Radha Mohan Zee world update Sunday 21 April 2024

Radha sitting in the Mandir thinks that no one is here then who placed the Diya and the Bhagwat Geeta, she starts smiling thinking about when Mohan jee gave her the Bhagwat Geeta and thinks they have always protected her from all the problems, she realizing it asks if this is the sign from Ba Kai Bihari jee to show her the way forward, Radha picks the Bhagwat Geeta in her hands, and reads that the war is her path and she must not back out from doing the right thing no matter the situations and problems that come her way, she exclaims Ba Kai Bihari jee finally showed her the way so when he is going to be by her side then nothing can stand in his way, but for Damini she would be enough. Radha further reads the Bhagwat Geeta in which Ba Kai Bihari jee mentions they should accept the good and bad times but keep fighting so for her she must continue fighting, she promise that she will not back down anymore.

Gungun in the Mandir promises to not let the Diya die down but says even Ba Kai Bihari jee would have to promise that he will send both her parents back home. Kadambari explains that they are not just Diya but their trust so he must not let them die down, Ketki mentions no matter how fast the wind blows they will neither let the Diya die down nor lose hope for Mohan bhai and Radha’s returns. Dadi prays that both Mohan and Radha should get the strength, Ajeet prays they should stay away from all the troubles, Ramaveshwar prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should respect the prayers of Radha but then they all see that the Diya are about to die down so they rush to make sure they are lit. Radha exclaims it was the duty of Ba Kai Bihari jee to show her the way while for her to fight, and she must keep fighting the war she has started with Damini till she dies because she has the support of Ba Kai Bihari jee and completely trusts him. Radha picks the peacock feather mentioning it is the symbol of her trust and she exclaims in this war the peacock feather would be her weapon and even the means of fulfilling her plans.

Mohan is awake and trying to get free from the ropes when Damini is constantly calling someone, Radha answers the call when Damini says she managed to run away and always keeps saying that Mohan is her Bhagwan and love, but then how did she leave him with her and got so afraid that she left her Bhagwan. Radha says even Ba Kai Bihari jee ran away but to complete the plans and end, she says she has ran away to end the plans of Damini mentioning she has made a big mistake hurting her Mohan jee so now she would not let her get away so easily.

Radha says she will give more pain to Damini mentioning she should start preparing for her end, Damini asks what is Radha going to do informing till now the war was amongst them both but now even Mohan is involved and if she is not able to bring all of her family to their knees, then her name is not Damini and Radha would be forced to beg for their livelihood. Damini says Radha should ask how is her Mohan jee, she turns to Mohan who is looking at Damini who says she does not feel Mohan would be able to survive.

Radha says Damini is lying as nothing has happened to her Mohan jee, Damini sits down exclaiming she keeps lying but asks if Radha forgot that Mohan got injured with a bullet and it is all because of Radha that Mohan is fighting for his life saying even the doctors have given up so now her Mohan jee has gone to her Ba Kai Bihari jee. Mohan says he is completely fine and Damini is lying so she comes here, kaveri rushes to close his mouth when Damini says it is not the voice of Mohan but Radha refuses to believe her, Mohan bites the hand of kaveri who starts screaming from pain and is worried, Damini sis shocked when Mohan warns he will forget she is his aunt if she touches her again.

Damini rushes to help Kaveri when Mohan snatches the phone and pushes Damini away who falls on the floor, Damini instructs Kaveri to take the phone, but Kaveri asks if Damini did not hear how he said he will forget she is his aunt.

Radha asks about his injury when he says he used to get injured like this all the times, Damini tries to snatch the phone when Mohan manages to stop her and says she must never feel she is alone, Radha promises that she will surely come back to save him when he replies he knows it, Kaveri says Damini must not interfere because the phone will disconnect once the balance ends, Mohan asks Kaveri to stop as he is not able to listen, he asks if Radha has eaten anything, seeing Damini questions why did she stop but Damini keeps struggling and then also bites the hand of Mohan who screams, he then drops the phone which Damini pickup but he once again hits her so she falls on the floor, Damini quickly disconnects the phone. Damini asks who does hit with their butt, he says he does not raise his hands on women. Mohan asks what did she teach her daughters who could not have bitten with her lips. Kaveri asks Damini what was the need to irritate Mohan.

Damini says Mohan was asking Radha if she has anything to eat and if he even asked her in their entire life such a question, Mohan says Damini would die from hunger and both of them would get infested with insects, while they will get the most horrible diseases in their life and even the ants would make their house over their dead body, he asks Kaveri to come in the front. Kaveri says she thought she is the only one who can curse but he can curse like this, he says he has gotten tired hearing these curses since his childhood, he warns he can take the life of one of them because if Radha can give her life then he can take the life of anyone for her.

Damini asks if he thinks Radha would remain safe since the orders of shoot to sight have been ordered when Damini leaves so kaveri asks where is she going, Mohan asks kaveri to come close but she says that he bites and gives horrible curses, Damini brings the forensic report asking if this is the proof which Mohan was taking the court and is the last proof, she smiles thinking it will be since the lab does not have any other sample of the fingerprints of Tulsi.

Damini says what is the reason to hide from Mohan now that he knows the entire truth, she asks what did he thinks that Radha would be safe as now she is going to end the last hope, she lights a lighter to ignite the forensic report which starts burning while Mohan is constantly saying her to stop but Damini says he cannot do anything now, Mohan seeing the report burning gets worried so Damini pushes the report on the floor, he tries to reach it but is not able to and the report burns right in front of his eyes, he keeps asking her to stop but she does not listen. Mohan remembers when Shekar said that this is the last proof that they have to save and he gets unconscious wondering why is he feeling so low. Kaveri plans to finish the lunch.

Damini calls Mohit to come and enter his mobile details so they can trace Radha, she immediately takes the phone saying that finally Radha is going to the place where she desires after which she will make sure that Radha dies, she is adamant to fulfill her plan.

Damini says Radha is going where she should go and that is to her death so it is time for them to start the third degree, Mohit nods while Damini says she will prepare a plan that Radha will come straight to her and vows to pour such lighting on the entire Trivedi family that they would not be able to even file a complain against her. Mohan wakes up questioning Damini what is she going to do, she leaves with a smile on her face while Mohan is worried.

Kadambari is really tensed with the rest of the family wondering where is Radha and if she was even able to find Mohan. Vishwaniyat gets a call from Shekar who says he has a plan to find Mohan, explaining they might say that Damini and Kaveri masi have been missing for so many days so they should file a police complaint against them, Kadambari

gets excited saying that they can put pressure on both Damini and Kaveri to release Mohan. Shekar says for this they have to file the complaint right now when Vishwaniyat asks Shekar to come to the police station, he asks Ajeet and they both rush to open the main door but are stunned seeing Radha standing at the front door so are glad, the rest of the Trivedi family is also excited seeing Radha, Gungun starts smiling and runs to hug Radha, Kadambari and Dadi also get emotional and start crying. Kadambari hugs Radha asking if she is fine explaining that her Radha has returned and now Mohan would have also come back, but they all get tensed when they are not able to see Mohan, Ketki asks Radha where is Mohan bhai, they all look to Radha who is very tensed and worried.

They all ask her about Mohan including Tulsi but she is still quiet, Radha hesitantly says that Mohan is still with Damini and he is even injured by a bullet hearing which everyone is stunned. The are not able to believe what Radha is saying, Kadambari asks Radha to say clearly what happened, Radha reveals how she saw Damini instructing the goons to take Mohan away, she saw that he was unconscious so tried to run after the car and even reached the hideout at the night, when she disguised herself and managed to escape with Mohan but he hurt his knee so they were not able to get far away before Damini along with the criminals caught up to them, Mohan placed his hand before the gun of Damini in order to protect her from the bullet, Gungun gets emotional hearing it when Radha says that Mohan jee is completely fine even if he is with Damini.

Kadambari is also about to get unconscious when Radha rushes saying she must not lose hope otherwise who would take care of them, Kadambari asks what can they do since they do not have any way to help Mohan and what should they do, Radha says there is one way hearing which kadambari asks her to tell the plan, Radha taking a step back mentions she has been blamed for killing Tulsi, so explains that Kadambari should go with the entire family and tell the police that Damini has kidnapped Mohan and she should use the entire power she has which is going to create pressure on Damini, saying Kadambari even knows the police commissioner so can try and talk with him because his help would be beneficial for them kadambari agrees to call the commissioner and then Radha asks Ketki to go and make a video since they need the support of the general public.

Radha even asks Vishwaniyat to call his associates and seek their help when he agrees, Radha says they have to ask all of the people they can for help. Radha says she is going to go and find proof that she has not murdered Tulsi, Kadambari mentions Radha is right as this is not the time to be worried because they all have to help and save Mohan, they will go to any extent to achieve their purpose. Rahul agrees saying they would surely find Mohan, Ajeet mentions that now the entire family is together so they cannot lose. Gungun tells Ramaa that she has returned so now everything would be fine. Radha tells Gungun she cannot stay here because then everyone would know and police will take her away, which will end all of the ways with which they can save Mohan. Radha says that Gungun is clever so must know she has to leave in order to save Mohan jee, Gungun is emotional.

The entire family gets shocked hearing people banging the windows of the Trivedi mansion, they are not able to understand what is going on so everyone gets really scared, Radha is not able to understand what is going on, they get really scared.

Mohan is constantly trying to break from the rope and even hits the boxes seeing which Kaveri gets worried, Damini comes asking what is he doing since he is injured when Mohit says he has the strength of a bull but Damini says Mohan is a lion. Kaveri mentions he will ruin them once he gets free so Damini says she has an idea and asks Mohit to give her the spray, she says she would have to use it on him after which he will get unconscious. Mohan says she has gotten very low and is still saying she loves him, Damini replies this is why she is just talking about making him unconscious because he does not know what she would do to him.

Damini says she has to first deal with his family, Mohan gets furious questioning what is she doing with the family that gave her respect mentioning she should have some shame, Damini says they have not done any favor because she has also done a lot for the Trivedi publication, which is far greater then the rent which both her and her mother owe to them. Damini says that even after this all the weight of her love is far greater then his love for him, she says his family should be punished because they chose Radha over her. Mohan says that he is the one who loved Radha and sided with her so she must do it all with him, Damini smiles saying she desires a lot to punish him but she loves him a lot s why is he not understanding. Mohan says he has understood her love but then she must end this drama as they both will forget it and have a fresh start, he requests her to not involve his family in this. Damini gets excited saying that he has started falling in love with her so Mohan asks her to open him but Kaveri stops her saying Mohan is just making a fool of him, Mohit also says that he will run away but Damini refuses to believe it saying this is between her and Mohan, he agrees mentioning this is actually between them and he also loves her so she must open him. Damini is slowly walking towards Mohan without listening to both Kaveri and Mohit who warn her to not listen to him otherwise they all will die. Mohan once again asks Damini to come and open him.

Kadambari questions who is the one knocking on the windows but they all do not give any answer but just start beating the door when the police suddenly enter through the main door seeing which everyone gets shocked, as the police rush to stand in front of the Trivedi family as the Jailer and the Inspector are searching for Radha seeing whom Kadambari is really worried.

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