Starlife: Read Season finale highlights of The Crossroads


As we say Goodbye to ‘The Crossroads’ one of the most entertaining show on Star Life, let’s take a brief highlight on what will happen at the end.

☑ Yash confesses that Abhay and Asad are innocent. Adarsh and Swadheenta records his confession and plays it before the judge.

☑ The truth is clearly proven before everyone at the court. At this time, Manohar is forced to blurt out his crimes as well.

☑ He explains how he knows the fact all along but covers it up. Suhasini is shocked to learn this. Haider is discharged and acquited while Swadheenta’s parents mourn and wail the death of their dear son.

☑ Everyone including the Sinhas go to pay their tributes to the graves of Asad and Abhay. Jaya and Jaidev visit Mr Ramakrishnan and request their permission to take Swadheenta back to the house as their daughter in law.

Will they agree to give their daughter back to the Sinhas or not?

What do you think?

Of course they will. It’s definitely a happy ending for the crossroad couples, Adarsh and Swadheenta.

The Crossroads will be replaced by Family Secrets which will be starting the next day on the same time slot.

You can check up on the full story and plot summary of Family Secrets here.

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