Reach for the Stars update Tuesday 19 May 2020

Reach for the Stars 19 May 2020: kalpana promises her mother to forget raghav completely Kamla hugs kalpi. At the signania house, Pakhi is waiting for Ragahv. Raghav comes in and goes to the room directly.

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The driver places lunch box on the table. Pakhi sees that he has eaten the sweet. She thinks Raghav is getting along. She makes coffee for him and goes to his room. she says Raghav why is your mood off ? Have coffee. Ragahv says i have asjked yopu so many time leave me alone. Just get out of here please go. his hand touches the tray and the coffee cup falls on the floor. Raghav says i am sorry but i am not in good mood so please go. Pakhi is in tears she leaves the room.

He recalls Kamla saying that you are responsible for destruction of kalpi and pakhi. He says Kamla is right. I ruined three lives. I have to rectify all my mistake. I can’t ruin kalpi and Pakhi’s lives. My life has been ruined because of my vengeance.

Scene 3
kamla wakes Kalpi up. All the house is decorated with balloons. kamla says this day is so special a fairy came to us this day. Vitthal comes there singing the birthday song for her. Vitthal says you changed our lives. Hope you get all the happiness. Pakiya wishes her too and says this is your day. Vitthal says we will go out for dinner tonight. Kalpi says thank you much but i didn’t want this all.i am not in mood to celebrate birthday. Kamla says i have made orange cake for you.

Nettu comes and asks whats so special ? Nettu says wow happy birthday kalpi. Nettu says where is the party ? kamla says we will celebrate for sure. kamla asks kalpi to wear the new clothes Vitthal bought for her.

kamla reminds Nettu that its pakhi’s birthday today. Nettu pretends like she knew it already. Nettu says you go i will talk to her. Kamla is going by the bus. Nettu plans on going by taxi. She sees kamla’s money near the sculpture. She says sorry bhagwan ji i have to take this. Sahil calls her. nettu asks does something happened ? She says i cna’t live like this sahil. i am suffocating here. its poki’s birthday i am going to her. You should call her.

Ragahv is talking on phone to some man. Sammy comes there and asks why you wanna meet the lawyer ? Is everthing okay ? Ragahv says i wanna divorce Pakhi. Sammy says are you serious ? Raghav says yes i am. I wanna make everything all right in lives of all three of us. kamla maa is right the fire of vengeance burs us first I ahve to release pakhi and show kalpi that i love her. Its kalpi’s birthday. Just pass her the message that meet me near the temple i will talk to her there. You know she loves me she will come. Sammy says this is good. I will giver her your message. Raghav says tell her if she doesn’t come i will jump off the cliff opposite to temple. Sammy says she will come for sure.

Pakhi gives mummy ji water and says everything has changed. There were times whene everyone used to celebrate my birthday now no one remembers it. Mummy ji higs her. Pakhi says do you remember it ? I thought no one does.

Kamla comes and says how can i forget your birthday. Pakhi goes running to kamla and hugs her. Gauri comes there and asks kamla when did you come ? Kamla says just now. Kamla tells gauri that its Pakhi’s birthday. Gives her your prayers. Pakhi bows down but Gauri steps back. Kamla says she asked for your prayers and you stepped back ? Gauri says i can’t do it. Kaml says because deep down in your heart you know you are wrong. What pakhi’s parents did to you was wronf Pakhi knows that too. Don’t do this with her. She needs you. Gauri says no kamla she reminds me of my husband’s death.

I recall the days when i was homeless. I can’t pardon her and accept her. Forgive me kamla. She leaves. kamla looks are Pakhi who is still in tears. Kamla says don’t be upset. She is a nice lady she will be fine with you. She is just a bit hurt she will accept you one day. She will get it one day that love is everything. A day will come when Rghav and tai will accept this relationship. Kamla says now lets go and cut the cake. Pakhi cuts the cake with Kamla. Pakhi says kamla maa can i come with you ? I wanna meet kalpi and apologize her. Its her birthdya too i wanna wish her for last time. Kamla says thats good, you can come with me. Kamla says to mummy ji i will send her back soon. Mummy ji nods.

Scene 2
Vitthal looks at the prayer place for money. Kamla comes in with pakhi. Everyone is dazed. Pakhi says won’t you sih me vitthal uncle ? Vitthal says happy birthday in a bit stern way. Pakiya says happy birthday and they both leave. Kalpi is n it looking at Pakhi. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says happy birthday to you kalpi. I am sorry Kalpi. I never knew that Raghav loves you. I would never have done this. Kalpi says leave it its not your mistake. It was my fate. Kalpi leaves. Kamla comes there and says Kalpi needs some time to get over this but i know that she will come out of all this one day. A day will come when she will be so happy. Look its late you should go home. You ahve to fulfill your relation. I have all my trust in you Pakhi. I know you will be responsible. Pakhi hugs Kamla.

Scene 3
Nettu comes home with some shopping bags. She sneaks in to poki’s room. She can’t find her. She looks for her everywhere. She sees the AC’s remote and turns it on. She says oh it feels like heaven to be out of that chowl. She opens Pakhi’s closet and takes out a sari. She plans on wearing it and sleeps on the bed.
Gauri passes by the room and sees Nettu sleeping there. She wonders what is she doing there?
Gauri comes in the room in resentment. She takes the water glass and pours it on her. Nettu wakes up and says theif. Gauri says thats what i was saying theif. You are a theif who comes in other people’s house without permission. You came to your own daughter’s house to steal stuff. Even beggars stand out of the house you are even worse than them. Now get lost or i will call police. She throws nettu out. Nettu is angry and says i am helpless and can’t call police but i will take my revenge. She threw us out of our home and dcecived us.

Scene 4
Pakiya takes Kalpi downstairs with her eyes covered. She opens her eyes and its all decorated with ballons. All the people of chowl have gathered to wish kalpi. Kamla shows kalpi that everyone has made your favorite dishes but take my sweet first. manda says Kalpi i ahev made kulfa for you. Taste it and tell them that i have made the best dish. Kalpi says thank you so much everyone this is the best birthday. I will never forget this birthday.

Everyone gifts her differebt things. Nettu comes and says guests are so tired and hosts are celebrating. She looks at the food to eat and says this is what they eat. Vitthal gets angry, Kamla stops her and says why should we ruin our happiness for her. Vitthal says look at her she has lost all her respect. She even stole the money from prayer place. Amazing. Everyone is laughing at the way nettu is eating.
Kalpi gets upset thinking about the time when Raghav proposed her at the poolside and she said yes. kamla looks at her. Sammy comes with a bouqet for kalpi and says Raghav is waiting for you at the temple. he still loves you a lot. H

He has decided that he will divorce pakhi. Kalpi is shocked. He says Raghav wanna rectify everything. He just wanna meet you once. He won’t leave until you don’t come to see him. Kamla is there too. Kalpi and sammy are dazed.

Kamla says when did you come sammy ? She has not listened anything. Sammy says just now, i came to wish her. She says come Kalpi Pakiya and his friends are dancing. Kamla leaves. Sammy says he will wait for you till 10 pm, it 8 now and then he will give up on his life. You will be responsible for whatever happens today. Kamla is looking at Kalpi. Kamla says is her heart that i know you won’t ever break your promise Kalpi.

Scene 2
Gauri says Raghav is being distracted. My revenge is not complete yet. I jhave to remind him his mission. I want to see this Kappor family suffer. I want them to be destroyed. Raghav comes, Gauri says i wanna talk about something important. Raghav says i have something important to do we will talk later. Gauri says Raghav something should not be delayed. Raghav says okay tell wme what is it ? Gauri says you are bein g distracted from your point. You are forgetting your promise.

Raghav says no i am not. I have to destroy Sahil and Nettu. I love kalpi and i am going to make her mine. I ahve to leave pakhi for that. I won’t effect our revnege in any way. I will never break the promise i made with you but i remember the one I made to kalpi too. I can’t leace kalpi. Gauri says you think we will complete revenge like this ? Nothing is gonna happen to them if you behave like this.

Manda is taunting at nettu. She says look how Kamla gives her to eat and she eats like beggars.Manda says to a lady look at this nettu we are not stopping her from eating in our chowl. She used to beag about a cup of tea she used to gave me. Poor Nettu can’t even celebrate the birthday of her daughter. She got son in law who could not even keep them in their house.

Gauri says look at your dada’s picture Raghav. Do you remember how brutally they killed him. Can you forget that? Pakhi is the weakness of kapoor family and we can’t let that go.I like kalpi too. She is a nice girl but you can’t marry her. Nor can you divorce Pakhi. She will be free and we won’t be able to take our revenge. They will live happily again. We can’t do that. Ragahv says i can’t live without Kalpi. I love her so much. Before its too late i have to make her realize that i still love her.

Scene 3
Pakhi lightens the candles. She says Raghav made the sweet i made. Suddenly the candles blows. She says am I just dreaming it ? She recalls Raghav saying her that you are just a daughter of my enemy. I married you because i wanna detsroy Sahil Kapoor.

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