Reach for the Stars update Wednesday 27 May 2020

Reach for the Stars 27 May 2020:Raghav is standing in dark outside his car. He is thinking about Kalpi. The sone ‘Jiya jaye naa’ plays in the background. Kalpi is think about him as well. They are both upset. Raghav says don’t know how would kalpi be. She is not in good condition but I promised that we won’t meet for whole year. Kalpi is sitting outside chowl. Raghav comes there.

Kalpi says what are you doing here Raghav. He says I couldn‘t stop myself. I wanted to see you. If you wanna work then you can work in my office. You don’t have to go anywhere else. Kalpi says I can’t do that and I told you we won’t meet for whole year. Raghav says kalpi I love you and can’t live without you. And so can’t you. Kamla is in temple. She sees kalpi’s back and feels like she is talking to someone. She goes there but kalpi and Raghav saw her already. Kalpi holds Raghav’s hand and they hide behind a large drum. Kamla is about to go then she turns back. She says where have kalpi gone. Kamla leaves. KAlpi says please go from here Raghav. He holds her hand and says please kalpi. Manda is looking at them. Kalpi says please Ragahv go. He leaves.

Manda says look Kamla is so worried about kalpi’s restaurant and she is [laying here. Kamla and Vitthal are so proud of her. Look what am I gonna do tomorrow.

Scene 2
Pakhi is trying to call Raghav. He omes in she says wher were you ? Go and fresh. I will serve the food. I am so hungry too. Raghav says whats your problem why you don’t understand that this wedding was a problem for me and a cheat for you/. Leave me alone. Don’t try to come near me. Pakhi says enough Raghav you don’t have any right to talk likt this to me. Problem is with you not with me. I owned you and trusted you blindly. I could stop my parents and stand against you but I did not. I know that my parents were wrong. I tried to give life to this relation. I agree that this wedding does not mean anything to you but we were friends before.

Why did our friendship burn in this revenge but your love for kalpi never endeed. Prblem is with you. I am brought up by kamla maa. I may have someone else’s blood but my upbringing is by kamla maa. The same who brought up kalpi. When she doesn’t find any difference between me and kalpi why do you ? Why you hate me then ? Why you hate me? Actually, I am the one who should hate you. You deceived me took advantage of my innocnce. But I couldn’t hate you. Kamal maa filled me with so much. If you don’t wanna live with me the I dovorce you. I have no problems. I don’t care whatever happens to me onwards but at last your problems will be lessened by this. She leaves.

Scene 3
Next morning kamla asks kalpi is the list done ? She says yeah almost. Kamla says first of all we have to bring kitchen’s stuff. Like utensils etc. Vitthal makes the breakfast. Kamla says what is this. he says I will handle the kitchen of house. Nettu says how can I stop them. She says give me some work too. Pakiya says I have something solid for you. Kamal says stop it pakiya. Kamla says I have downloaded the permission form too. I will handle the paper work. Kamla says lets go meeting is right now. Nettu drops the bucket full of water and pretends like she is having so much pain.

Kamla is about to go to her Vitthal stops and says you are late go. Nettu says I have headache too. Kamla goes and gives her he medicine box she say all the medicine are in this box. Kamla says you can take more from the kitchen and leaves. Nettu says in heart I hope people don’t agree to work with them.

Kalpi is downstairs and is making list of people. Kamla says what are you doing ? She says I am writing name and works to be assigned in this list. kamla says that’s so good, Mand comes and asks is the meeting ready. Kalpi moves forward and slips. Her papers fall in water. Manda says oh her dreams are shattered once again. MAda says its easy to see dreams and say yes but no one is coming here. Kamla says look back.

There are so many people coming. manda syas oh you all are here. You have to be. Kamla is so good and her daughter is even better. It doesn’t matter who deceives her but she will always be with them Ragahv cheated on him but shw was meeting him in this chowl last night. Kamla says what are you saying. Manda syas you better ask you girl. kamla asks kalpi is she right ? Kalpi is quite. Manda says she can’t solve her problems and is going to solve ours. she is so blind in her daughter’s love. She can deceive her mom how can we trust this kalpi. Kamla says trust us, manda is lying. We are honest with you.

Kamla says speak up kalpi. Show them you are not wrong. Manda says look her gaze is down. A lady says kalpi is not out of this shock yet how can we trust her. second one says, We have earned by so much hardwork. How can we invest all we have in something that doesn’t assure any return. Another says running this hotel is just a piece of cake.Let the rich people do all this. We can’t. Everyone leaves. MAnda says looks kamla learn something from today. Solve your problems first.

Nettu says this manda is so clever. I knew people of chowl are not stupid to trust her. Let me see how will they open the restaurant. She says kamla you have listened too much come upstairs now.

Kamla and kalpi come home. Nettu says why does it happens to be her all the time ? Vitthal asks what happened ? Kamla says nothing happened. Everything is okay. Nettu says no whats all right?

They did hurt kalpi so much. Vitthal says will someone tell me what happened. Nettu says this manda.. Pakiay says I won’t leave manda. Vitthal asks kamla tell me what happened ? Nettu says manda said that kalpi went to meet Ragahv last night. Why did she need to say that in front of everyone ? SHe is young she wanted to meet so she went. What wrong with that ? Vitthal asks is that true kalpi ? Kamla says kalpi go and change your clothes. Kamla says to Vitthal kalpi does not have any such thing in her mind. Vitthal says people alwsy blame the girl no matter what. he says I won’t leave Raghav. Kamla says trust us everything will be fine. He leaves.

Scene 2
Ragahv is gazing at kalpi’s picture, Gauri comes there and says good morning. Ragahv sasy you look so happy ? What the reason ?She says you know when I joined the kitty party group they told me that theynever liked nettu and they are so happy to know that I am their replacement. Raghav says I am so happy that you are glad. He says don’t you think this all is so much now ? She stands up and says what are you saying ? Has your heart changed ? I am not gonna forgive these people easily. She leaves . Ragahv recalls Pakhi saying I will divorce you. He says I have no right to hurt pakhi like this. I have to stop her for a year.

Nettu gets a call from pakhi. She asks how are you poki ? She says give kamla maa the phone.Nettu gives it to kamla.
Pakhi says to kamla I am divorcing Raghav I can’t live with him anymore. I have talked to the lawyer. Kamal says what are you saying ? Kamla is dazed. Netuu asks what happened ? SHe says I will tell you later. I am going to meet Pakhi.

Pakhi is packing her stuff. She says I don’t wanna live here anymore. I am done with this insult. Raghav comes and holds her hand. He says I am sorry for what I did last night. I over reacted I guess. Pakhi please don’t take whatever I says seriously. I was just in bad mood and said that all to you. You can live here. Pakhi says till when ? You will be in a bad mood tomorrow and will react the same.

Rahgav says no I won’t. She says I have no reason to stay here. You never accepptred me. You just wanted to take revenge go for it. I have no right to stay here. Raghav says as a friend. I know I am wrong and can’t stop you as a husband but we had relationship of friendship before. For sake of that stay here. Pakhi says friendship is such a precious relation I never deny to what my friends say. He says the make me your friend and extends his hand. He says in heart I have to stay with you for a year and I will try to be a good friend. Pakhi shakes hand with him. He leaves.

Pakhi says at least first time he is apologizing and has become my friend. I hope this will turn in to love one day.
Ragahv comes in the lounge. Gauri says where were you take you coffee. Kamla comes in ? Gauri asks how are you kamla ? SHe says I am not fine. She asks what happened ? Kamla says ask your son. I am going to meet pakhi. Gauri asks ragahv what happened ?

Kamla goes to pakhi and says what were you saying on phone ? Pakhi says I went mad for a while. But its all fine now. He has apologized and made me his firend. Kamals asy that’s good to hear. Love starts with friendship. Never take a decision in anger. Kamla says I have to leave. Pajhi asks are you okay ? Why you look tensed ? Is everyone okay ? Kamla says everyone is fine. Just don’t make decisions in resentment. Pakhi says tell me whats wrong. I can’t see you like this. Kamla says everything is shattering even I feel like kalpi’s dream to open restaurant is blurring too. Pakhi says till you are here nothing will happen to your daughters. Tell me if I can do something. Kamla hugs her.

Mummy ji comes. Kamla meets her. She says I have seen people changing in this old age. Your love for pakhi has not changed you have done so much for her. You even accommodated Nettu and sahil when I rejected. Let people say what they want to. They trust what they hear or see. Kamla says she is right did you listen ? Kamla says come over dinner tonight you and Raghav. She says I will come but Raghav.. Kamal says tell him that I have invited him. She says okay kamla maa we will come. Kamla leaves.

Scene 3
Kamla is on her way back. SHe says I have invited Raghav and pakhi so people can see that kalpi is moving on. SHe says I should tell vitthal. She calls him and tells him that she has invited them. He can’t hear her because of the noise. SHe says I needed your permission. He says you do what you want and I have to be with you.

Kalpi is collecting her certificates. Nettu says you don’t get job by certificates you get it by sources. You just have to work on the dhabba you are opening and that is not even easy. No one gets a chance like Raghav. You will be giving people jobs instead of looking for one. Kalpi leaves. Nettu sees that kalpi’s phone is ring. SHe receives it. Its from the office they say that kalpi has been selected for job. Nettu says no she has got another job don’t call again. I am her mom. She puts the phone on a side. SHe says its better she should go to Raghav.

Kamla and kalpi come in. Kamla gives kalpi the vegetables. Kalpi asks why so many vegetables ? Kamla says so many stuff because and Pakhi are coming over for dinner. Kalpi is shocked and so is nettu. KAlpi says I won’t stay home. Kamla says you have to. You ahev to look into your fears and show the world that you are strong. She says you have to face everything that is truth. Kalpi smiles and hugs her.

Raghav is in his room. Pakhi comes and asks if she can come in. He nods. She gives him coffee, he accepts. Pakhi says Kamla maa has invited us over for dinner. Ragahv Is shocked. Pakhi says we can go there as friends Raghav. Raghav says I will contemplate. Pakhi leaves.

Raghav says God has given God chance to remove Kamla maa’s misunderstandings. If I deny she will be hurt.

There kalpi says what is this God. The more I wanna go away from Raghav the more he comes in front of me. How will I see him with pakhi. I can’t see him with someone else. He filled my mang in front of you how can I see this. I don’t know what happens to me when he is in front of me. She me come path. She takes the sindur and puts in her hairline and hides under hair. Kamla comes and asks didn’t you wash the vegetables. Kalpi says I have to go ask for somegoods for hotel. We have to do it today.

Kamla says I told you yesterday and I am telling you today that we have to face the reality. My kalpi has to move on and go forward. You have to go ahead that much that when you see Raghav you feel like he is much behind you. For hotel we need soa many support. That’s all I think kalpi. You should be strong enough to face Raghav. Rest is up to you. She leaves. Kalpi steps forward.

Scene 2
Nettu is downstairs. filling water. She sees manda buying the vegetables. Nettu goes there and says give me one kilo potatoes. My daughter ad her husband are coming. I have to make paratha for him. Won’t get the chance again. Nettu leaves and says take the money from kamla. Manda tells the whole chowl.

Scene 3
Pakhi is getting ready she is so excited to go. But she says where is Raghav. Does he wanna go or not. Kamla maa won’t feel God if Raghav doesn’t come.

Kamla says to kalpi I have made all the dishes. Kalpi says what about yogurt ? Kamla says oh I forgot it. Can you make it. Suddenly they look at each other.
Netu says you know all about Raghav. You could make a good couple with him. But poor kalpi you have a bad fate. kamla says did you say something. Nettu says oh yeah I was saying poki and Raghav are so lucky that you care this much about them. Nettu says its 9 pm Raghav is not here. I think he won’t come. Kamla says I have invited him over. Nettu asks where is Vitthal ? Kamal says he will come late. Nettu says oh he should have come earlier. It would be fun.

Scene 4
Pakhi is anxiously waiting for Raghav. Its 10 pm. She calls Raghav but his phone is off she calls Sammy but he isn’t receiving as well. Pakhi says I better go alone.
Kamla says wher are they ? Nettu says I told you that they won’t come. Lets eat I am hungry. kamla says we will eat together. I trust pakhi she will come for sure. Kalpi says In her heart its better that they are not coming.

kamal goes out to look. Mada says you daughter and her husband are coming. I have placed water in my fridge. Haven’t they come ? How can they. Pakhi must have stopped. She knows that her husband love kalpi. Suddenly Pakhi says kamla maa, people move aside its pakhi with Raghav. Kamla is happy to see them. They both touch kamla’s feet. Kamla says I knew you’d come. She asks kalpi to bring the arthi plate and does the arthi of both. She asks them both to come in. Kamla makes them both sit together. Kamla tells pakhi what has she made for both of them. Kamla asks kalpi to bring cold water. Manda and some ladies are looking in. A lady says look pakhi and Ragahv look happy together. You always lie manda. Nettu says you look so good in saari poki. Pakhi says kamla maa there is so much peace here. Kamla says peace is
all we poor people have. We can’t get happiness easily but we reach out for them.

Pakhi goes to kalpi and asks how are you ? Kalpi says good you ? SHe says I am good too. Kamla maa told me about your restaurant idea. Let me know if I can help you in any way. She says Kalpi what is this red thing in your hair line. Everyone is shocked for a moment. Kamla says she went to temple some sindur must have been put in her hair. Kalpi is making the drink. Pakhi takes the glass and gives it to Raghav. Nettu says Raghav you must have been enjoying in that house. Nettu says I am enjoying here too. Nettu says kamla put some black on pakhi she should be saved from bad eyes. Kamla says its not needed Raghav will save her from everything.

Nettu gives Raghav the glass and throws some on him. He says what are you doing ? Nettu says oh I did this by mistake. Go out and clean it. Kalpi will help you out. Kamla says to pakhi go and help him with washing. Nettu stops pakhi and says no you are a guest sit here. Pakhi wanna go but nettu is not letting her. Nettu says go kalpi help him. They are guests. Kalpi goes out with the water.

Outside kalpi is helping Raghav to wash it and says why you came Raghav you could have said no. Raghav says kamla maa would have been hurt if didn’t come. He holds kalpi’s hand and says even God wants us to meet kalpi. I didn’t come by my own. Vitthal sees them holding hands and grunts kalpi. Kamal Nettu and Pakhi go running out.

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