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Reach for the Stars 19 June 2020: Aaryan gives her the coffee. Kalpi says whats wrong with you? Why are you following me? he says I am not following you. Why are you acting so strange. he touches her. He says how dare you to touch me?

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That’s what you were about to say. Waiter comes and asks whats wrong ? Kalpi says he is annoying me. Waiter says please leave sir. This is a place for innocent people. He says what are you trying to call me. She is my fiancé, waiter leaves. Aaryan says she is joking ?

Neetu calls Manda, Manda says hello. Nettu says I need a maid. manda says I knew no one else could cop with you so yeah I will come but yes. There is a condition, You have all the money so double my salary. Nettu ays you talk about increasing the pay all the time.

Chachi asks kamla to get the lunch ready. Kamla sys everything us ready. kalpi comes in. Kamla asks why you look worried. Sanjay says you came so early. She says I couldn’t meet chandi because of the traffic jam. Kamla asks her if she got the medicines and food, she says yes. Sanjay asks her to get ready Aaryan must be coming anytime. Sanjays says to djeraj kamla is such a nice lady. She has mingled with suhana pretty well. Dheraj says yeah you’re right. Chachi says aman is home. He slept after breakfast and he is sleeping. Dheraj says look bhaiya I asked him to bring aryaan. I will talk to him.
Aman is sleeping dheraj wakes him up. Dheraj says you keep on sleeping all the time. Bhai saab asked you to pick up aman. All your fun is because of bhaiya. Now come on freshen up and come downstairs.

Kamla asks suhana tell me what you wanna wear. She says this is good. I won’t change. Suhana asks what name should I call you with ? Massi maa ?kamla says yeah sure. She says I think if I had a mom she would have been like you. she could read my heart and I could share everything with her. Kamla says let me tell you one thing when I met you first at the temple I made you my daughter. Don’t worry there will be no issues when you have all your people in your life. Kalpi says you know my dad told me that my mom died in childhood he raised me I don’t know what a mom is like. If I had a mom she would be like you. She would take car for me and I could share everything with her. Are all the moms like this ? Kamla says yes all the moms are same. ANd no worries you have massi maa and she will take care of you. You are about to get married. Kalpi says I don’t why but I feel weird about this wedding and all. I don’t get that feeling , kamla says smile you will look better. God will make everything all right. She says I think we have some relationship from life before this. I feel connected with.

sanjay ays I think I should go to pick him up what will we think that we didn’t even come to pick him. Arayan comes in and says why would I say that. Aryan has grown up, I can come by my self. Sanjay welcomes him. He meets dheraj and aman. Aman says sorry I was about to come but I dropped off. He asks why are you late ? Aryan says you know the traffic. kalpi sees him and is shocked.

kamla looks at Aryan and says you. Sanjay asks you know him ? Kamla says yeah a thug was snatching my bag and he saved me. Kamla says I saw your photo but I didn’t remember/ Aryan says never mind. The one I am about to get wed didn’t recognized me so its okay. He says yes I uncle I met suhana at coffee shop she didn’t recognize me. She was about to call police. Dheraj says you don’t know Aryan suhana likes to joke about everything. Aryan says that means I have to be alert by now. Sanjay asks aman to take Aryan to his room. Aryan goes with aman.

kalpi is in her room and thinks about Aryan. Kamla comes in with juice. kamla says you have eaten for so much time drink thus juice. She says are you worried because everyone lied to arayn ? Kalpi says how you comprehend everything in my heart. Kamla says ask papa to tell him everything. kalpi says I don’t know why they lied. its not good to lie. Kamla says in heart I should talk to sanjay. Kamla says maybe papa is waiting for right time. I am serving the food come downstairs.

Scene 2
nettu is working at nettu’s house. Neettu says clean it calmly. Manda tells her that kamla has started working at a new house. Vitthal has left his work. Nettu says yeha was mad these all chowl people are like that. Manda says don’t for get I come from there and we sheltered you when everyone kicked you out. Nettu says talk like a servant. I am the madam now. manda says I am going. Nettu says I was joking. manda says my mood will be all right if you increase my pay. Nettu says in heart why is talked to her.

Sanjay says to dheraj I think we should tell Aryan about suhana’s condition. Kamla says I wanna says something tell arayn everything. There should be no concealing in relationships. Dheraj says we know what to do you better do your work. You don’t have to interfere in our family matters. Kamla said what was right. Aryan comes there. Dheraj bounces the topic and says Aryan come one have the meal.

Sanjay asks Aryan are you going somewhere ? he says yes I wanna go to my friend. how did you know ? Sanjay says you haven’t changed since you came. Aryan asks suhana where is your engagement ring ? Why are you not wearing It? kalpi is quite.

Aryan asks kalpi, where is your ring ? Why are you not wearing it ? Everyone is dazed. She says actually Aryan I met an accident. Dhraj says we went for a holiday some days back. Suhana rode a horse and fell down. I’m sure she misplaced the ring there.

Aryan says I am so lucky I always wanted to see a person fall. So she is my wife to be. He says what happened to the man who picked her up ? Is he alive ? Sanjay says why are you asking that ? He sasy whoever picks her gets to listen her swears. Suhana says you hadn’t called me since long so I was angry. He says I will never forget what you did to me. you know uncle that waiter thought I was teasing her. Suahan says what else would happen if someone comes in your camera frame. He says that was just a friendly gesture. Suhana says in heart why is everyone lying? This is wrong.

Pakiya gets ready to go for his job. Vitthal shows him how to tie the knot. He says I don’t have money to give you but there is some food. Don’t leave without eating. Let me bring it. pakiay says bab don’t worry about money. I just want your prayers. Vitthal says my dad said ambitions come true for those who see dreams with open eyes. He says all the best. pakiya says thank you and leaves.Manda stops him on the way and says where are you going in this suit ? Going for a girl ? Pakiya says no I am going for honeymoon. can’t you see I am going for interview.

Scene 2
A girl comes to meet Aryan. She says you know me and suhana planned to meet in a café but now I am meeting you. SO tell me how are you ? he says I am not good. Me and suhana are grown up together. Our families know each other but I actually came here to call off this engagement. Me and suhana are not made for each other. I never wanted to marry her. She says you are right you should tell her. I can’t tell her anything you know right ? He says yeah I will tell uncle and suhana everything.
Kamla asks suhana did you like Aryan ? She says to be honest I don’t know everything is happening so fast.

I came to know about him this morning anf then met him now. She sees a wound on kamla’s hand. She asks what is it ? kamla says I told you a thug came to snatch my bag in market. kamla says the man who could beat a thig for stranger he would do everything for you. I know he will keep you happy. Kalpi says if ou think like that then it will happen. I have I apologize him. I was so rude to him in the café. I have to tell him everything I don’t wanna start my relationship with lies. Kamla says that’s such a good thought you should go and tell him everything.

Kamla comes in. Suhana says let me show you something. Look at these sandals they’re for rupees 20k. This purse is of 1 lac. Kamla says is there gold in it / Kamla says you should keep it in locket. Kamla says this cost can run our house for two years. She says I was so stupid to spend my money on all this. Let me show you more. Kamla says kalpi listen.. they are both quite for a moment. Suhana asks is kalpi your daughter ? Where is she ? Kamla says she is bugged with me. She has gone somewhere but I know she will come back. She loves me so much. She loves vitthal. She keeps telling people that she is kalpana vitthal. Pakoya loves her a lot. Kalpi can’t stay away from me for long. She has to come for her ai. My kalpi can’t live without me. Suhana says till she is not here I will get all this love. Chachin calls kamla. Kamla leaves.

Scene 3
Aryan coms home. he asks sanjay to come and play chess with him. sanjay ays your dad and me use to play chess like this. he says in heart this is the right time to talk to him. He sasy uncle I wanna say something. Sanjay says I wanna say something. I am so happy your dad converted our friendship in a relationship. Go and get ready your will play chess with me like your dad. He says in heart I should say all that to suhana.

Suhana comes to kamla and says I am going to tell Aryan everything ? is that right ? Kamla says absolutely right. She says okay I am going. kamla says suhana is just like my kalpi. I don’t know why I miss kalpi when I see suhana.

Aryan says in heart I have to tell suhana the truth. He is shirtless. Suhana comes in. She screams and says what is it ? he says why ae you acting weird ? Suhana says whats wrong with you wear your shirt. he says I was thinking something. Suhana says I came to say sorry to you. He says when did you start calling me with so much respect. I was shocked I thought you lost memory like movies. She sees a toy spider and screams. Arayan laughs. its the little girl suhana says what is that ? Aryan says I thought you are brave. Suhana says I don’t get scared.

he says I don’t get scared actually. Meethi ask Aryan what have you brought for me ? He says all the gifts are in my bag. She sasy okay take them out I will come.
Aryan says you know suhana we are great friends but I don’t wanna marry you. We are not made for each other. I don’t wanna conceal anything from you. When he turns back he is shocked.

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