Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Tuesday 13 February 2024

Radha Mohan 13 February 2024: Damini reaches the door calling Mohan but he closes the door so she falls on the floor after hitting her head. Mohan runs to the bed asking Radha to not fall to which she agrees, she calls her sweety when Radha replies that her name is not sweety, he explains he would call her sweety when she is nice.

Radha starts feeling a bit embarrassed when Mohan says then she should close her eyes and even he would close his eyes so no one would feel embarrassed, Damini is knocking on the door.

Mohan kisses her arm and after a while questions why are lips so hard, when she explains she is feeling really cold these days, Radha starts laughing and Mohan questions why did she not tell him that he was kissing her arm, she mentions she got a bit tensed. Mohan instructs her to not close her eyes as he might once again fall down, Radha once again puts a cushion between them both, Mohan asks what is she trying to do as he would have died, Radha hesitantly mentions she was saying she is a bit worried, he asks when she was kissing him like a Dracula did he say anything then what must happen, she replies it is his turn but he informs it is time for revenge. Mohan once again leans to kiss her but then they both got startled after hearing the knock on the door, Mohan asks if her heart is actually beating so fast, Radha replies she told him she is really tensed when Mohan explains he said he would calm her down so asks her to take a deep breath but not to deep that she might burst, Mohan rests his head against her chest. Damini furiously opens the window calling Mohan, he asks if her heart is calling his name when she says it can never happen, Damini asks Mohan to look back, he exclaims she is not even showing him any respect, Mohan kneels down when Radha asks if he found her, he is picking the insect killer explains he found the Yamraj of insects.

Mohan explains he will find it, he is shocked to see Damini standing in the window and explains it is a male fly, Damini requests him to give her the spray informing she is an not an insect but he says she is even speaking, he sprays it on her face due to which she falls on the floor and even the vase hit her on the head, Mohan closes the window while Damini exclaims that it cannot happen.

Gungun standing in front of her says it has already happened, but Damini is just stuck like a gum, Damini asks if she asked for her advice when Gungun says that she has a very big heart so tends to give free advice, she questions what would the villain do when the hero and heroine are together. Gungun mentions that Miss Rozy said how would they eat the fruit if they have planted the tree containing thorns. Damini furiously is about to slap Gungun but Tulsi prevents her by holding her hand, Damini gets worried when Gungun thinks she might have realized what would happen if she beats her, Tulsi exclaims it has been very long since she taught Damini a lesson so she pulls her by the hair, Gungun thinks Damini might have also lost her mind after drinking the Thandai, she leaves exclaiming she loves both Radha and Mohan.

Mohan slowly walks to Radha who is still trying to kill the insect, he thinking of all those times when Radha protected him starts smiling and even remembers how she was always present there to make sure he never lost any hope, Mohan starts smiling staring at Radha,.

Damini requests her mother to save her, she stops Kadambari requesting her to save her from Tulsi when Kadambari replies she would not save her as Kaveri has taken her Vishu, she rushes to pull Vishwanath from Kaveri who informs that the sister-in-law is also a family member. Damini is worried, Tulsi standing beside her thinks of all those times when Damini hurt Radha and Gungun, she slaps Damini who falls in the feet of Ajeet, she requests him to help her, but Ketki also slaps her questioning why is she waking her husband demanding she should leave.

Tulsi remembers when Damini tried to kill Radha and even hit her on the head, she once again slaps her after which Damini falls in front of Dulari, she requests her to help her informing about Tulsi. Dulari says that Damini never does any work and is even asking her to help her on Holi, Rahul coming makes fun of Damini since even Dulari scolded her.

Tulsi thinks how Damini manipulated Kadambari, she slaps her once again after which the entire family is stunned, Tulsi keeps beating Damini meanwhile the entire Trivedi family is enjoying. Damini furiously calls Tulsi before she slaps her one last time, Damini thinks that the Bhang is the reason for all these problems, she also takes out two glasses which she drinks to calm herself down thinking now she would get the strength to fight Tulsi.

Mohan calls Radha asking what is she doing, she asks if the bee went away when he says he indeed managed to send her away. Mohan asks what is she doing with this cloth and explains she wants to play the game of police and thief, he asks what would she like to become when she says she will be the police and he asks if she herself would make him the thief or can he do it by himself, Mohan tries to run away but Radha says that the prisoner should no run away, they both fall on the bed when he asks her to remove it from his back, he explains now he is not going to run away but they both are going to fly, Radha is shocked asking how would it happen, he throws the cloth in the air which falls over both of them. Mohan slowly rubbing his hand against t face of Radha remembers all the time he was with her, he slowly kisses her on the cheek and even Radha does not say anything, she herself starts thinking how good she felt whenever he was around her, Mohan then kisses Radha on the forehead, she picks his hand kissing it and even he does the same. They both are smiling being with each other.

Kadambari and Kaveri sitting on the couch are fighting over Vishu, Damini coming out asks Tulsi to come explaining she is a useless ghost, Damini explains she has died and now would not be able to get Mohan but then why is Tulsi not letting her get married to Mohan.

Damini explains this entire family is full of idiots and the most useless person is Kadambari whom they refer as Kadambari Devi, she sometimes calls Radha as her daughter in law while at other times calls Damini as her daughter in law, she starts twisting the head of Kadambari, explaining even her husband does not do any work and is a useless alcoholic person.

Tulsi slaps Damini once again who coming to sit on the table says that Tulsi should not think she is crying because of her but is crying because her fate has ruined in this house. She exclaims she has done a lot to separate Radha from Mohan, the entire family is stunned as Damini reveals she first tried to burn her in the carpet and then even got her kidnapped, they are shocked. Tulsi praises her saying she should speak the truth in front of everyone as only then would they understand what she ahs done to Radha, the entire family is looking at Damini as she is revealing the truth.

Damini is sitting on the table crying mentioning she has done a lot to separate Radha from Mohan, she explains she got her burnt in the carpet and then even arranged the kidnapping, the entire Trivedi family is shocked. Damini explains she gave money to Hriday so eh can come into this house and take Radha away after marrying her, she even helped him during the bore well incident, they all are not able to believe what Damini is saying, she explains but even then, nothing happened when she had Radha buried in the ground, Kadambari is shocked. Damini further accepts she is the one who got the bomb planted in the bus which blew up but nothing happened to Radha. Damini informs she even sent criminals after Radha so she cannot come back, she accepts she is the one who mixed the poison in the Kheer during Shivratri.

Tulsi asks her to accept the truth, Damini mentions she even helped Bhushan uncle so Radha is surely proven characterless so Mohan leaves her but nothing of the sort happened because Radha remains safe each and every time and Bihari jee is always by her side. Damini explains they all do not know about her biggest plan, she caused the biggest problem for this house. Tulsi requests her to quickly reveal what she has done, Damini however passes out before revealing the truth. Kadambari along with the entire Trivedi family are staring at her in shock.

In the morning Radha is performing the Pooja in the Mandir, she explains this morning has come as a new day for them and he joined the family together during Holi, so as the daughter in law she must make sure they all remain like this and Bihari jee must help her in achieving it.

Mohan slowly wakes up in the room, he finally walks with a severe headache. Radha opening the door enters with the Thali, Mohan turns to see her standing there and is just smiling, Radha slowly walks to stand in front of him, asking what has happened but he gets nervous and asks if she is seeing the condition of the bed, which is as if someone has fought there. Radha starts smiling while Mohan gets shocked as he starts remembering what happened last night, he then ask Radha what has happened. Radha hesitantly says that what happened last night should have happened a long time ago, Mohan turning asks what happened, he is shocked to see the mark on his chest so remembers how they both were very close to each other, he once again asks her what happened.

Radha replies he should ask what did not happen, revealing she never thought she would get to see the day as all her desires were fulfilled in a single day. Mohan gets worried explaining she might be mistaken, Radha says there can be no mistake for such things, she reveals he did what he has never done before in his life. Radha starts applying the lip stick.

Mohan sits down getting worried about what he has done, Radha smiles seeing him, she reveals there is just one problem because she has immense back pain, Mohan tries to get back up and says even he has severe back pain, Radha replies that he also did it and she was not alone, she informs he would have a little back pain but must rest assured as it happened for the good. Radha takes the Thali. Mohan is really worried when Radha wonders why is he so tensed and is not happy. Radha thinks that yesterday was a very good day, she never thought she would see them all together, but they all celebrated Holi together and there would be back pain because they all were dancing together. Radha wonders what is causing Mohan to be so tensed.

Mohan sitting wonders what has he done, he is really tensed.

Damini gets up wondering what has she done as she revealed everything in front of the entire family and now, they are not going to leave her. Kadambari furiously calls Damini which worries her, she assures she is coming.

Damini runs asking what has happened when Kadambari reveals she never thought Damini can do such a thing as she ruined her trust, Damini thinks she revealed the truth by herself. Ketki asks how can Damini do something like this and does she not care for this family. Kaveri explains she is sure that her daughter has not done anything, Kadambari explains it is enough because she always tries to protect Damini but not today. Damini thinks that even if Kaveri Maa pleads with her but Kadambari is not going to spare her. She tries to clarify when Kadambari says Damini did not even think for a moment before doing something so heinous as she should have at least thought about Gungun. Kadambari says Damini mixed Bhang in their Thandai, did she think what would have happened to Gungun. Damini is shocked when she thinks they did not hear the important thing due to Bhang, she starts smiling seeing which Kadambari gets even more furious asking if this is all a game for her, she sits down when Kaveri asks her to calm down however Kadambari instructs Dulari to set the breakfast.

Damini sees Radha walking down the stairs so remembers how Mohan took her to the room and sprayed the insect killer on her face when she tried to call him. Kaveri informs Damini that yesterday night both Mohan and Radha were together and she is sure something has happened, she asks if Damini saw the face of Radha which was really glowing. Damini is furious.

Mohan sitting in the room remembers how Radha said that it should have happened a long time ago and he did what she never thought was possible, he then informed her about the back pain when Radha revealed that she was not alone, and he also did it with her.

Damini enters the room asking Mohan what happened as he is seems tired, Mohan replies he is really tensed, Damini seeing the bed turns his shirt to see the marks on his chest, she explains this means she was right to suspect what happened between them both. Mohan replies he cannot say anything, and she can do whatever she desires, Damini informs she had waited for him for the past twelve years but he is also like the other men who never fulfill their promise.

Radha coming to Mohan informs that the breakfast is ready so he can come outside, Damini explains she never thought Radha would do something so heinous as when her husband did not give her any attention, she did something so heinous, Mohan yells at Damini who angrily leaves saying he has lost the right to scold her.

Radha coming to Mohan asks what did Damini say, Mohan replies that Damini was talking about what happened yesterday, he explains he was not in his senses, and he should not have done it with her but this does not mean he did something wrong but things got out of hand yesterday, he says she did not make any mistake and it is his fault. Radha realizes and starts smiling, she says what could she have done when Mohan did not listen to her and never stopped, she informs he held her hand and was telling her poems, Radha reveals he was sometimes praising her hair or playing with him, he requests her to not say anything else, Radha replies even she requested him to not come ahead but he just kept coming close to her, Damini is furious to see them both in the room. Mohan mentions he does not know what to say, but he will not say it all happened because of the Bhang and will not walk away saying he was under the influence but he is ready to fulfill his duty. Radha gets stunned while Mohan is really tensed.

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