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Rajjo 18 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo defending Madhu. She says I don’t want any apology from Madhu, I just want to request her, don’t kill your humanity, she did wrong with me, I have told her whatever I wanted, you all also clear your hearts for her. Arjun says enough Rajjo, don’t do good with someone that wrong happened with her, she isn’t saying sorry and you are asking the family to forgive her, no. Mannu says this is the difference in upbringing, she is true by heart and words, she is cheated here, I decided that this house doesn’t deserve her, she can’t stay here now. Rajjo asks what are you saying, Arjun has done a lot for me. Rajjo counts Arjun’s favors. Mannu says you aren’t needed here, no one will stop you here, come with me. Rajjo cries and asks Arjun won’t he stop her.

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She says you and I will decide, what to do of this relation, you know my feelings, do you want to stop me or lose me forever. Arjun goes. Mukund gets angry. Jhilmil asks him to be quiet. Arjun gets angry. Mannu asks Rajjo to come with her. Rajjo says no, I want my answers. She goes to Arjun. Madhu thinks when will she leave from here, she isn’t listening to her mum.

Arjun calls and talks to Niharika. She says you know how dad reacts, I need time to do this. Arjun says please try to understand, you can do this for me. She says I will do my best. He thanks her. Rajjo beats him with a pillow. Chirag asks Mannu not to worry, everything will be fine. Mannu says nothing gets fine if we just think. She sees Madhu. He says our thinking doesn’t matter, Rajjo and Arjun have to fight the situation, I want them to win. Rajjo and Arjun argue.

She scolds him and asks who were you talking to, tell me, I m a human, I did a lot for you, I m saying this today with right, because I did a lot. She asks why were you leaving from here, you didn’t think of asking me once. He holds her close. He says I didn’t trust Gurumaa. She asks why were you leaving, by leaving me incomplete, when you should have completed the incomplete matters, why. He hugs her. Tu jaane na…. plays… Arjun says tell me one thing, if you were asked to do this, what would you do. He asks what happened, the same thing happened with me, I thought it’s a blind belief, but I got scared for your life, you can go to any extent to save me, so I didn’t tell you, my family members, my mother… they troubled you a lot, what did you get here, insult, so I didn’t stop you here, no one values you. She says you value me, you have always saved me and supported me. He says even I can make a mistake. She says no, it can’t happen.

Arjun and Rajjo confessing their love. Tu jaane na…plays… She holds his face. She says you had left me, I don’t want to live without you, I m saying it now, listen to me, why are you angry now, you have keep silence because you are tired saving me. He says I can’t lose you. She says you can’t hear me out, when I m saying, I have no fear, then why do you think of that. He asks what shall I do, can I do something of this, you have to tolerate me. She asks what do you mean, how shall I answer, ask me directly. He says you decided to make me say all this. She says no, don’t say if heart isn’t allowing, courage is needed to love and express it, I know who has more courage, you let it be, you can’t do it.

Mannu says don’t know what are they talking. Madhu thinks is anything else happening, no. Rajjo laughs. Arjun holds her close. Her dress sleeve gets torn. She jumps and goes to cover herself with the curtain. She says you will never change, see what you did. He says you have also hit me with a pillow, you stand here, I m your husband. She asks really, you know it now.

He calls her cute. He asks are you getting shy. Rajjo and Arjun have an eyelock. He says after all that happened, you want this relation. She says you know the answer. He asks her to think and answer. He says I don’t know who will accept you and who won’t, I just know we are different, I know that I can’t see my family in problem, so I m asking you. She asks who were you talking on call. He says factory worker, tell me, what do you want. She says I feel there might be some hope. Arjun says what, you are still doubtful. He covers her with a shawl. He asks will you come on a date with me. She asks what, is it in any court. He says no, you are cute, how shall I explain you. She says you answer in a word, I say a lot. He says we have to know each other, we have to make a new start, you invite me on date next time, like you want. She says if I knew this, then I would have invited you before. He asks her to change clothes. She says we have to do something before making anew start, wait for me outside Madhu’s room, I will just come. Arjun goes. She checks Niharika’s name in the call log. She says you lied to me.

Arjun and Rajjo say we both have decided to stay together, and give another chance to this relation. Chirag and Kalindi smile. Chirag says amazing. Rajjo hugs Mannu. Mannu says don’t misunderstand me, but do you really want this, Rajjo. Arjun says I know you won’t believe us now, but whatever I did is for Rajjo’s safety, I can do anything for it, I will never leave her. Kalindi hugs Rajjo and says Rajjo is ours now. Pratap says she was ours, but we got late in accepting her, now from she will stay as my daughter, I will always bless you two.

Arjun asks Mannu to stay with them. Pratap says we will be glad if Mannu becomes a part of our family. Rajjo convinces Mannu. Arjun stops Madhu. He says I want to clear one thing, if anyone plans against Rajjo then clear it in front of everyone, if anyone does anything then I will not forgive that person, no matter who that person is. He says I forgive Maa for whatever wrong she did. Rajjo smiles. Arjun says we will make a new start, you have to swear that you will never do this again. Madhu hugs him.

Madhu says this won’t happen again, thanks. Pratap says say thanks to Rajjo, she convinced Arjun to forgive you. Rajjo says no, I didn’t do anything. Chirag says she is clean-hearted, she united a mother and son. Rajjo says I just want us to forget the past and give a chance to our relations, mother and son’s relation is such. Madhu thanks her for not snatching Arjun from her. She says I m sorry for what I did, I will become your mum now. She hugs Rajjo. Rajjo cries happily. Later, Madhu throws a glass of water. She gets angry on Rajjo. She says that girl has no status in front of me. Pushkar asks her to drink some cold drink and calm her mind. He taunts her. She says its my family. He says I told you not to keep Rajjo and Mannu, Gurumaa left, where will you go now. She says I will not let that girl go close to Arjun.

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