Rajjo Starlife full story, plot summary casts teasers

Rajjo Starlife is a story about the trials and tests of an aspiring athlete Rajjo from Uttarakhand. Her mother, Manorama, has a discey past, and hence is against Rajjo’s dreams of turning an athlete.

But after getting separated by her mother in Kedarnath flood and crossing-paths with a fertilizer businessman Arjun, how will Rajjo react to the past, and manage to win her dreams in the present?

Watch this enthralling series starting May 4th 2023 on starlife and replacing Dream girl.

Rajjo Starlife full story.

The show begins with Rajjo, played by the talented actress, living with her parents in a small village in India. She is a gifted athlete who dreams of winning gold medals for India. However, her family does not support her dreams, and they want her to marry and settle down..

Despite the challenges, Rajjo continues to work hard towards her goal. She trains hard, saves money from her part-time job, and even participates in local tournaments. Along the way, she meets several people who become her support system.

As Rajjo’s passion for athletics grows stronger, her family becomes more and more apprehensive about her aspirations. Her father fears that she might fail and waste all their hard-earned money, while her mother worries that she might bring shame to the family by pursuing an unconventional career.

Despite all the obstacles, Rajjo continues to chase her dreams, and eventually, her hard work pays off. She gets selected for a national-level athletic program and moves to a different city to pursue her training. Her family comes to terms with her decision and starts supporting her.

The show then follows Rajjo’s journey as she navigates the challenges of athletic training and her personal life. She faces several obstacles, including tough competitors, injuries, fears, and self-doubt. However, with the support of her friends and family, she perseveres and becomes a successful athlete.

“Rajjo” is a heartwarming story that celebrates the power of perseverance and the importance of chasing one’s dreams. It is a must-watch for anyone who believes in the power of determination and the strength of the human spirit.

Rajjo Starlife full casts.

  • Celesti Bairagey as Rajjo Thakur (née Dhaki) – An aspiring athlete; Manorama and Pushkar’s daughter; Vicky’s ex-fiancé; Arjun’s wife

  • Rajveer Singh as Arjun Singh Thakur – A fertilizer businessman; Madhumalti and Pratap’s younger son; Chirag’s younger brother; Mukund, Rocky, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin; Urvashi’s ex-fiancé; Rajjo’s husband

  • Gungun Uprari as Manorama “Manno” Dhaki – A former athlete; Pushkar’s ex-lover; Rajjo’s mother
  • Pakkhi Hegde as Madhumalti Pratap Thakur – Pratap’s wife; Chirag and Arjun’s mother; Rocky’s aunt; Siya’s grandmother
  • Surjit Saha as Bunty Chaudhary – Kavita and Pushkar’s son; Kalindi and Niharika’s brother; Rajjo’s half-brother; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhudi’s cousin
  • Siddharth Vasudev as Pushkar Chaudhary – Jhilmil’s elder brother; Manorama’s ex-lover; Kavita’s husband; Kalindi, Niharika, Bunty and Rajjo’s father; Siya’s grandfather
  • Kajal Sharma as Niharika Chaudhary – Pushkar and Kavita’s younger daughter; Kalindi and Bunty’s sister; Rajjo’s half-sister
  • Avinash Sahijwani as Pratap Singh Thakur – Keshav’s elder son; Kartik’s brother; Madhumalti’s husband; Chirag and Arjun’s father; Siya’s grandfather
  • Jaya Binju as Kavita Chaudhary – Pushkar’s wife; Kalindi, Niharika and Bunty’s mother; Rajjo’s step-mother; Siya’s grandmother
  • Maleeka Ghai as Jhilmil Thakur (née Chaudhary) – Pushkar’s sister; Kartik’s wife; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s mother
  • Premchand Singh as Kartik Singh Thakur – Keshav’s younger son; Pratap’s brother; Jhilmil’s husband; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s father
  • Utkarsh Gupta as Chirag Singh Thakur – Madhumalti and Pratap’s elder son; Arjun’s brother; Mukund, Rocky, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin; Kalindi’s husband; Siya’s father
  • Divyangana Jain as Kalindi Thakur (née Chaudhary) – Kavita and Pushkar’s elder daughter; Niharika and Bunty’s sister; Rajjo’s half-sister; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhudi’s cousin; Chirag’s wife; Siya’s mother; Rocky’s lover
  • Aayushi Bhave Tilak as Urvashi – Dheeraj’s daughter; Arjun’s ex-fiancée
  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Mukund Singh Thakur – Jhilmil and Kartik’s elder son; Sagar and Pankhuri’s brother; Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Niharika, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin; Swara’s husband
  • Minoli Nandwana as Swara Thakur – Mukund’s wife
  • Vedant Sharan as Shesh – Rajjo’s one sided lover
  • Itika Kabra as Siya Thakur – Kalindi and Chirag’s daughter
  • Niel Satpuda as Sagar Singh Thakur – Jhilmil and Kartik’s younger son; Mukund and Pankhuri’s brother; Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Niharika, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin
  • Roselyn D’Souza as Pankhuri Thakur – Jhilmil and Kartik’s daughter; Mukund and Sagar’s sister; Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Niharika, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin
  • Ravi Jhankal as Keshav Singh Thakur – Pratap and Kartik’s father; Chirag, Mukund, Arjun, Sagar and Pankhuri’s grandfather; Siya’s great-grandfather
  • Pratham Kunwar as Rocky – Madhumalti’s nephew; Chirag and Arjun’s cousin; Kalindi’s lover
  • Ankit Narang as Vicky – Rajjo’s ex-fiancée
  • Suraj Bharadwaj as Bharat
  • Kalp Shah
  • Sharanpreet Matharoo
  • Harsh Chatrath as Dheeraj – Urvashi’s father
  • Kushagre Dua as Naman Singh Thakur – Anil and Shobha’s son; Arjun’s cousin


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