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The jailer is about to fire the bullet, Mohan along with Radha and everyone immediately close their eyes after hearing the gun shot but opening their eyes after a moment sees the Jailer hands is bleeding, Shekar is standing with the commissioner who orders that everyone should be arrested along with the jailer, he says the entire department is being humiliated after what the Jailer has done because she mis used her power and authority,

he blames the Jailer has illegally arrested Radha Trivedi and her entire family while she did not even leave the young child and arrested the minor, the commissioner suspends the jailer on the spot saying she is under arrest and severe action is going to be taken against her.

Radha stops the commissioner mentions that she knows the Jailer is guilty in the eyes of the law but she is even guilty of her family because she has not only tortured her but also her family so she should get at least one chance to take care of her, the Jailer pleads with the commissioner to not listen to Radha as she is a very dangerous girl hearing this kadambari is stunned, the commissioner apologizes to Radha saying it cannot happen with his presence. Radha pleads with him for a chance as she cannot let the Jailer leave so easily after what she has done to her family. The commissioner instructs the constable who takes off the cap and badge from the uniform of the Jailer, while even taking off her belt. The Commissioner says now she is not a police officer so Radha can do whatever she desires hearing this the Jailer is stunned asking how can Radha do this to her in front of him as it is illegal so he should not say it to Radha.

The commissioner replies he is not present here as he has high BP and the doctor advised him to rest so he is resting in his house and does not know what is going on here, the commissioner turns the other way while the Jailer pleads with him to not do anything of the sort but the constables pushes the Jailer who is standing in between the entire Trivedi family, she pleads with Radha to let her go who asks if the Jailer let her family leave and even her child. The jailer says eh is a police officer but Radha replies she was an officer, but is not even a human being.

Radha angrily slaps her the first time for misusing her powers, while the second time for taking bribe and not fulfilling her responsibilities, Tulsi suggests Radha should even beat the Jailer on her behalf, Radha again slaps her for causing tars in the eyes of her daughter, Radha signals Ajeet to pick a rod which she holds in her arm, seeing this the Jailer gets really scared but Radha hits the Jailer just as she hit her in the jail, the Jailer starts screaming from pain and is even crying but Radha keeps hitting her due to which she finally sits down on her knees crying, Radha keeps beating her while the entire Trivedi family is looking at the jailer who is being beaten.

The jailer holds her hands in front of Radha apologizing for her mistakes, kadambari angrily pulls the jailer from her hair, she is furious saying that the Jailer accepted the defeat very quickly because they still have to take the revenge for their entire family and causing pain to their little princess, Kadambari also angrily slaps the Jailer who goes to Ketki, she also slaps her for raising her hand on Radha and the entire Trivedi family. Ketki asks the Jailer to keep beating her as she has tortured their family, Gungun also asks Radha to beat her for raising her hand on her uncle, Ajeet says Radha should beat her since she raised her hand on his mother in law and wife.

Kadambari angrily explains she has raised her hand on the father of Radha. Dadi and Ramaveshwar also ask Radha to not forgive her since she tortured everyone, Shekar even says that Radha should keep beating her, the commissioner turns asking if it is finished, Radha says she has given her the punishment on behalf of their family but now he must make sure she gets punished severely according to law, so that after her no other police officer should misuse their powers. The Commissioner orders the constables to take away the Jailer, they forcefully pull her as she can no longer stand on her feet, Radha angrily throws the wooden stick.

Radha is very emotional when Mohan calls her, she turns to him and they both hug eahcother when slowly the entire family comes together for a group hug, seeing which the commissioner is also relieved. Tulsi mentions finally both the mother and daughters have become one.

The commissioner apologizes for interrupting, the entire family is shocked when he says they would even have to arrest Radha Trivedi hearing which everyone is shocked and they all ask the reason. Gungun immediately refuses to let her Ramaa go like this, they all request him to not take Radha as she has not killed anyone, they all are pleading for the innocence of Radha but he replies he is bound by law and they would have to arrest Radha. Mohan says it can be clearly seen that everything was orchestrated by Damini, he asks the commissioner to see the video in which it can be seen that Radha is innocent but the commissioner says that he can only see the Jailer in this video, and this video does not prove that Damini is guilty so they still have to prove that Radha is innocent.

Dadi gets worried when the commissioner says they have one day and if they are able to provide a solid proof of her innocence then she can be saved. Mohan is worried thinking about the forensic report that Damini burnt, he gets emotional explain Damini got rid of the proof that they had. Kadambari is shocked hearing it so he wonders how would he be able to prove that his Radha is innocent. Mohan is emotional when Radha places her hand on his shoulder explaining since when did he got so weak, he asks how can he not be weak since he does not know of any way to prove her innocence, Radha wipes of his tears saying she knows he will find another way, she hands him the peacock feather mentioning she has complete faith on her Mohan jee and knows he would not let anything happen to her.

The commissioner asks Radha to come, but Mohan requests her to not go but Radha replies she could not go away from him for even a moment but she is bound by law and needs to go back to jail if she wants to return and knows that once she returns, she has two very important things and needs to celebrate the birthday of two very important people. Mohan asks why is she talking of birthday when Radha replies she meant those two people who always help her get out from every problem, she reveals the event of JanMashtri is coming, she wants to celebrate the event with full enjoyment.

Radha finally mentions this peacock feather was given to her by Ba Kai Bihari jee, she does not know how this would help him but she is sure it will guide Mohan in finding out the way to save her. Mohan once again requests Radha to not leave but the commissioner signals the constable who walks to handcuff Radha, Tulsi says that Radha has not killed her so she should not be taken away.

Radha is being pulled away by the constables but Mohan does not let go of her hand till the last moment, they both are really emotional and crying. Radha finally leaves with the constable while everyone is crying for her, Mohan is only staring at Radha who finally sits in the police van, Mohan prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee mentioning he cannot find any way to save Radha as there is no proof, and how will the peacock feather help him in saving Radha, he is really confused.

Damini is suffocating Kaveri saying she cannot do even one thing properly as because of her the biggest plan got failed, she mentions Mohan saved Radha but who would save her, Mohit comes and is shocked seeing Damini who is suffocating Kaveri, she requests Damini to let go of her as she is her mother. Mohit also asks her to leave kaveri when Damini replies but she would then kill him, Damini is still suffocating Kaveri when someone starts tickling her from behind so she asks him to leave and questions how did he dare stop her, Bhushan says because he is her uncle and not some criminals, he pours a glass of water for Kaveri when she praises him and he says that he has fulfilled his duty as a brother by saving her life today but she should not expect any gift from him. Kaveri asks Bhushan if she has seen what Damini was doing, when she gave birth to her and then with a lot of effort sent her to the house of Kadambari but what return has she given her, Damini replies Kaveri has not done anything good because she used her to also live with the same luxuries, Kaveri says that’s he is glad Bhushan came otherwise this mad girl would have surely killed her, Damini asks if Kaveri has thought that she is safe as she would die, Damini is once again about to hit kaveri with a vase but Bhushan stops her saying he only gave her a chance to hide in this house, she should pay him for everything present here and then destroy anything she desires.

Bhushan says Damini should accept her mistake and not blame everything on others, Damini still says she made a very good plan but Bhushan replies he was not able to get Radha because he mistook her for being weak which is why he got humiliated so accepted his mistake, but this time has made a plan to kill her. Damini starts laughing informing Bhushan she has made a lot of plans to kill Radha but she always is saved either by Mohan, Gungun or her entire family and this is why she knows that Mohan would surely save her tomorrow.

In the night Radha is making a portrait in the jail cell when the constable calls her saying that she has brought Bhagwat Geeta for her, the constable says it is good that she wants to read Bhagwat Geeta during her last days but Radha replies who is going to be hanged since she will surely complete this Bhagwat Geeta and then celebrate JanMashtri with her entire family. The lady constable says but tomorrow is her sentence however Radha replies that she has complete faith in her Mohan jee since he would not let anything happen to her, Radha after lighting the Diya goes to sit and start reading the Bhagwat Geeta when the constable gets worried thinking Radha might have suffered a very big trauma.

Kaveri is tying the Rakhi to Bhushan when he replies that she must not be worried since this time Radha is surely going to be hanged and will come out of jail but only in a body bag, Damini whispers to Mohit what if they also get in trouble due to the plan of Bhushan uncle, she angrily tries to leave but then Bhushan stops her saying that she must not be worried.

Mohan and Shekar are arguing when Shekar says that there is no way to save Radha now, Mohan asks how can Radha be sentenced when Damini is the actual criminal, Shekar says their last hope was the live video but in that Damini was not present and so she seeing the opportunity ran away. Mohan gets furious when Shekar says there is no hope and then thrashes the room, he is really furious when Gungun comes asking Mohan to come with him, he has no idea where Gungun is taking him.

Dadi is worried wondering what sort of test is Ba Kai Bihari jee taking, kadambari asks her to calm down saying she must not be worried since their Radha is very strong and would surely come out of this problem. Gungun comes with Mohan when he sits down on the chair and Gungun starts tying the Rakhi, Kadambari explains that this festival is of brother and sister so her aunt Ketki is going to tie the Rakhi, Gungun refuses saying she would tie the Rakhi until her father and Ramaa do not bring another brother or sister for her, she further says that Ramaa told her this festival is of all those relations who protect each other and for them those who protect them most as papa or Ramaa.

Gungun starts tying the Rakhi when Mohan gets emotional so starts crying, Gungun says that he must not be emotional since Ramaa said he will surely protect her and there is nothing to be worried about so he must clam down. Ketki says that Gungun took her position by tying the Rakhi before her, Ketki also fulfills the ritual saying to Mohan that today there are two Rakhi on his hand and they both only desire on thing which is Radha, she prays to Mohan that he must bring back Radha. Ketki then calls Rahul who agrees to come sit beside Mohan when Ketki also fulfills the ritual of Raksha Bandhan. Mohan thinks he has never been so helpless before in his life so wonders how can he bring back Radha. Mohan getting up hugs Ketki who finally leaves.

Ajeet comes to Mohan saying that their Raksha Bandhan has been been fulfilled but his hands are still empty, Ajeet says he made a promise to Radha that he will make sure she ties the Rakhi on his hand but his sister is still in jail. Mohan promises that his desire would be fulfilled as no matter what happens he will surely bring back Radha from jail. The entire family is emotional.

Radha sitting in the cell is reading the Bhagwat Geeta, she starts crying and is not able to read it properly, she closes her eyes when she hears Gungun reading the Bhagwat Geeta so turning sees Gungun standing outside the cell, Radha is amazed to see her when Gungun starts explaining the meaning of the verse in the Bhagwat Geeta which states that they should stand up and fight if they are on the right path as then they would surely win. Radha is socked to see Kadambari along with the entire Trivedi family walking in front of the cell, she gets really emotional when Mohan finally comes to stand with them all.

Radha closes the Bhagwat Geeta, quickly rushing to meet her family, she start smiling asking how they all are together. Ajeet asks how can he not come since he wants to make sure she ties the Rakhi on his hands, kadambari says her other brother Shekar got the permission for them to meet Radha. The lady constable opens the lock to the cell, Radha coming out immediately hugs Gungun and then embraces Kadambari. Radha seeing Mohan asks if a wife would have to ask her husband to hug him.

Damini says that Radha should be hanged, Bhushan asks her to calm down as she would be surely hanged when Damini says how can she not take tension even when she knows all the proofs are against Radha but she knows Mohan would do everything to protect Radha. Damini asks Bhushan to at least tell his plan to them since she should be sure Radha gets hanged tomorrow at eleven o clock. Bhushan asks who told her that Radha would be hanged tomorrow at eleven o clock, hearing this Damini gets tensed when Bhushan replies she would be hanged at eight o clock in the morning and before anyone from the Trivedi family finds out about it Radha would already be hanged, Damini gets excited hearing it.

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