks about fox and wolf and their nature of santching food from others. Ragini warns her if she wants to see tigress attack. Rajjo leaves frightened. Drama contiues..

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