Radha Mohan Zee world full story, plot summary

Radha Mohan Zee World: The story of a widowed man who falls in love with his ‘inspiration’ while his family rather seek to control him and a dead wife whose spirit still lingers… Radha Mohan replaces Razia Sultan on Zee world this April.

Radha Mohan Zee world full story.

Mohan’s first wife dies and his daughter Gungun considers him to be her mother’s murderer while Radha is in love with Mohan and considers him as her inspiration. Mohan’s first wife Tulsi’s soul has not got salvation and she is wandering in his house and protects her daughter Gungun at every turn. Mohan’s stepmother Kadambari wants to remarry him and she chooses her niece Damini to marry Mohan but Damini wants to marry Mohan for his wealth. Mohan agrees to marry Damini for the sake of his mother. Meanwhile, Radha saves Gungun’s life and Radha stays at Mohan’s house as a guest.

Radha and Mohan start coming closer which makes Damini jealous. Kadambari and Damini learn about Tulsi’s soul and they both try to imprison her with the help of Gurumaa but all efforts go in vain. Later, Gungun and Radha become good friends. In order to get Radha out of the house, Damini accuses her of theft but Radha proves herself innocent.

Shabir Ahluwalia who is known for his role as Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya has decided to move on after seven years and take up a new show. The actor will now be seen as the male lead in the upcoming show Radha Mohan. The show is expected to be a mature love story set in Vrindavan.

Shabir during a recent interview with BT talked about it and shared, “Yes, I have taken up a new daily soap. Moving on from my previous show was obviously not easy, as it becomes a habit more than anything else. You miss the people you work with on a daily basis and spend a large chunk of your life with them. In my case, I share a great bond with Sriti Jha and Arjit Taneja. So, parting is never easy but as they say, the show must go on.”

When asked if he had any apprehensions about playing father to actors almost his age in his previous show, Shabir said, “Every actor has certain apprehensions. KB was essentially a love story, which ran its course after a point. Now, it is not easy to run a daily soap for so long and the only way forward is to show what comes next in a lead couple’s life. So, it is obvious that their kids will grow up, who will take the story forward. That’s only logical and that’s how a show progresses with the next generation taking over. It also infuses newness into the story. I have been in the industry for long enough to understand that progression is important.”

He adds, “Also, for me, it’s about the character and not the kid. We knew that they would have to do it eventually. I am starting with a clean slate now. What happened in my last show are just memories and that’s how an actor is supposed to approach his craft.”
Talking about his upcoming show, Shabir shares, “The story is intriguing and my character is loveable. The initial shoot will take place in Vrindavan, as it’s impossible to match the vibe of the place anywhere in India. We will come back to Mumbai eventually.”

Radha Mohan zee world casts.

  • Shabir Ahluwalia  as Mohan Trivedi – Vishwanath’s son; Kadambari’s step-son; Ketki and Rahul’s elder half-brother; Tulsi’s widower; Gungun’s father; Damini’s ex-fiance; Radha’s childhood best friend turned husband.

  • Neeharika Roy as Radha Trivedi (nee Vashisht) – Rameshwar’s daughter; Sundari’s granddaughter; Mohan’s childhood bestfriend turned wife; Gungun Trivedi’s step-mother.

  • Keerti Nagpure as Tulsi Mohan Trivedi – Narmada’s daughter; Mohan’s first wife; Gungun’s mother
  • Reeza Choudhary as Gungun Trivedi – Mohan and Tulsi’s daughter; Radha’s step-daughter; Vishwanath’s granddaughter; Kadambari’s step-granddaughter; Rahul and Ketki’s niece
  • Swati Shah[4] as Kadambari Trivedi – Kaveri and Kulbhushan’s younger sister; Vishwanath’s second wife; Ketki and Rahul’s mother; Mohan’s step-mother; Radha’s step-mother-in-law; Damini’s maternal aunt; Gungun’s step-grandmother.
  • Sambhabana Mohanty as Damini – Kaveri’s daughter; Rahul and Ketki’s cousin; Kulbhushan and Kadambari’s niece; Mohan’s ex-fiancee.
  • Manisha Purohit as Kaveri – Kulbhushan and Kadambari’s elder sister; Rahul and Ketki’s aunt; Damini’s mother.
  • Rajendra Lodhia as Vishwanath Trivedi – Kadambari’s husband; Kaveri and Kulbhushan’s brother-in-law; Mohan, Ketki and Rahul’s father; Radha’s father-in-law; Gungun’s grandfather.
  • Pooja Kawa as Ketki (née Trivedi) – Kadambari and Vishwanath’s daughter; Rahul’s younger sister; Kulbhushan’s niece; Mohan’s younger half-sister; Ajeet’s wife; Gungun’s aunt.
  • Sumeet Arora as Ajeet – Ketki’s husband; Vishwanath and Kadambari’s son-in-law; Rahul’s brother-in-law.
  • Ranveer Singh Malik as Rahul Trivedi – Kadambari and Vishwanath’s son; Ketki’s elder brother; Kulbhushan’s nephew; Ajeet’s brother-in-law; Mohan’s younger half-brother; Gungun’s uncle.
  • Adi Irani as Kulbhushan – Kaveri’s younger brother; Kadambari’s elder brother; Mohan’s step-uncle; Rahul and Ketki’s uncle.
  • Brijkishore Tiwari as Rameshwar Vashisht – Sundari’s son; Radha’s father; Mohan’s father-in-law.
  • Kajal Khanchandani as Sundari Vashisht – Rameshwar’s mother; Radha’s grandmother; Mohan’s grandmother-in-law.
  • Sunny Sachdev as Advocate Shekhar – Mohan’s childhood friend and lawyer.


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