Ring of fire update Friday 26 February 2021


Ring of fire 26 February 2021: Party continues at Vidhvan’s house. Ravi Kishan enjoys everyone’s dance. Rajjo insists Brij to come on stage and dance with him. Dulari hosts the event. Anurag thinks culprit has not come out yet, but he will continue watching carefully.

Ring of fire 25 February 2021

Diya comes on stage and insists to dance. Tu dances on Ishq Kamariya baaje re…song.. Parag joins her and when her anklet falls silently picks and keeps it in his pocket. They both continue dancing really well. Dulari again comes on stage

Vishu makes her sit and says Ravi Kishan saw Anurag/Ragini, Divya/Parag and other’s dance, now he will see his fan’s dance. He asks Shristi to accompany him. Shristi comes on stage and says she can handle business and even dance. Ravi Kishan praises this family is awesome. They both dance energetically on a romantic song…. Ravi Kishan comes on stage and praises them. Divya comes on stage again. Ravi sends her back and praises family that he is a professional, but being homely they are dancing like a professional. He then dances with Shristi and Ragini on Kaanon wali baalon wali..Bhojpuri song.

Ravi Kishan with Vidhvan’s family does new year countdown and wishes everyone happy new year. Everyone clap and hug each other. Shristi wishes happy new year to Revathi, but Revathi as usual makes jealous face. Shristi then wishes Dulari. Ravi Kishan feeds cake to everyone and thanks them for inviting him, he will leave now. Vishu says party has just begun. Vidhvan with others takes walks out with Ravi Kishan. Power goes off. Culrpit walks in, hits Vishu on his head making him unconscious and drags him with him/her. Everyone outside discuss why power go on new year’s eve. Culrpit drags Vishu to home temple and pulls knife. Power comes back.

Vidhvan asks Anurag where is Vishu. Anurag asks him to see off guests while he searches Vishu. Ravi Kishan leaves in his vehicle. Vidhvan thanks Vikral for coming. Parag walks to Divya and flirts with her. He shows her anklet and says good he got it, else others would not have returned it. He returns her anklet and leaves, while she smiles shyingly.

Anurag searches Vishu at home and just when culprit is about to stab Vishu catches him. Culrpit tries to stab Anurag, but Anurag overpowers and pushes culprit making him/her fall on table. Whole family returns and are shocked to see culprit is none other than Shristi. Shristi gets out of control like in split personality and rushes to kill Vishu, but Anurag holds knife. His hand starts bleeding. Shristi shows bipolar symptoms. Family is more shocked. Shristi tries to attack again, but Anurag holds her and family wakes up Vishu. Shristi loses consciousness. Revathi yells if Anurag had not reached on time, dayan Shristi would have killed Shristi, asks everyone if they need proof even now.

Shristi collapses after trying to kill Vishu. Ragini thinks how can Shristi do this, only Shirsti can reply now. Revathi throws water on Shristi. Rajjo yells Shristi had attacke her yesterday. Shristi wakes up and asks what happened, why they are all looking at her like this. Revathi warns to stay away from her son. Shristi sees Anurag’s cut hand and afraid Vishu and asks what happened to them.

Revathi pushes her and says she tried to kill her son. Shristi asks how can she. Revathi says everyone saw her trying to kill Vishu. Shristi says she just remembers lights going off and she collapsing. Rajjo tries to hit Shristi. Ragini warns dare not to touch Shristi, can’t they see Shristi does not remember anything. Rajjo continues yelling.

Vishu hides beind Brij from Shristi. Shristi says that means she did something, but how can she. Revathi pushes her again and asks to call police. Shristi pleads each family member asking how can she try to kill Vishu when he is her life. Whole family leaves. She then asks Ragini and Anurag to tell she did not do anything. Anur ag says whatever happened is in front of everyone and walks away. Ragini also hugs her and leaves.

Revathi consoles Vishu and yells at Vidhvan how can he support Shristi and asks Dulari to call police. Vidhvan asks not to call police as their family will be defamed. Revathi continues yelling and says babaji was right, Shristi will kill Vishu. Vidhvan ways nothing will happen to Vishu. Revathi says she will check Anurag. Vidhvan stops her. Revathi asks him to go to Anurag and Divya while she consoles Vishu.

Ragini applies bandage to Anurag’s hand and asks why did not he speak, Shristi was lonely. She asks if he is thinking same as family. He says how can he deny whatever he saw, if he had not reached on time, Shristi would have killed Vishu. Ragini says Vishu is fine, she is worried about Shristi, sometimes whatever we see from eyes can be wrong. Anurag asks if she did not see what Shristi did. Ragini says Shristi did not do anything, it was like someone else. Anurag says she is right, Shristi has mental disorder as he felt weird power which is not found in normal human.

Brij in his room sadly looks at his and Vishu’s photo and reminisces Babaji’s words and Shristi attacking Vishu. Rajjo walks in takes out her trunk. Brij asks what is she doing. Rajjo says she knows what she should do, she is planning her protection. Brfij asks what she means. She says he saw what is happening at home, she takes out gun and says she know what to do, gun will be with her always. He asks if she has gone mad.

Vishu wakes up at night to have water and reminisces his trust for Shristi, then Shirsti attacking him, etc. Shristi walks in. He throws vase in front of her and warns to go away from him. She asks how can she harm him. He says he does not want to listen to her, go away. He warns her again and leaves while she continues pleading and crying. Ragini with Anurag walks in and tries to console her. Shristi continues crying.

: Shristi cries seeing Vishu hating her and asks Ragini to tie her, else she may harm Vishu. Ragini hugs and consoles her and asks not to lose her hope, she can cry but remember old Shristi who had stood against Vikral and Ragini for justice, remember she and misterji are always with her.

She consoles takes Shristi to drops her to her room. Shrist reminisces Vishu’s love for her and then hatred seeing her bipolar disorder. Ghutta dam dam ghutta hai…song…plays in the background. She cries holding Vishu’s clothes. Anurag reminisces Shristi’s split personality and feels concerned.

In the morning, Vishu wakes up shouting not to kill him. Vidhvan rushes and calms him down. Vishu asks why is Shristi doing it to him, she was his good friend. Vidhvan continues consoling him. Ragini walks to Shristi and tries to convince her to have at least tea. Revathi walks in shouting no need to support Shristi and throwing Shrisit’s clothes on her shouts to get out of house. Puppet Dulari brings Shristi’s suitcase.

Revathi continues yelling and drags Shristi. Ragini stops her and asks if she did not see Shrisit was not in her senses. Revathi yells if she did not see Shristi was trying to kill Vishu. Anurag says Ragini is right, Shristi has mental disorder. Vishu walks down with Vidhvan.

Revathi asks Anurag if he is on Shristi or Vishu’s side. Anurag asks what is she talking about, Shristi is a family member and needs their support. Vidhvan says Anurag is right. Revathi yells if his moral gyaan has finished, he should decide if he is on Vishu or Shristi’s side. Anurag asks to stop talking rubbish. Ragini stands with Shristi and says she trusts Shristi and will assure she will be with Shristi 24 x 7 and just needs a last chance. Revathi yells they can take any number of chances, but remember only few days are left for poornima and Shristi will not harm Vishu.

Ragini continues consoling Shristi and picks her clothes back. Shristi says if Revathi is right, she should get out of this house. Ragini says they should fight their problems and not give up. She then asks to have food. Shristi says she is not hungry. Ragini insists and takes her along. On dinner table, Divya tries to feed Vishu, but he does not. Dadi says even she will not have food. Vishu eats. Ragini brings Shristi down. Family looks at them angrily. Ragini asks Shristi to take a seat.

Revathi yells no need to sit on chair, she should be thankful for letting her stay here and asks to sit far aside. Shristi reminisces Vishu feeding her. Vishu sits silently. Rajjo uses opportunity and taunts Shristi asking Brij to have more paranthas. Revathi throws 2 rotis and chilli/onion on plate and says she is doing it for her family’s good. Raigni says she will eat whatever Shrisit eats.

Ragini cleans plates after dinner. Revathi walks in and asks what she is up to, she wanted to please her before, but now is on her enemy’s side, now she has lost her turst. Anurag walks in and tries to clean plate, says he heard what maa told. Ragini says Shristi needs her support this moment, not to worry about Revathi, once she realizes truth, she will also support Shristi. Anurag says he is proud to have Ragini as his wife. Ragini says she does not know what to do next. Anurag says he knows.

Shristi writes a letter for Vishu sadly. Hamari Adhuri Kahani…song..plays in the background. Shristi completes letter, keeps it on bed for Vishu and walks to living room. Brij brings doctor in and asks family who called doc. Revathi says this house needs blessings than doctor. Anurag walks in saying doctor is also sent by god and this is Dr. Sharma who will treat Shristi. Doctor asks Shristi to walk along for examination. Shristi hesitates. Ragini convinces her to get it examined for Vsihu. Shristi says she will do anything for Vishu and agrees. Vishu returns to his room and reads Shristi’s letter that she does not know what is happening with her, but she cannot think about harming him even in her weirdest dreams.

Vishu’s heart melts for Shristi and walks to examining room. He sees Shristi with bipolar disorder and strangulating doc shouting if he will examine her. He gets afraid and calls family for help. Family rushes in and Anurag rescues doctor. Doctor runs away saying Shristi is mad and he cannot treat her. Revathi continues yelling as usual. Ragini throws water on Shristi. She wakes up and says she is ready for examination.

Drama continues… Revathi calls psychiatrist and explains him whole situation. Shristi sits shattered in her room. Ragini walks with her bags and keeps clothes back in cupboard. Shristi says she is helping her so much, does not have to hereon. Ragini says she is helping her sister and wants her to spend her time and energy to become best lawyer instead. She shows her love letter for Anurang with title Anuragini. She then Shristi coronation ceremony photo and says she will hang it in front of her bed so that she get an inspiration. She then shows Vishu and Shristi’s photo and says these are best couple’s photo and hangs it. She continues cheering Shristi and asks her to stop crying, she hates contagious disease. Shristi asks what is that. Ragini tickles her bones. Shristi smiles.

Vishu thinks he cannot be in fear always and should work on something. Dulari reads murder novel and seeing a shadow walking holding knife calls Revathi worriedly. She clashes with Vidhvan, Revathi with Dulari also walks in. Dulari says murderer is walking holding knife. Divya says she was giving knife to mom to cut vegetables. Revathi scolds Dualri to stop reading novel. Divya takes her to give romantic novel.

Vishu tries to work using tools. Shristi walks in thinking of helping Vishu and lifts cutter from floor and tries to give it to him. He asks her to go away. Drama continues…

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