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Reach for the Stars 17 June 2020: Kalpi comes to dewan house. She finds everything strange and says when will I remember everything. They all welcome him. her cousin says welcome home suhana this house was missing you.

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he gives her the flowers. Butler asks what will you like ma’am orange juice or lemon tea ? Sanjay says you will remember everything soon. Tell them what will you drink ? Kalpi says ginger tea. He says you never drank tea before. She says I want to drink. He says okay. kalpi goes to her room.

Vitthal’s tears drip on kalpi’s picture. pakiya says baba you alwys used to make tea for ai. sHe must be coming you should make tea for her. He says yeah I am making it. He says teapot is empty. Go to gupta and bring it. Pakiya says he won’t give on loan. When I went to bring the flour he says return the previous loan. Kamla comes in and says who will give us loan for ages / Vitthal says what should I do ? I go to work but I keep seeing kalpi. I keep missing her. how can I work ? My daughter was my strength but you didn’t understand.

We won’t have been facing all this if kalpi was here. Kamla says I miss her like you do but that doesn’t mean I will run away from my responsibilities. I will do everything to save this house. He says go do, don’t ever lecture me again. He leaves.
Kamla gives parshad to pakiya and says you know I met a girl. she was like our kalpi.

There kalpi eats the parshad. butler comes and gives her the tea. SHe sas there is something missing the taste of this tea.
Kamla says I feel like kalpi breathes with me. He says I fell the same that kalpi will come back. SHe comes in my dream and asks me to take care of you both. She syas she will come back. He cries. Kamla says cry as much as you want. I believe that kalpi will come back.

kalpi at night sees the accident she met. She wakes up saying ai. Sanjay and dheraj come there. kalpi says I saw a bad dream. Sanhay says don’t be scared you are in your home. Dheraj says is she recalling something. I should give her that medicine. Dheraj says to sanjay bhaiya you should go to your and rest I will be here with suhana. Sanjay says no I will stay here with her.

Scene 3
kamla is in temple and says God you created the hope in me that kalpi is alive you have to bring her to me.
Nettu comes to the chowl. Manda says where did you come from ? Nettu says I came in car I am not a chowl wali. Manda says you will always be the chowl wali for me. pakiya says you are right mandaa.

Kamla asks nettu how are you ? Nettu says I am good. Gauri has lost the hope of Raghav’s return. They have done the funerals. I think you should also.. Vitthal interrupts and says we don’t need your suggestion. You already ruined our life. You must be thinking that this car will make us jealous. Kamla says when I look at you I recall the daughter who betrayed me. Nettu leaves.

Scene 4
Kalpi is on breakfast table with family. SAnjay asks dheraj to give fruits to suhana. He takes a glass of juice and says I asked fresh juice for suhana. He says let me bring the juice for you. He goes in the kitchen and says puts the medicine in it. He says here is the fresh juice of suhana. Kalpi drinks it. She finds rakhi in the hand of a butler. He says is it raksha bandahan?

he says yeah my sister sent it to me. Dheraj says aman every year suhana binds you rakhi. Aman says I consider her my sister from heart but I don’t believe in all this rakhi. sanjay says you can’t force him. Suhana says to sanjay can we go to temple. I felt good there yesterday. He gets a call for meeting. Kalpi says no worries I will go with driver.

Pakiya asks kamla to extend her hand. He places a rakhi in her hand and says kalpi used to bind a rakhi in my hand. Kamla says no problem this year I will bind you rakhi she will come back and bind it her self.

Kalpi is on her way to temple. Driver stops the car. He says let me check it. Kalpi gets out of the car and sees something. SHe starts going in a direction. She goes to the gate of chowl and looks at the café. She recalls herself working at the café. She touches everything. People wonder there who she is. kalpi recalls hugging kamla, vitthal and pakiya.

Kamla comes upstairs and says vitthal left home in anger today. I don’t know what to do. Once kalpi will come he will handle everything herself. kalpi comes inside the chowl. SHe tries to recall the moments she has spent there. She wanders in. Kamla is in balcony, she wonders what is suhana doing here. Kalpi touches the café front. People look at her wonder who she is. Kalpi looks at the chowl temple. Kamla comes downstairs. Kalpi’s head hurts and she faints. Kamla holds her and asks pakiya to take her home. Manda and kamla take her home.The driver is looking for suhana. He calls sanjay and says yes I will look at temple. He says yes I will call dheraj as well.

kamla massages her hands. Manda says you have suffered helping one rich girl already kamla tai. pakiya comes and asks pundit ji if they know the address of suhana. Sanjay and dheraj come there too. Pakiya tells thme that he is in chowl and she fainted.

Kalpi opens her eyes. Kamla syas don’t worry you are in my house everything is fine. Sanjay says suhana are you okay ? Thank God you are fine. we were so worried for you. he hugs her. Kalpi says I was walking and suddenly I fainted. She saved me. Sanjay says thanks to kamla. He says you don’t know you have done me a favor. Kamla says I just did it for humanity. Pakiya gets a call Dheraj gives some money to kamla and says take it as a gift from us. If you ever need anything ask us. We will feel glad to help you. Kamla says there is no cost of humanity. We work to ear. sanjay recalls her massaging kalpi’s feet. he recalls pundit ji telling him that she can take care of suhana. Sanjya says you can work in my house as a maid of suhana. Kalpi says please don’t say no I will feel good If you come. Kamla nods.

Kalpi prays. She finds a rakhi there. She asks whom does it belongs to / Kamla says its my son’s. My daughter kalpi isn’t here so I thought I will bind him the year when kalpi will be here she will bind it. Kamla says she is the same girl I found at temple. Kalpi says can I ask something ? If you people don’t mind can I bind him the rakhi ? Kamla says why not. kamla gives her the arti. Kalpi does the arti of pkaiya and ties the rakhi. pakiya gives her a small sculptor and says God will always be with you. Kalpi says this is so good I will keep it in my room. Sanjay says can we go now ? Kamla nods. kamla asks her to take care of herself Sanay says please come tomorrow to kamla.

Scene 3
kamla is sleeping in her bed. and so is kalpi. kamla recalls how she met her at the temple and how she saved her. Kalpi is thinking about her as well. Kamla gets up. Kalpi sleeps on the floor as she can’t sleep on the bed. Kamla says kalpi please come everything will be fine once you come.

Scene 3
pakiya says to vitthal baba I ahev two three interviews today. I hope it works. Kamla says in heart they are so worried I shouldn’t tell them. but how will everything run if I don’t work. Kamla says I am going to temple. Vitthal laughs and says nothing happens by going to temple. if your God can return my kalpi then you cn go to temple. Your wish might not come true but your hope will. Kamla says in heart I am lying to my husband and son but I have no other option.

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