Radha Mohan update Monday 25 March 2024

Radha Mohan 25 March 2024: Gungun is following the cat towards the terrace, Tulsi requests her to not go out since there is danger, she notices the reeling is broken so Gungun will fall down.

Tulsi pleads with Gungun to stop and then requests Ba Kai Bihari jee to help mentioning the only reason she stayed back in this world was so she could protect her daughter but if she is not able to do it then what is the purpose of her living here, she requests strength from Ba Kai Bihari jee. Damini starts smiling seeing that the cat has gone to the terrace and Gungun is also following her. Tulsi takes deep breath and then manages to close the door before Gungun can pass through it, seeing this both Damini and Kaveri are shocked. Damini realizes it is the work of Tulsi, Kaveri gets worried.

Radha requests Mohan to drive fast as they have gotten very late.

Gungun is beating the door so it opens while Tulsi is using all her strength to keep the door closed. Damini exclaims Guru maa has tied her hands and even shut her mouth but how is Tulsi able to do it, Kaveri says that Tulsi would have surely prayed to Bhagwan pleading for her motherhood so he would have given her some strength, Damini quickly calls the Guru maa informing her about the situation.

Gungun asks if someone is present here who can help her open the door otherwise the cat would be in danger, Tulsi apologizes to Gungun mentioning she knows that Gungun is worried for the life of that cat but she can not let anything wrong happen to her, Tulsi sits down when she notices that her feet are also being tied, she wonders what is happening with her. Gungun prays with Ba Kai Bihari jee to help her open the door, Guru maa starts pulling Tulsi to the side, she questions Ba Kai Bihari jee about what is happening to her but she is finally moved to the side so Gungun manages to open the door. Damini and Kaveri are relieved and they both hide.

Gungun is shocked to see that the cat is about to fall so asks her to not move, Damini exclaims that sh feels Guru maa has done her work, Kaveri exclaims that Tulsi would not be able to do anything so Gungun would hav to die. Tulsi once again requests Gungun to stop meanwhile Damini and Kaveri reach the terrace to see what will happen to Gungun.

Gungun kneels to pick the cat, she starts kissing it but the cat bites her so she scrams and falls from the balcony. Damini exclaims that now Gungun has died and both of them would be free from both Tulsi and Gungun.

Radha abages to cathc Gungun as she is about to fall but Mohan holds them both, Damini and Kaveri are shocked seeing how Gungun is safe so they both rush downstairs.

Radha and Mohan both start asking Gungun if she is fine, Mohan notices that Radha is very worried for Gungun and crying, Damini wonders where did Radha come from suddenly, Kaveri exclaims they have three chudrails in their lives.

Radha recall when Mohan jee asked her to get out while he will park the car, which is when she saw Gungun walking towards the balcony which was moving, she thought that Gungun will fall down but then managed to catch her, Radha praises Ba Kai Bihari jee for sending them on the right time, she once again asks Gungun is she is fine, Mohan hugs them both assuring nothing has happened to Gungun.

Radha is very worried and emotional, she once again asks Gungun where did she get injured. Mohan says Radha has once again saved the life of Gungun. Damini questions how did Radha come back here so quickly, Kaveri exclaims Radha has like always come to ruin their plan, she feels that their destiny is not good and she feels they would have to ask some Pandit and hold a pooja for Radha.

Radha hugs Gungun vowing to not let anything happen to her, Mohan asks Gungun how did she fall down, Gungun replies she was trying to catch the kitty. Radha starts staring up, Damini and Kaveri both are shocked, Radha gets furious seeing them and realizes the balcony is broken, Kaveri whispers that Radha has seen them both and they must leave before she beats them, Radha thinks now she has understood how it all happened, she thinks she has already waned them that if they do anything to her she might forgive them but would not spare anyone if they even think of harming Gungun.

Mohan once again asks Gungun but then is shocked wondering where did Radha go, he takes Gungun inside the house. Tulsi appreciates Ba Kai Bihari jee for sending Radha on the right time as she managed to protect Gungun.

Damini asks Kaveri to come quickly, they both sit on the bed and Kaveri exclaims that Radha has once again spoiled their plan as neither will Gungun die in this life nor Tulsi leave them and she requests that Damini should find some manager in the company and marry him, Damini warns Kaveri to not further instigate her as she is also very furious. She asks Kaveri to act like they are sleeping since they have tried to kill Gungun today and Radha will be coming to harm them like a lioness.

Damini and Kaveri both lie down on their bed when Radha angrily reaches their bed room with a wooden rod, demanding that Damini should open the door, however they both do not respond when Radha starts pulling the door. Kaveri exclaims she feels that Radha is surely going to kill them both, Radha demands they both should open the door. Ajeet and Ketki see Radha so wonder why is Radha screaming, Ketki exclaims she feels the sound is coming from the room of Damini so they both go to check. Vishwaniyat and kadambari also come wondering why is Radha screaming.

The entire family reaches the hall, kadambari asks Mohan what is he doing here and how is Gungun with him, Mohan informs that Gungun fell from the balcony, Kadambari is shocked asking how did it happen when Mohan informs that Radha saw Gungun is falling down after getting out from their car, he explains Radha managed to catch Gungun at the last moment otherwise something bad could have happened.

Mohan hears Radha screaming so questions why is she screaming at Damini, Radha manages to break the door after taking the name of Ba Kai Bihari je, she angrily pulls of the quilt when Damini questions what sort of behavior is this, Radha says she will now show what she can do so she angrily slaps Damini ,Kaveri questions Radha why is she beating her daughter, she starts beating Kaveri. Damini questions how did Radha dare raise her hand on Kaveri, Radha replies today she would beat them with anything that she gets a hold off, Radha keeps beating both Damini and Kaveri who warns her to stop and even calls her a mental girl, Kaveri exclaims she must not beat her like this, Radha mentions today they have tried to kill her daughter so she cannot let them get away like this, Damini tries to pull the rod and even Kaveri holds it but they both are not able to over power Radha.

She exclaims today is the birthday of Gungun and she will make sure that both Kaveri and Damini die today so she starts hitting them once again, Damini asks if she has gotten mad. Mohan entering the room is shocked to see Radha beating both Kaveri and Damini, Kadambari asks Radha what is she doing, Ketki and Ajeet also do not understand, kadambari asks what is she doing, Radha replies she is doing what she should have done a long time ago, Damini requests Mohan to help her but he stops after he gets hit with Radha, Mohan exclaims he should not interfere in the fight.

Kadambari asks Mohan to stop Radha, he syas now only one person can stop Radha who is Gungun, kadambari informs she is enjoying it when Gungun asks for some popcorn. Kadambari once again asks Radha what have they both done that she is beating them, Radha replies if she tells her then she would also start beating them, kadambari and Mohan get worried.

Radha is continuously beating Damini and Kaveri when Mohan tells only one person can stop Radha and it is Gungun, Kadambari turns to look at Gungun who is enjoying herself so she tells Mohan that Gungun is enjoying, Gungun asks someone to bring some popcorn when Mohan requests Gungun to stop Radha since she also stops her whenever Gungun fights with any of her friend, Gungun exclaims that both Damini and Kaveri have cheered her mood, she realizing ti rushes in front of Radha demanding she must stop, Mohan asks Kadambari that she managed to stop her, Radha gets emotional and crying asks if she is hurt anywhere so demands her to tell so they can bandage her, Gungun assures she is perfectly fine, Radha angrily stares at Damini who is also furious, Gungun mentions she got a little scared when Radha cached her like a ball but she really enjoyed how she was beating them both, Damini asks Mohan what is this behavior as he does not say anything and Radha beats them whenever she desires, Kadambari asks Radha to calm down asking what has happened,

Radha explains she has bared whatever they have done to her but today they have tried to kill her daughter, Radha explains she has just beaten them today but is now even going to get them both locked up and tortured by the police. Kaveri exclaims if the police is going to come in the house of Kadambari Devi, she asks what have they both done when Kaveri replies they have not done anything and Radha has gotten mad because they were sleeping.

Radha asks if Kaveri sleeps with the slippers, mentioning that she herself saw them both standing on the top floor but Kaveri replies she was just feeling cold so slept with her slippers. Kaveri assures she has not done anything, Radha says now she is going to reveal the truth explaining Gungun did not fall down by mistake but they both have surely done something because of which she fell, Damini asks Radha to not lie when Radha replies now the police will decide what is right and wrong, she is adamant to call the police herself and so snatches the phone from Ketki. Kaveri asks Kadambari to stop Radha who is about to call the police however no one is able to do anything.

Kadambari requests Mohan to stop Radha, but she is very furious however Gungun stops Radha, saying as she has beaten them both, she really enjoyed it and today it would be the best birthday gift if they both had been thrown out, and she would have lied but Radha taught her that it is not nice to lie and she is also telling the truth that they both have not done anything. Radha mentions Gungun feel down and they would have done anything, Gungun says it was her own mistake because of which she fell after following the kitten but they both did not have any mistake in it. Radha wonders how can the reeling break suddenly, she is sure they both have done something.

Damini gets frustrated, she says this house is old and it is possible that the reeling might have broken in the rain. Damini asks how can Radha blame everything on them and does she have any proof. Mohan suggests Radha might be mistaken as just ten minutes are left to celebrate the birthday of Gungun. Damini exclaims Mohan causes a lot of tantrums if Radha is hurt but she beat them both and he is not saying anything, Mohan explains that the birthday of Gungun is about to start in ten minutes and they will talk about it in the morning.

Mohan asks Gungun to come as they are going to celebrate the birthday, Damini and Kaveri also leave. Radha is sure they both are lying otherwise they would not be standing in the window, Radha thinks why did Tulsi not do anything to protect Gungun, as she is always there to protect her but when today Gungun was in such a big problem then why did Tulsi not save her. Radha wonders what if Tulsi herself is in some problem, she calls Tulsi asking where is she but does not get any response, Tulsi requests Radha to help her get free as she can no longer bear the pain, she pleads with Radha to protect her.

Ketki and Dulari bring the cake for Gungun and everyone else also join her, Gungun says to Ajeet that this is the same cake which she showed him and he brought it for her, Ajeet says who else would bring it for her if not him. Mohan is also smiling looking at Radha, Gungun exclaims Ajeet is the best uncle in Varandhwan rather the entire world. Damini and Kaveri are furious seeing them all celebrating.

Mohan staring at Radha wonders what sort of a girl is she as she forgot her own pain for the sake of Gungun, the entire family starts singing the birthday song for Gungun who is cutting a cake with a smile on her face, Ajeet and Rahul both burst the party poppers after which each and every one of them present Gungun a gift. Radha signals Mohan asking what has happened, she goes to Radha with a cake who first takes Gungun to her Grandparents, Gungun then brings the cake for Radha but she signals towards Mohan however he also insists that Radha should eat the cake first they both keep turning down Gungun, seeing which everyone gets shocked.

Gungun herself eats the cake so everyone starts smiling. Mohan then brings a piece of cake which he feeds Gungun and then turns towards Radha, also wishing her Happy birthday. Moha explains that a mother also has her birthday on the same day as her children, he even makes Radha eat the cake, she gets some on the corner of her lips, Mohan signals her to remove it but she is not able to remove it, Mohan places the piece of cake on the tray and using his other hand removes the cake from the face of Radha, he removes his birthday cap throwing it away and even asks Radha to remove her cap. They both are smiling while constantly staring each other when Gungun suddenly interferes, Radha wishes her Happy birthday along with a lot of blessings for a long life, Radha and Mohan both agree to kiss Gungun together but she manages to run away causing them both to come very close to each other. Damini and Kaveri are not able to bear the sight of them both coming close.

Mohan remembers how Gungun has done it once before, he starts smiling thinking about Radha who has always been by his side, he gets a bit nervous, Kaveri exclaims that Radha has beaten them so much but they all are still celebrating the birthday of Gungun an she feels as if they all donot care about them. Damini thinks she should let them celebrate their time with Gungun as who knows it is their last time. Damini mentions that they have kept Tulsi tied for the past four days and tomorrow is the fifth day, Kaveri does not understand when Damini questions if she does not remember what Guru maa said, so in order to get rid of Tulsi they have to make sure that Gungun dies tomorrow, they both are furious.

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