Reach for the Stars update Friday 12 June 2020

Reach for the Stars 12 June 2020: Pakhi says there is no benefit of all this to raghav. I don’t care if you know the truth. Kalpi says you will care when Raghav finds out. I know Raghav won’t believe me but when he will listen you saying all that he will believe.

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Sit here and watch what I do. I have recorded all you were saying. just after few moments Ragahv will know your reality and will just hate you. Kalpi is about to leave. pakhi holds her hand and says you can’t leave kalpi. kalpi says leave my hand. pakhi says give me the phone. Pkahi is trying to snatch the phone but kalpi runs.

Kalpi is looking for Raghav, she asks a man. He says yeah Ragahv is on backside. The guard tells her that he is in the parking. He leaves. Kamla inside is looking for kalpi.

kalpi goes to the parking, Raghav is there. She’s running to him his phone rings, kalpi stops and says don’t blame yourself Ragahv I will tell you all the truth today. She is about to go but a man comes and holds her from her face and takes her behind the bushes. Kalpi is trying to scream.

Raghav is looking here and there. She is being abducted and the mand has placed hand on her mouth. pakhi comes there and says Ragahv lets go in everyone is looking for you. Kamla asks nettu hs she seen kalpi ? Nettu says kmal you get worried for everything. Kamla asks Ragahv has he seen kalpi? Pakhi says she was here where can she go ? Manda says yeah I saw her going there and pakhi followed her. Pakhi says I was going to bathroom kalpi wasn’t there. Raghav says why don’t you call home/ She says she can’t leave me alone here. but I will call. She calls vitthal and says is kalpi there ? He says how can kalpi come without you ? He says she must out for some work don’t work me and pakiya will look for her. Ragahv says don’t worry we will go out and look for her.

Kamla and Raghav go out. Pakhi says in heart you won’t be able to find her I have kept her at a place you can’t reach. I will remove all the hurdles between me and Raghav. Kamla asks the guard if he has seen a girl. HE says thers were so many people at the party I don’t remember anything.There and pakiya and Vitthal are looking for her as well. Kamla plays to Godt tohelp her in finding kalpi.

Scene 3
Kamla comes home, pakhi says don’t worry you will find her. Kamla says tell me what you have done to kalpi. Pakhi says she is my sister why will I do this to her ? Ragahv leaves for police station. Kamla says I have seen in your eyes he hatred for kalpi. Raghav has gone to police station if he figures out the truth you can’t imagine what will happen to you. Pakhi sits on the couch and says yes I have abducted kalpi. go find her if you can. Kamla says I wish I had not nurtured you. This is what you are giving me in return of my love ? You have show today what you actually are. Pakhi says no doubt you can understand I am like this. Say anything you want or slap me if you want. You have made me this bad and you are responsible for all that’s happening.

And kalpi is facing all that you did. You will be craving for the girl you were so proud of, all your life. kamla recalls how she fed pakhi instead of kalpi and asked kalpi to give her pen to pakhi. And when she saved pakhi and kalpi was so angry. She recalls when kalpi hugged her. Kamla bows down and says pakhi i’m begging you. I can’t live without kalpi tell me where is she?

Pakhi smiles and whispers, she is in hell. She stands up and says you are so proud of your love and motherhood right. Go find her if you can. Kamla stands up. Pakhi I have cried like this every moment now you will have to cry for kalpi. Kamla says stop it. Don’t even say a word pakhi Kapoor. Pakhi says lower you voice kaml bai. This is not your chowl this is the house of pakhi Raghav singhaniya. don’t forget that life of kalpi is still in my hands. She leaves. kamla burst into tears, gauri is still there.

Kamla says what have you done for your revenge. You didn’t even think if something happens to kalpi what will happen to Raghav. Raghav has been raised without love of mom and now he will lose another love. I did so much for you and you are doing this to my daughter. She takes her to temple and says God is seeing everything and pakhi will be punished but till then Raghav’s life will be ruined. I never asked you for anything but I am asking you daughter’s life today. Save my kalpi please. If you think what you’ve done so far all right then say here in front of God. gauri says forgive me kamla. My revenge can’t be over Raghav’s life. I have seen love for kalpi in eyes of Ragahv. He will die if something happens to kalpi. I can’t lose my son. I didn’t know that pakhi will do this. I will not let her do this.

Gauri says to kamla I have seen love for kalpi in raghav’s eyes. HE won’t be able to live without kalpi and I won’t let that happen. I can’t lose my son. I will tell Raghav everything Kamla says no tai don’t tell him anything right now. Pakhi will lose her mind and will harm kalpi. Just go to pakhi and ask her where she has kept kalpi ? Once we find her we will tell Ragahv everything. Gauri says don’t cry you are right. She leaves. Kamla prays for kalpi. Vitthal calls her. he asks did she find kalpi ? He says I have looked everywhere I can’t find her. Kamla says Ragahv has gone to police station. Vitthal says tell me everything clearly. Kamla says I am going to look for her and I will call you later. Vitthal and pakiya are so worried for kalpi.

Scene 2
Gauri asks Pakhi where is kalpi ? Pakhi says that’s an interesting question. I won’t tell anyone. Gauri says yeah that kamla was asking me to tell her. she kept me in her house that doesn’t mean that I will do anything for her. She was boosting of her favor conferring. She was warning me that she will tell everything to Raghav. You did better with her. Pakhi says she can do anything for Raghav. Gauri says I am dazed how you did all this in such little time ? But where have you kept kalpi ? Pakhi says come with me. she and Gauri go out. Kamla enters the house and finds that they’re no where. She wonders why gauri isn’t back from pakhi’s room. She goes upstairs.

Pakhi takes Gauri to the alcove where she has kept Kalpi. Gauri says where have you brought me ? Pakhi says you said you wanna see kalpi. Gauri says I can’t see her. Pakhi says come in let me show her to you. Gauri is shocked to see kalpi roped and her mouth taped. Pakhi says there is kalpi everyone is worried to f8ind her. Gauri says what is all this pakhi ? You can’t do this. Pakhi says I wasn’t like that before but this kalpi made me like that. This all is not making me happy either but I have to get Raghav. Why she came in between me and Raghav. She laughs. Gauri says in heart kamla was right pakhi is out of her mind. I have to stop all this.

There kamla wonders where Is gauri. She calls Raghav and says come home I wanna tell you something. He says yeah I am coming in a moment. Pakhi says I think you are feeling bad for kalpi. You should stay here and give her the company. Gauri says I am going out. Pakhi holds her hand and pushes her to the chair and says she won’t be your daughter in law after one year so show her love as much as you can. Her man bind her like Kalpi. Pakhi says you thought you will back stab me and I won’t know. I over heard your conversation with kamla. You both stay here and I will go with Raghav. No one loved her more than me. She takes Kalpi’s phone and leaves.

Pakhi enters the house. Pakhi says you’re still here ? Kamla says where is gauri ? Pakhi says kalpi was alone so I sent her with kalpi. you played a trick with me and sent gauri. How did she thought she will make me fool. I am going to my room you must be tired go to your home. Only I know where they are and I am not going to tell anyone that. Kamla says until I don’t find my kalpi I won’t eat anything.

Scene 3
There, kalpi and gauri are trying to look for a way to escape. Gauri takes out her phone and throws it to kalpi’s feet. Kalpi tries to dial Ragahv’s number with her toe. Raghav attends the calls and says mom say something where are you ? Kalpi turns on the speaker. Raghav disconnects the call and calls again. He hears the bell.

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