Ring of fire update Monday 31 May 2021

Ring of fire 31 May 2021: Doctor informs family that Revathi has gone into coma due to severe blood loss and age. Sakshi panics and shouts at doctor to treat daadi soon and alleges he is not treating her properly.

Ring of fire 28 May 2021

Argument starts. Doctor asks to tell him which treatment to use then. Kishan’s family asks Sakshi to show her expertise. Agni supports Sakshi and says Sakshi is not a doctor. Family stands shocked. Sanjay asks when will Revathi get out of coma. Doctor says they can take Revahti home as he does not know if she will get out of coma within a month or years. Sanjay relaxes.

Family brings Revathi home. Agni fumes she will not spare cullprit who harmed Daadi. Sakshi insists to tell her in detail. Agni describes how a man tried to kill Daadi entering OT disguised as doctor and Mukhri’s brought video evidence. Sakshi walks away calling her aide to meet her right now. Agni also calls Mukhri and scolds to find out any evidence who saw accident. Yashi brings food for Agni and insists to have it. Agni says she will come in sometime and walks into Sameer’s room to apologize him, gets shy seeing him wearing shirt. Sameer yells if she does not know culture of knocking and entering other’s room. Agni thanks him for saving Daadi on time. Sameer says he helped an old woman, if she wants to thank him, she should have coffee with him. Agni says he is still stuck at coffee and has coffee with him, then says that is all she can do and walks away. Sameer thinks he likes her challenges.

Sakshi’s aide meets her. She orders him to find out any evidence who saw daadi’s accident. He stands acting weird. She finds him having marijuana, scolds him and sends him away. She unable to bear pain smokes marijuana and blabbers she loves Daadi and does not want to lose her. Kishan passes by and enters room seeing her condition. She continues repeating same.

Wardboy informs Agni that solid came out of coma now. Agni informs comatosed Revathi and rushes to hospital. Solid escapes from hospital. Agni scolds wardboy. Mukhri says it is not wardboy’s mistake. Agni orders to find Solid even if he has to lose his life or take someone’s life as he is very important evidence. At home, Sameer passes by Sakshi’s room and sees Kishan sleeping with Sakshi on bed and thinks Kishan has not married either girl, but is enjoying both.

Agni returns home. Sameer stops her and says Kishan is sleeping with Sakshi, she could not control her husband at all, she has lost Kishan to her sister Sakshi. Agni says she will go to any extent to get Kishan. Sameer says Kishan is just a trophy for her and she wants to just take revenge from Sakshi. Their argument

continues. Agni walks away. Kishan wakes up and sleeps on couch. Agni walks in and seeing Kishan on couch thinks Sameer was lying, but why Kishan is sleeping here.
Next morning, KD and Rithvik are busy playing mobile game in living room when Sameer enters. Rithvik asks if he wants to play. Sameer says no. KD asks where is samar, he used to come down early daily. Kishan walks down. Yashi and Devi join them. Rithvik sees lipstick mark on Kishan’s neck and asks what is this.

Yashi sends Rithvik in. Devi taunts Sakshi must have given love bite. Yashi says must be Agni. Sameer says Kishan was with Sakshi last night. Kishan says he did not do anything wrong and walks away. He enters Sakshi’s room and says she did
not do anything and must have kissed him inebriated. Sakshi gets shy and applying lipstick coat again talks to herself that she does not love Kishan. Her inner voice smiles and says she does. Sameer sends pic to Agni. Agni confronts him if he stooped so low and fell for Sakshi. Kishan asks if she does not trust him. Sakshi continues speaking to herself looking at mirror and confesses her love for Kishan. Kishan tells Agni if she does not trust him, then where is love between them and walks away.

Sameer walks in and taunting Agni says he already told Kishan does not love h er. Agni warns him to get out as she does not want a third person between them. Sameer says he does not want third person’s interference between them. Sameer makes lipstick mark on mirror and saying he made it on Kishan’s neck to create misunderstanding between Agni and Kishan, when there is no trust, where is love.

Sakshi cooks in kitchen and searches salt bottle. Kishan walks in and giving salt bottle holds her hand. She gets nervous and says what if someone sees them. He pins her to wall and gets closer to her. She nervously asks him to go. He looks into her eyes.

Sakshi imagines Kishan in kitchen and shyingly asks him to go, someone will see them. Sameer cutting salad for himself sees her drama and comments when one imagines someone everywhere, he/she is in love and taunts she fell in Kishan’s love to defeat her sister, but will Kishan also love her as he loves Agni. He walks away while Sakshi stands thinking what is happening to her. Agni while walking hurriedly clashes with Sameer.

Sameer taunts she is so fond of him that she searches ways to touch him. Agni shouts if he is out of his mind. Kishan picks her mobile and says he will not return until she comes closer to him and says sorry. Agni angrily says sorry. He asks to come closer and say. She helplessly does and walks away with her mobile while he stands smirking.

Sakshi looking at Kishan’s photo thinks how to express her love for him and gets an idea. Agni in her room thinks how to get truth out of Solid, gets an idea, and picks Ragini’s sari. She walks to comatosed Revathi and asks her to bless her to catch Solid, she will prove her mother innocent at any cost. Sakshi walks in next and emotionally cries that she snatched Kishan from Agni as Agni’s mother killed her parents, but now she fell in Kishan’s love and will express it today.

Sakshi walks to store room and drawing flower heart with Kishan’s name on table thinks she will express her love for him somehow today at 6 p.m. She nervously walks out to get ready and seeing Kishan walking towards store room to keep ladder stops him. Kishan asks why she is stopping her. She nervously says she wants him to enter store room around 6 p.m. He asks reason. She says there are cockroaches, and she will clean them by then. She holds Kishan’s hand tightly. Kishan asks her to leave it as he is not afraid of cockroaches.

Police question solid who killed Baiju, but he misleads them. Ragni at night disguised as Ragini walks out of house. Sakshi follows her. Solid tries to escape when policemen are busy chatting. Agni walks in. Solid gets afraid thinking her as Ragini and asks how is she alive. Agni confronts that he killed Baiju and blamed her. Solid after a bit drama confesses that Shekhar shot Baiju and blamed Ragini. Sakshi who follows Agni hears that brutually trashes Solid for helping Shekhar kill her father and blame Ragini wrongly. Agni stops her. Sakshi apologizes Agni for misunderstanding and troubling ehr.

Agni repents for her mistake crying that she was a kid when she heard about her father’s mother and blindly decided to take revenge from dear ones without knowing truth, she punished her sister blindly. Agni says she believed goon, but not her sister; when she came here, she got a grandma and sister, but her sister misunderstood her and wrongly snatched her love. She loves Sakshi a lot, but Sakshi blindfolded by hatred she ruined 3 lives. Sakshi returns home reminiscing Agni’s words. She destroys her prepared love message for Kishan. She then walks out and breaks her doll. Family gathers and asks what is she doing.

Sakshi says she realized her mistake now and dorning her doll’s veil on Agni’s doll walks to Kishan and holding his hand brings him to Agni and says they both love each other and are made for each other, their marriage will happen with all rituals and she will get Agni ready for her Kishan. She walks away teary eyed.

Sakshi walks to comatosed Revathi and pleads to open eyes and see her, she is angry for troubling her sister and considering her as her enemy, she did a big mistake and should be punished, so she herself will handover Kishan to Agni, Daadi should forgive her. Sameer hears her conversation standing aside, walks to her and offers water. She accepts. He gives her tissue paper and says if she wanted to do drama, she should have applied waterproof makeup. Sakshi asks if family and emotions are joke for him. He says he does not care about family, but why she is sacrifice her love. Sakshi says she does not love anyone. Sameer asks if she is lying him or herself.

Yashi emotionally tells Agni that soon she will wear Kishan’s named mangalsutra and sindhoor. Devi says Agni has to snatch mangalsutra and sindhoor from her sister. Yashi says they can talk all this later and takes her away. Agni walks to Kishan’s room and sees him painting cupboard with Sakshi and Kishan’s name engraved. Agni says he cannot erase it. Kishan says he will erase it with repeated painting and says they should forget what happened like a bad dream. Agni asks how can she snatch mangalsutra from Sakshi.

Kishan hugs her and says Sakshi was wrong and is returning rights, there is no problem now. Agni says she is unable to make him understand what is going in his mind. Kishan says she is unable to handle what is happening suddenly, when a relationship is built between 2 people, it will be with love, so she should not think much and trouble herself. Agni hugs him.

Sakshi looking herself into mirror tries to convince herself that nothing happened to her and she does not love Kishan. Agni walks in. Sakshi says good she came, she wants to give back her mangalsutrqa and asks Agni to help remove it. Agni tries. Sakshi says she did not remove it since she wore it, so it must have jammed. Agni reminisces Devi’s word that she has to snatch her sister’s mangalsutra if she has to get it, so she stops. Sakshi breaks mangalsutra. Agni asks why did she do this. Sakshi says let it be. She walks out of room and cries. Pyar hai ya sazaa..song…plays in the background.

Kishan walks to Sakshi and says he made and mistake and wants to correct it. She asks what. He kneels down and asks will she marry him. She asks waht about Agni. He says Agni will not mind. She gets out of imagination when Kishan snaps fingers and asks will she be her friend, let us move on and build new memories. Sakshi agrees and cries hugging Kishan. Kishan thanks her and walks away.Next morning, Sakshi brings photoframe and asks KD if she fix it as she is also family member. KD permits. Sakshi fixes Ragni and Shristi’s pic and says they are her and Agnis’s mothers. Hrithvik says they are same like their mothers.

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