Reach for the Stars update Thursday 30 April 2020

Reach for the Stars 30 April 2020: Raghav says Kalpana I really liked your gift and your decision of staying here. Thank you for staying here. Kalpi smiles. She says I have a lot of work I am leaving. He holds her hand and stop her.

The telephone falls off the table and they both pick it together. Raghav says gifts like that can only be given by you. Kalpi says is that all you wanted to say. He says I have said already its your turn now. She says sir.. He says speak it out whatever is in your heart. Kalpi says please accept Pakhi’s gift she brought it with so much love. He says okay I will. Kalpi leaves.

Raghav goes back to his chair. He looks at her gift and says please tell me God how can I make her say those three magical words. Kalpi says all right. It was a good decision. He is getting better day by day. She smiles at the way he said thank you for staying back. Raghav looks at Kalpi and says how happy you look. Why can’t I says anything when you are near. I have to do something to bridge this distance.

Scene 2
Kalpi makes Gauri wear her wedding locket and says don’t worry we won’t leave you alone. Constable says some police men will be around all the time. Kamla says thank you so much for helping out. Gauri sleeps. Manda comes with a lot of other ladies. Gauri gets scared. Manda says police came here and those thugs, That lady doesn’t look good. I don’t know whats behind all this. There is something you are hiding. Its about out safety. Call her husband and ask her to leave. Vitthal says in anger, she is my sister as well. Fight with me before you reach her. He asks them to leave.

Manda says in her heart sorry nettu madam nothing is working for you these days. Vitthal says to gauri you are my sister from now no one will do anything to you now. Pakiya says what you want ai till when will you bear all this for this unknown lady. She hugs kamla and cries.

Scene 3
Raghav comes to Pakhi and says I forgot to wear a watch today so can I wear your gift. Pakhi says yeah sure I knew you’d like it. Kalpi later comes in Raghav’s cabin. Raghav shows it to her and they both smile. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says Raghav took my gift and he wore it. I am so happy. Kalpi goes to Raghav and says thank you sir you took it. Raghav says I did what you said its your turn. She says tell me what can I do. He says I will tell you later.

Scene 4
Nettu comes to the chowl and says gauri is still here and vitthal made her sister. She knocks Kamla’s door. Kamla says come in. Nettu says manda forgot to took her wage. How are you ? ANd your friend ? Nettu says yeah she is sleeping. Kamla says come in have some tea. Nettu says how she got those bruises ? Kamla and Vitthal are quiet. Kamla says she has lost her memory. Some people are still after her. Gauri wakes and gets scared by seeing nettu. Kamla says she is my madam. Gauri says she is not a good woman ask her to leave. Nettu leaves. Kamla stops nettu and says why sorry about her. Nettu says I know a doctor he can treat her.

Scene 5
Raghv says how about arranging a party. I will have time to spend will kalpana and maybe she will say the truth. Sammy says wow my company is working. Sammy says how about your house. Raghav asks Kalpana to come in her cabin. She comes in. Sammy says i have to go and leaves. Raghav says I wanna throw a party fro business purposes and I want you to arrange it.

Raghav says to Kalpana I wanna throw a small party fro mys business partners. I want you to arrange it. You said you’ll do whatever I ask you to. Believe me you’ll arrange it well. Kalpi says I will try my best sir. Raghav smiles.

Scene 2
The doctor has made an injection ready. Gauri says I don’t want any treatment. Kamla says its gonna be okay. Kalpi comes in and says so much happened no one informed me. Pakiya says we didn’t want you to disturb you. Kalpi says to kamla till when these people started to be so generous. Kamla says she came to meet manda and saw her in this condition so called the doctor. Kamla says thanks Nettu. Nettu says you have done so much for us Kamla. I have to leave because I will drop the doctor. Kamla says tai you will have this medicine for daily. Kamla forgets timing of a tablet. She asks Kalpi to go and ask the doctor. Nettu is talking to the doctor. Doctor says she won’t remember anything. She will be a b it numb so you have to be careful. Nettu says what can we do. Kalpi comes there. Nettu says do you wanna ask something. Kalpi says yeah timings. The doctor tells her the timings. Kalpi goes in.

Kalpi goes in and tells Kamla the timings. She asks for the prescription slip. Kamla says she didn’t give it she says said she will give it again. Kalpi says she should have given it. I don’t feel it all so good. Kamla says you are like your dad you don’t trust anyone. Vitthal says she is right. Kamla gives Gauri medicine, She says no I don’t want it. Kamla says you” be all right. She takes it.

Scene 3
Sammy says I will make the arrangements and you should decide the theme. Know that jealousy factor always works so don’t just stick around kalpi. Raghav says what did you love if you loved will all those plans. I will do whatever my heart says.

Scene 4
Kalpi is working on the laptop. Kamla asks is this new ? She says Raghav gave it to me for office work. Kamla makes the breakfast ready. Kalpi says tai me which theme is better aqua or masquerade. Gauri says think of something creative. Kalpi says wha should be in the meal. gauri says you should manage some starters bot veg and non-veg. Some diet snacks people don’t eat after drinks. Kamla says don’t get involved in stupid things kalpi. Kalpi says I am just managing it. She leaves. Kamla says to Vitthal you don’t know what happens in these upper class parties. Vitthal says she is so intelligent and she knows whats good for her.

Scene 5
Raghav says Sammy can’t we change the venue. I don’t want strangers to ruin my setup. Sammy says live is ringing the bell and you care about furniture. He says how will Kalpi see your home. Kalpi comes and the rings the door bell. She wonders how can she go in his house all alone. She is about to leave Raghav opens the door and says where are you going this is my place. Kalpi asks are you going somewhere.

He says no come on in. Welcome home. She places her feet on a carpet and apologizes. Raghav says consider it your home. Kalpi says I have decided the theme. Raghav says have a seat. Kalpi is feeling awkward. Raghav says AC is on. She says yeah. Raghav calls Sammy in. He says you’re on right time. Raghav is going for meeting, me and you will arrange the party. Raghav says no I am staying. Sammy says no you should go, Raghav says okay I am sure you both will manage.

Scene 6
Kamla gives a tea to Pakiya and says give it to the men outside. He says they are not out responsibility. Kamla says Gauri is our responsibility. Nettu calls Kamla and asks how is gauri. Kamla says I guess the medicine is so strong she is sleepy all the time and is agitating. Nettu says don’t miss the medicine.

Kalpi is arranging all the furniture. Sammy says let me go and get the drinks. Kalpi says okay then I will do rest of the things till then. He leaves Kalpi is alone now. She looks at Raghav’s picture and smiles. She says you don’t look that arrogant in the photo.

Kalpi is starring at Raghav’s picture. Then she cleans everything and place it in the right place. Doorbell rings. She thinks its Sammy but when she open the door its Raghav. She smiles and turns back. She is about to slip but Raghav holds her.

Raghav sees position of everything changed. He says what are books doing on table and cutlery out here on the floor. Why is everything so messes up. This is how you plan a party. Suddenly he steps his feet on the cutlery. He is really angry. He says what have you done to my house. This is how to plan a party. It was a six glasses set I got from Belgium and you done this to them. He puts rest of them in the bin. Raghav says where are your manners ? What is all this ?

You know nothing. He realizes that he is a bit loud. He says I am sorry Kalpana. Kalpi says no sir, I am sorry. Its not your mistake. I should not have come here. You cutlery come from around the world and our live revolve around the rates of food. In your life a st of cutlery matters but in our lives its relationships that matter. I told you that our lives are so different. She is about to leave. She goes out and takes an auto. She recalls Raghav insulting her.Raghav says i never meant it Kalpi. He tries to call her but she isn’t receiving. He says I should not have talked to her like that. I can’t bear tears in her eyes.

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