Ring of Fire Update Monday 1st February 2021


Ring Of Fire 1 February 2021: Daadi gathers whole family and does diwali pooja. Revathi gives gift box to Vishu and he hesitantly accepts it looking at Shristi. Family starts burning fire crackers next. Dulari silently keeps cracker bomb packet in box and thinks Shristi escaped gas leak and will not escape now.

Anurag reminds Ragini of their challenge. Their romantic nok jhok starts. Divya alerts them. Dulari burns cracker thread and silently watches from a distance. Shristi goes to get crackers. Cracker bomb packet bursts and Shristi’s sari catches file. Vishu panics and asks family to save Shrisit. He gets blanket and wraps Shristi.

Vishu saves Shristi from fire accident and collapses. Anurg runs and holds Vishu and family takes them both in. Doctor checks them and says she applied gel and medicines on Shristi and Vishu’s wounds.

Ragini asks how is Vishu. Doc says he inhaled heavy smoke, but his condition is stable. Revathi yells at Shristi that because of her, Vishu is in trouble again. Vidhvan scolds her and takes along. Dulari thinks Shristi got so good fate that she escaped repeatedly, now she will take Bua’s help to take revenge from Shristi.

Once Dulari leaves, Vishu wakes up and gets worried seeing Shrisit’s wounds. Shristi asks why did he jump in fire risking his life to save her. He says she is most precious to him and he did not mind jumping in fire. Shristi emotionally hugs him. After sometime, Shristi tries to sleep in Vishu’s tent. Vishu says she does not have to as she has to answer a lot of questions. Shristi says she is ready to answer. He asks her a puzzle. She accepts defeat. He holds her and makes her sleep on bed and sleeps on the other side.

Vishu asks which is brighter like her face. She says she does not know. He says moon and laughs, says daadi tells when it is dark, moon spreads light, Shristi is also same. Shristi gets more emotional.Anurag reminisces Vishu rescuing Shristi risking his life and tells Ragini how did his brother jump in fire when he is afraid of it. Ragini says that is love and makes a person go to any extent. Anurag says they did not compete in cracker competition, so he wants to have another competition. She asks what. He asks to stare at his eyes without blinking. She says she is expert in it. He challenges. They both look into each other’s eyes. Taakte rahte hain tujhko Saanjh savere.. song..plays in the background. Anurag tries to divert Ragini’s attention, but she does not deter. Their romantic nain matakka continues.

He holds her hand and then romantically touches her face. She gets emotional, then pinches his leg. He shouts in pain and blinks. She says she told he is a champion. He says she cheated him. She says she did not and elders told everything is fair in love and war. He walks towards her and asks if everything is fair in love and war, holds her hand and kisses it. Ragini thinks not to look at her so lovingly, she will fall for him. She says she accepts her defeat. He asks what about his winning gift. She says thumbs up. She asks what. She says O, it is too late, let us sleep now. She sleeps smiling shyingly.

Next morning, Daadi goes to Shristi and Vishu’s room and asks Shristi how is she now. Shristi touches her feet and takes prasad. Daadi pampers Vishu next. After sometime, Shristi gets ready and brings milk for Vishu. Vishu asks her to wait for a min. Anruag also enters and asks what is he doing. He shows building a home generator. After sometime, Ragini and Divya get Shristi ready. Vishu enters and closes his eyes. Ragini, Anurag, Shristi, Vishu enjoy board game next. Revathi brings fruits and gets jealous seeing them happy. They all 4 feed each other. Revathi gets more jealous when Ragini during breakfast praises Vishu and Shristi are perfect couple. Vishu thanks her. Revathi yells as usual. Brij brings daadi from doc’s clinic. Daadi says she will fast for family’s goodness.


Vidhvan says she should not fast at this age. Daadi asks not to worry. Villagers come to meet Vidhvan. Brij attends them and scolds he told not to trust mukhayayan, but they did not. Vidhvan asks what happened. Brij says mukhyayan’s land comes in between lake and she is stopping villagers from doing chatt pooja. Ragini gets angry, but seeing family looking at her calms down and says they cannot do anything. Anurag asks Shristi to look at the legal aspects and stop this injustice. Vidhvan promises people to help and sends them. Shristi speaks to her father and requests for help. She sees daadi collapsing and runs towards her.

Daadi asks Revathi not to let Shristi work while she is fasting. Revathi jealously stops Shristi from helping in pooja arrangements. Shristi sadly sits aside. Anurag tells her that he and Ragini have got stay order against mukhyayan. Daadi gives sari to Revathi and asks her to give it to Shristi. Revathi jealousy gives it to Shristi and asks to wear it tomorrow. Ragini smiles seeing that. An inebriated man tries to enter house and says he is mukhyayan’s husband and he is stopping people from doing chatt pooja on his land, nobody dared to oppose him till now except this family and warns them to take back their court petition.

Ragini angrily scolds him, but Anurag stops her and warns man to go away, else he will repent. Man yells again and leaves.Ragini takes care of pooja arrangments. Revathi comes and yells Shristi has to do all this. Ragini tells Vishu told he will also fast with Shristi and will not let her work. Revathi continues. Ragini calls Shristi from pooja venue and says she forgot court documents. Revathi asks her to go and help Ragini as she does not want Anurag and Vishu to be in trouble. Shristi leaves touching her feet. Revathi’s heart melts for her and she blesses her. Daadi smiles seeing that.

Ragini sees Shristi coming and asks why did she come here as she is fasting since yesteray, she told she will handle everything. Shristi says it is okay, she is fine. TV serial’s hero and heroine gets out of car to promote their new serial. Ragini tells Shristi they look like hero and heroine. Shristi says yes. They look at them. Ragini says let us meet them.

Hero introduces himself as Vin Kundra and says he heard a lot about Bihar’s chatt pooja and came to watch it. Heroine asks to tell about chatt pooja. Shristi tells they have to fast for 36 hours without even water. Heroine gets surprised. Vin says he salutes their spirit. Ragini says he looks like Hollywood hero and she saw his serial’s trailer. He says his shooting is going nearby. Shristi asks if this girl is his heroine. He says no…she is his choreographer Sidhi. Sidhu and Vin’s nok jhok starts.

Ragini says let us take selfie. Vin an dSidnu promote their show Sidhi Vinayak and leave after a bit of chat.Shristi tells Ragini that Sidhi and Vin are fighting a lot. Ragini says there is love hidden in their nok jhok, just like her and Anurag. Mukhyayan’s husband comes with goons and creates havoc. Ragini warns that she is Vikral’s daughter and will punish them. Goon continues havoc. Ragini beats one. Shristi stops her and says let us go legal way. Police comes and seeing stay order warns goons to leave the place. Women thank Shristi and Ragnini for helping them. Ragini and Shristi return home. Daadi thank them and hugs. Anurag says she and Ragini will go and do decorations at ghat.

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