Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Sunday 11 February 2024

Radha Mohan 11 February 2024: Mohan is sitting under the table, Damini comes with the glass of Thandai, he is really scared seeing her and warns that she must never even think of applying the color, Damini replies she is not Radha and knows he does not like the colors, she questions why is he taking such long breaths,

Mohan explains because Gungun is running after him like a decot to apply the colors, Damini says he can at least have the drink to calm his nerves, he says that he cannot drink it because of the helmet, Damini then pours a straw in the drink, Mohan is just about to drink it but is scared when Gungun catches him, he runs away so Damini also hits her head against the table.

Kaveri coming to Damini explains she asked her to make Mohan drink the Thandai, Damini replies she would only be able to do it if Gungun leaves him alone but she is running to catch him, Damini asks Kaveri to divert the attention of Gungun as only then she would be able to complete her work, Kaveri explains she should know that Tulsi follows Gungun wherever she goes so she would not be able to do anything, however Damini explains that she should have to bear it as only then their plan would be fulfilled, Kaveri leaves after picking the water balloons.

Radha apples the color to Ajeet who is also smiling, she then turns to Rahul who informs there is no need to act as he does not consider her as his family, Radha explains she knows he hates her but today is the Holi Festival and even though she is younger then him but is older in relation, so she should be allowed to apply the color, Radha smiles after applying the tika, they all are shocked to see Mohan running from Gungun who is trying her best to apply the colors, Mohan runs away when Ajeet smiles explaining it is a miracle that Mohan is out of the house on the Holi, he runs with Ketki to also get the chance to apply the color on Mohan. Kadambari says she is glad everyone is smiling on the Holi otherwise there is always a drama going on in their house, Radha turning to Kadambari explains she is aware that Kadambari does not like her, but today is the Holi festival so can they not let go of the past and become friends.

Bhushan coming says Radha is right as today they should forget everything that happened in the past and he is also going to bury the hatchet by himself applying the color on Radha before he leaves, just as he is about to apply the color Radha stops him warning he should not even think of touching her. Kadambari asks what has happened when she just a while ago was saying that they must bury their hatchet, so now Bhushan is her uncle but is even then ready to solve all of the mis understandings so she should at least respect that relation, Radha apologies explaining that respect is from the heart but not relation, she angrily leaves when Kadambari apologizes to her brother on behalf of Radha saying he should stay away from her, Bhushan says it is nothing to be worried about because he will handle everything, he leaves thinking today she is going to be made a fool.

Gungun is following Mohan who manages to run away, someone its Gungun with a balloon from behind, she turning questions who dares hit her with a balloon, Kaveri is smiling standing in front of her when Gungun exclaims she would surely have to pay the price for what she has done.

Radha sees Mohan so also plans to apply the color but is stopped by Bhushan.

Mohan angrily turns back when Ajeet along with Ketki and Rahul also come to apply the color, he says that no one is going to apply him any color, Ajeet mentions today is Holi so they would surely apply it but he makes them run away, Damini hits Mohan from behind and he fees that it is Gungun but Damini asks him to have the Thandai as it would calm him down.

Mohan is really worried about Gungun when Damini informs, she is playing with her mother. Radha warns Bhushan to stay away from her, he says that Radha is eager to apply the color to Mohan who is busy with Damini while she is not paying any heed to him when he is ready to apply the color on her. Mohan is still not drinking the drink, Damini asks him to have it before Gungun come back, he requests for some time to catch his breath.

Radha warns Bhushan to stay away from her, she even calls Mohan but he doensot listen due to the drum beaters, Radha then tries to call everyone from the family however they do not listen to her when she is asking h help. Radha keeps warning Bhushan but then runs away from him, he starts following her.

Kaveri is running from Gungun, Damini pulls her to the corner and they both hide, Damini points to Radha who is running from Bhushan, she reaches the sugar cane machine and is stunned, Bhushan then tries to catch her when she once again tries to run away, he then puts her saree in the machine. Radha is furious thinking Bhushan is holding her saree but is stunned to see that it is strangled in the machine.

Radha tries pulling it but it is of no use, she keeps trying her best to protect her honor and is even crying but it is off no use, she keeps on turning as the drum beaters are playing due to which no one is able to hear her cream for help, Radha requests Bihari jee for his help, she is still turning while Damini along with Bhushan and Kaveri are watching Radha with a smile on their face, the drums suddenly tear and so Mohan is able to hear Radha calling his name, they all turn back including Kadambari and Ketki, they are shocked to see Radha and even the entire guests present reach the location, Kaveri feels that their plan would fail.

Mohan angrily throws the glass of Thandai, Tulsi is furious seeing Radha and then tries to grab the saree but is not able to do anything, Mohan is running towards Radha who is still not able to free herself, everyone is standing there while Mohan runs over the tables to reach Radha, Kaveri says she asked Damini to give him the Bhang otherwise he would protect Radha, Damini says even if he has not had the Bhang he is not going to be able to protect Radha. Tulsi also asks Mohan to come and protect Radha, he while jumping pulls out one of the red cloth that is used for decoration, the entire family is watching in shock while Radha is crying for help.

Mohan manages to reach in time and cover Radha with the red cloth, she is constantly crying while he keeps covering her with the red cloth. Radha hugs Mohan tightly as he is protecting her, he also hugs Radha who is not able to control herself. Damini is furious seeing Mohan leaving with Radha who is in his arms, the neighbors start saying that her reputation was ruined in front of everyone so how will she be able to show her face to everyone, they start gossiping about her.

Kaveri says that Damini was boasting about their plan but Mohan ruined everything and protected Radha, Bhushan asks what is she saying since their plan is surely a success.

Mohan helps Radha sit on the bed, Tulsi requests her to say anything and even Mohan asks if she is fine but Radha does not say anything, Mohan takes out a saree asking her to change her clothes saying he would wait outside, Radha recalls how Bhushan challenged to ruin her image in the Holi function. Mohan helps her wear his shirt, then wiping off her tears assures that she is fine and nothing has happened to her, he asks her to look at him but Radha immediately starts crying and then hugs Mohan, he tries to console her but she does not stop crying. Gungun is also emotional when Tulsi explains that it was not her fault and she must stop crying.

Mohan explains nothing wrong has happened to her character, he explains their honor is not so small which would be ruined with just a saree, he explains she is looking really hot in this shirt, he suggests she must even wear his pant. Mohan says that nothing wrong has happened to her, he asks het to rest so he helps her lie down but she is continuously crying, he says that nothing wrong has happened so she must try to sleep. Radha closes her eyes while he is massaging his hand around her face, she slowly falls asleep.

Mohan tries to leave but notices that Radha has still held his hand, he slowly removes his hand and then asks Gungun to take care of Radha and not leave her alone, he leaves her.

Ketki is furiously looking at Bhushan who hears the neighbors say that she would not be able to show her face to anyone. He explains that even if Mohan has saved her body but they have ruined her soul, he explains they have ruined her honor and dignity in front of everyone, Bhushan says Radha slapped him in front of everyone but he slapped her honor and now she will not be able to show her face to anyone, Damini explains what if she tells the entire truth to Mohan then their plan would be ruined, Bhushan says that nothing of the sort would happen as she is still in her room.

Radha wakes up after having a dream about what happened to her, Gungun assures they are not going to leave the room if she is scared, Gungun gets up and starts closing all of the windows and door, Radha wonders what is she teaching Gungun as it is the way of the coward, so if she stays inside then Gungun would also learn the same thing from her, if something bad happens with Gungun in her future then she would not have the strength to say anything. Gungun coming explains they are safe in the house and not going to leave, Radha informs they are neither safe in the hour nor outside until they are ready to protect their honor, she informs those who bear the wrong doing are at fault. Gungun does not understand, Radha informs if they are not at mistake then should punish the person who has wronged them and this is what even Bihari jee tells them, Tulsi is glad to hear the courageous desire of Radha.

Radha tells Gungun even Bihari jee commands that to fight evil is the biggest religion, Gungun is quietly listening to her conversation, Tulsi also praises Radha.

Mohan mentions he knows their celebration was ruined because of them so he is going to apologize to them all on behalf of his family, Bhushan thinks that girls like Radha should have the same fate, because their dignity is the weapon and if they snatch it then everything is ruined for them after which they tend to mend their ways, he asks Damini to see how she is hiding in the house and he has not left her able to stand in front of anyone, due to which she is not even coming out of the house. Mohan explains they have to now finish the celebration and he prays they will understand it, Mohan and the entire Trivedi family is shocked to

hear the sound of the drum beating, they all turn back to see Radha beating the drum while standing with Gungun. Radha is furious due to which Bhushan is shocked.

Radha starts walking towards them while still beating the drum, they are not able to understand how is she fine after going through such a big incident, Radha stopping in front of Mohan explains how can they end the celebration of Holi when the festival has not ended, the neighbors blame Radha for having no shame as she out even after so much happened to her, Mohan mentions she needs to rest but Radha replies that there is nothing to be worried about, asking if Mohan is talking about that incident then she had no fault in it so will celebrate the festival.

Mohan pulls Radha to the side explaining that the function has ended and now she must rest, Radha refuses saying if she went back inside then it would prove she has gotten scared, it will also be the defeat of all those girls who have suffered the same fate. Mohan cannot understand, Radha asks if he trusts her explaining she might not have been a good wife but would surely become the best mother for Gungun, Damini wonders what are they both talking about. Mohan once again tries to explain, she mentions just as Shiv is incomplete without the powers, then Radha is also incomplete without Mohan, saying that if she needed his help in what she is about to do then requests him to always stand by her side, advising him to once look towards their family where he will find all the answers. Radha explains in this Mahabharat she is both Shri Krishna and Arjun.

Kaveri getting furious wonders what is Radha talking with Mohan, Radha says she has fulfilled her duties but now has to fulfill her obligation, Mohan asks what is she going to do, Radha replies he will understand it very soon. Radha calls Bhushan uncle asking if he wanted to celebrate Holi with her, she says she would surely celebrate it with him before he leaves, Ketki is tensed. Radha tries to walk back but Mohan once again stops her, Bhushan smiles saying she got so scared that she herself agreed to his desire, Kaveri informs she feels Radha has not given up but is ready to stand in front of him, Bhushan mentions he will not even stop if Bhagwan stops him, as his revenge would only be complete when he plays Holi with her, Bhushan remembers all the times when Radha humiliated him in front of the entire Trivedi family.

Radha standing in front of Bhushan asks if he would celebrate the Holi with her, Bhushan says he is eager to celebrate Holi with her, he turns to pick the colors in his hands and turns but is shocked to see Radha standing with a rod and shield, they all are stunned seeing Radha because they cannot understand anything. Bhushan also gets shocked asking what is all this, Radha replies he wanted to celebrate Holi with her so she will celebrate it with him like they did in Barsana meaning with the stick beaten.

Kadambari angrily questions if Radha has lost her mind, and will she hit her brother with the stick. Bhushan says there is nothing to be worried about as he has played a lot of it and Radha will not be able to win, she throws the shield at him. Radha mentions it is a promise and if he wins then he can apply the colors on her face but if she wins then something which should have happened a long time ago will surely happen. Bhushan agrees.

Kaveri asks him to wait for some time but he is standing in front of Radha who twists the stick, Bhushan starts smiling seeing Radha. Damini is worried.

Radha and Bhushan both start the ritual, seeing which the entire family gets stunned and even the neighbors are shocked. Kadambari questions Radha what is she doing, but she is just trying her best to hit Bhushan with the stick however he dodges due to which Radha falls on the floor, they all are shocked while Bhushan starts smiling, Radha angrily stands up once again, looking at Bhushan realizes his true intentions and starts getting nervous but she thinks she cannot lose today, because if she loses then all the girls would also lose who were a victim of Bhushan, she has to teach him what a women is really capable off. Radha angrily starts hitting Bhushan, he screams when Kadambari tries to stop her. Mohan also wonders what is Radha doing thinking if she ahs gotten mad. Radha keeps hitting Bhushan and then finally manages to hit him on the feet, he falls on the ground. Kadambari along with everyone else is worried, Bhushan looks at Radha who does not stop and keeps hitting him even when Kadambari asks her to stop, Kaveri asks if she will kill Bhushan.

Ketki recalling what he did with her, asks Radha to keep hitting him even more, Mohan is shocked to hear Ketki say such a thing so remembers when Radha asked him to look to his family members and he will find all the answers, Ketki exclaims Radha should keep hitting him since this is what he deserves. He is thinking how Radha said that if she loses then all those girls will lose who do not say anything because of their respect, he wonders if Radha was trying to tell him about Bhushan uncle.

Mohan recalls when Bhushan said that Radha does not care about money but wants love and she pushed him on the table, Radha was even refusing when he forcefully made her wear the gold bangle, Rahul asks if she is playing Holi or beating their uncle, Kadambari getting shocked is worried for her brother because Radha has even broken the shield, Radha thinks about what he did to her so angrily once again hits him causing the broken shield to fall aside, she keeps hitting Bhushan recalling about how tried to harass her in the house and even the Holi festival. Kadambari questions what is Radha doing, she tries to go and stop her, but Mohan stops Kadambari, he thinks how Radha requested him to stand by her side if she needed her help, Kadambari explains they have to stop Radha otherwise she would take the life of her brother, Mohan defends Radha saying she is not doing anything wrong, and no one will stop her. Radha keeps on beating Bhushan, Mohan is furious.

Radha is beating Bhushan, Kadambari informs Mohan they have to stop Radha otherwise she is going to take the life of her brother, Mohan replies Radha is not doing anything so no one is going to stop her, Kaveri also asks anyone to stop her otherwise she would kill her brother. Radha keeps on beating Bhushan, who also requests someone to stop her, Kadambari notices that Mohan is really furious, Radha while constantly beating Bhushan even breaks the stick, Kaveri thinks that he will surely die, Kadambari forcefully goes to Radha questioning what is she doing, she replies she is doing what should have been done with the person who tries to ruin the honor of a women, Radha angrily exclaims she is not going to let him go like this explaining he would not find any place even in hell, Kadambari angrily raises

her hand to slap Radha however Mohan holds her hand preventing her from slapping Radha. Kadambari is shocked seeing it, Mohan apologies for his behavior but says he cannot let her slap Radha, Kadambari demands he let go of her hand as Radha not only beat her brother in front of everyone but has also put such a heinous blame on her.

Bhushan says that Radha is another low girl who does not have respect and is even character less, Mohan angrily turns to Radha explaining she can be a liar, deceptive and even clever but can never be characterless. The entire family is shocked hearing it, Bhushan is also shocked while Radha starts crying.

Mohan turns to look at Bhushan who starts crawling back, he slowly tries to get up when Mohan pulls him by the collar, Kadambari is stunned and even Kaveri does not know what is happening. Mohan questions how did he dare put such a heinous blame on his Radha, Damini does not know what is Mohan saying. Mohan swears he would not let Bhushan leave like this because he put an evil eye on his Radha, and tried to touch his Radha so he is going to kill Bhushan. Mohan twists his hand asking f this is the hand with which he touched his Radha, Kadambari tries to stop him. Mohan however angrily twits his hand even more to the extent that he starts screaming, Kaveri and Kadambari both rush to stop Mohan but he is not listening to anyone. Kaveri asks what is he doing as Bhushan will die like this. Mohan pays no heed but is just crushing his neck, Kadambari explains he is their elder, Mohan replies he is just older in age but nothing else, he has tried to ruin the honor of Radha for which he will kill him. Damini also requests Mohan to spare the life of Bhushan uncle. Kadambari seeing Gungun runs over to her, she asks him to let go of Bhushan swearing on the life of Gungun. Mohan gets emotional so pushes Bhushan away, Kaveri rushes to help him as he is not able to breathe. Damini breathes a sigh of relief. Kadambari asks Bhushan to come home.

Kadambari in the house questions Mohan what was this behavior, he does not reply to her when she asks if he forgot that Bhushan is the same uncle with whom he played in the childhood and has always considered him as the role model but today he raised his hand on the same uncle. Mohan angrily replies to Bhushan should be glad he just raised his hand otherwise those people who do not respect women should be killed, Kadambari scolds him when Mohan replies he is sitting here just because she made him swear otherwise he would have been killed. Mohan asks Bhushan if he has any shame, because he is saved only because a women a women made him swear further saying he is ashamed that he thought of Bhushan as his ideal. Kadambari is stunned, Mohan says he is not even worthy to be called a human. Bhushan tries to explain Mohan is mistaken and Radha is lying as he really respects women and even runs an NGO, Mohan warns him to close his mouth otherwise he swears he would break his mouth. Mohan explains that the biggest relief would be when he leaves this earth and if Bhushan tries to say anything then he would do it right now.

Damini asks Mohan if he is even going to kill her, Kadambari stops her but Damini explains she will speak the truth today, she says that Radha is habitual of lying and even then Mohan is believing Radha rather then Bhushan uncle. Kaveri agrees with her daughter, assuring there is no need for Bhushan to give any clarification, she mentions Radha is the biggest deceiver and liar while suggesting Radha should be beaten. Damini blames Radha played the worst game this time because when Mohan did not give her any respect she turned to Bhushan uncle. Mohan angrily warns Damini to watch her mouth, hearing this they all are shocked. Mohan explains Damini is talking about the mother of Gungun and his wife. Kadambari along with the entire family is stunned while Radha starts smiling.

Kadambari smiling says people are right to say that the son remains their own until he is married to someone, while today Mohan also got trapped in the lies of Radha. Mohan asks if to side with the truth means accepting something then he accepts it, but does she know when he started believing Radha, the time when she with utmost courage asked him to stand by her side explaining Mohan should become her strength and not weakness, the remembers when Radha requested him in the Holi function. Kadambari still taunts Radha for being clever, as she would always say that the way Radha married Mohan was wrong but today, she is realizing how wrong she was, because the son who would not even utter a single word in front of her is standing against her, he even humiliated the uncle whom he considered as his ideal. Kadambari blames that today Radha has ruined her family.

Radha tries to explain herself but Mohan stops her saying there is no point in talking to those people whoa re not ready to accept the truth, he explains no one would believe no matter how many times she tries to clarify herself. Mohan explains that Kadambari does not love Radha because she is just her daughter in law but what about Ketki who is her own daughter, he asks if Damini was not able to see the pain in her eyes and how she feels, Kadambari getting shocked walks towards Ketki who starts getting nervous.

Bhushan realizing his truth would be revealed exclaims it is enough, he asks if he came here to celebrate Hoi with his family or to suffer such humiliation, he exclaims he will not stay here for even a single moment and is leaving. Kadambari still asks Ketki what has happened, Radha even requests her to speak the truth.

Ketki however does not speak even a single word, Mohan walking to Ketki apologizes to her for not being able to understand her pain, he explains he promised her when she tied the Rakhi that he would protect her from all the problems and worries of the world, but he failed to fulfill the promise of being a brother. Ketki starts crying while hugging Mohan who is consoling her, she mentions this person is the devil hearing which the entire family is stunned. Damini is also not able to believe what Bhushan has done, he thinks today even Ketki has gotten the courage to speak the truth, he thinks he should run away quietly while he still has the chance, he tries to leave after picking his bag but just as he reaches the door someone hits him from the back with a rock. Bhushan turns back to find Gungun standing while the entire family is furiously staring at him.

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