Ring Of Fire Update Friday 23 April 2021


Ring of fire 23 April 2021: Villagers walk in to Vidhvan’s house and allege Baiju that he sent insane video. Ragini asks to show it to them. They ask to watch on her mobile itself. Ragini and Shristi are shocked to watch Shristi’s bathing video. Villager says Baiju uploaded in village’s social media group. Baiju angrily breaks his mobile and says he did not do it. Shristi runs to her room crying. Vishu says someone videos get uploaded by mistake, it is their family issue and villagers can leave. Villagers yell they should have kept family’s dignity in family itself instead of distributing it to everyone like prasad, they are removing their family from village group and walk away.

Shristi walks to her room crying. Baiju walks behind her and tries to console her. She asks why did he upload her bathing video in social media, that is why he likes clicking her photos, he sold her dignity to everyone. He tries to explain t hat he did not, but she does not listen to him. Vishu watches hiding near door and laughs seeing them fighting.Ragini in her room searches Vikral’s medicine and thinks where she kept medicines. She checks CCTV footage and finds Anurag, Dulaari and other family member’s clips and finally is shocked to see Vishu peeping into Shristi’s room. She walks to Vishu and slaps him and says she did not know he can stoop so low. Their argument starts.

Vishu denies at first, but then agrees that he loves Shristi and is jealous of Baiju, she will get Shristi at any cost. Ragini warns him. Vishu challenges him and asks if she wants to see his game, walks to living room and gathering whole family says he told Ragini that he loves Shristi and pranked her, but she took it seriously, so he wants her to punish him for troubling her. Ragini says he told seriously. Revathi says he must be joking and asks Vishu to apologize Ragini. He does.Ragini walks to her room and asks Anurag to check CCTV footage, she is not alleging Vishu without proof. Anurag says he had kept auto delete option and footage got deleted, he will disable it and next videos will be saved.


Shristi takes Baiju to room and asks him to tie protective thread around her wrist and says it was a misunderstanding and they should not fight. Baiju gets romantic and she gets shy. At night, someone carries knife to Shristi’s room and extends hand to attack her. Shristi opens her eyes in a shock. Shristi wakes up panicking seeing a knife on her. Anurag and Ragini say it is them. Anurag asks Baiju to calm her and let them celebrate her birthday. Shristi realizes it is her birthday. Dulari walks in and greets Shristi and asks where is cake. Baiju says he will bring special cake for her, else she will eat madamaji’s cake. Vishu brings guitar and asks Baiju to sing for Shristi, giving his lyrics. Baiju hesitates and agrees finally and signs Haan Hasi bangaye….song. in the most hoarse voice they heard.

Anruag says let us leave love birds alone for sometime and takes everyone away. Ragini thinks Vishu is up to something for sure, she needs to keep an eye on him. She hears Vishu calling someone and ordering to kidnap someone and he will give a huge amount which he cannot even think of.

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