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Narmada tells Gungun that her mother left this special gift for her, Mohan is shocked to hear that Tulsi left some letters for Gungun, Kaveri asks Damini what is Narmada giving to Gungun, Damini thinks this is the end of the relation of Radha and Mohan.

Kans standing in the passage exclaims whenever he comes here, he can remember each and every moment spent with her as he can remember their fights and time spent with each other, he says that RakshaBandhan is about to come but even this year she will not tie Rakhi to him. Tulsi exclaims she knows that the relation of a brother and sister does not break so easily, and even though he has made so many mistakes she knows that he would not have made them if she was alive.

Gungun asks if her mother wrote these letters for her, Narmada says that her mother indeed wrote them and she found the box while cleaning the house but desires that she should be the one to read them. Kadambari gets shocked asking why would Tulsi write the letters, Mohan says because she had already planned to leave Gungun. Narmada says that Tulsi used to write the diary but would have also wrote the letters. Gungun is very excited to see the letters, Narmada mentions now she must leave but Radha requests her to stay for some more time, Kadambari also offers her to at least have some dinner but she says that she will eat some other time. Mohan takes the blessings of Narmada but she is furious.

Kaveri standing on the balcony mentions that Narmada came bearing gifts and even left after meeting everyone but what happened, she says that nothing happened and where is Tulsi on which she had placed her mark. Damini mentions she has done it with the letters, she informed Gungun is the reason for the strong relationship of Radha and Mohan but with the help of these letters she will slowly go against Radha, or should she say Rama and after that Kaveri will have both the life of Radha along with her hair.

Narmada standing at the main door mentions that she used to feel how would she a young child live without her mother but now she is relieved since Radha has fulfilled the place of Tulsi. Radha replies she can never fulfill the place of Tulsi but it is the blessing of Narmada that she considers as her daughter. Narmada asks what about Mohan and the condition, Radha does not understand anything when she asks about the condition of six months, Radha remembers when the court granted them the custody of Gungun only for six months, and he said that he will leave Radha after six months. Narmada asks if Mohan is still hellbent on leaving her after the six months, and has Radha asked him about it, she replies she did not when Narmada says he is very selfish who would leave her once his desires are fulfilled.

Radha assures there is nothing to be worried about since she is a part of this family, Narmada asks has she become a part of his life because he did not accept her when they got married so is he going to divorce her once the six months are complete, or did he give her a sign that their relation is moving ahead, Radha replies he does not have to say anything, but Narmada disagrees explaining she must question him so she can also find out what she gave and got in return. Narmada explains she had the duty to explain him but she cannot lose her as she has already lost her daughter.

Ajeet is talking with his mother who is Padma, she asks when is he going to come back to live with them, he assures he will come back but only when they have their own house as he cannot live with Mandra aunt. Ajeet ends the call after Ketki calls him, she comes to stand beside him when he tries to explain, Ketki explains she knew he was talking with his mother but she felt he had an affair, Ajeet gets offended mentioning that he really cares for her and has always stood beside her while he even cooks for her but she really hurt him, Ketki says how is she wrong because he talks with her in secrecy, so what else could she feel.

Ketki asks if he wants to live with his mother, then can go as she does not want to be someone who separates a son from his mother. Ajeet asks Ketki to come and sit beside him, he explains he is also a bit selfish because he lives here because this family has considered him as their own, and even if Kadambari calls him as her Devar but she loves him like a son along with Vishwaniyat. Ajeet explains he was worried what would happen if Damini gets married to Mohan since she would throw them both out of this house.

Ketki replies that his mother also has the right to stay with him, Ajeet explains that he only has his mother and brother Nandu but she prefers to live with her mother, however he always feels a burden that he cannot take his wife Ketki there. Ajeet further says he suggested that they should purchase a small house for the three of them but his mother is not interested in it, Ajeet explains that this family needs him here, saying who would bring Gungun back from school and the protein shakes for Rahul while even do the grocery of this house. Ketki hugs Ajeet saying eh must never think he lives in this house because he does the work but he is a member of this house, Ajeet asks if this is the case then why did she suspect him of having an affair, Ketki hugs Ajeet requesting him to let go of this topic.

Kans comes informing Narmada that he has taken out the car, she hugs Radha who after taking her blessings gets worried, Tulsi mentions her mother is telling the truth since Radha should ask this question from Mohan, she also has the right to know everything. Radha is thinking about what Narmada told her regarding her relation with Mohan Radha turns but sees Mohan standing behind her, he is also very tensed seeing her while Radha seems worried.

Radha is very tensed thinking how Narmada asked if Mohan has accepted her since he did not do it at the time of their wedding so she feels Radha must question him, Radha turns back and is stunned to see Mohan standing behind her, she leaves without saying anything to Mohan, he starts following her but does not notice that kadambari is also hearing their conversation and is really worried. Damini thinks that before Mohan would get any chance to clarify this situation then Radha would be ousted from this house after which she will get the love of Mohan, Damini vows if this does not happen then she will surely end anyone who comes between them. Kaveri smiles mentioning she first thought that the plan of Damini would not be fulfilled but now seeing how adamant she is about it, then she is sure that everything would work according to their plan.

Mohan is trying to stop Radha but she leaves without listening to anything, kadambari stops him when he says that Radha left after getting furious, Kadambari explains that does he not feel that she has the right to be angry, kadambari explains even if the way with which Narmada asked thee question were wrong but her questions are still justified, kadambari mentions it is time to create the difference between both Radha and Damini, she mentions that Radha got so busy in taking care of this house after their marriage that she forgot about those conditions that were set during it, she advises Mohan to sort this matter. Mohan tries to explain when Kadambari leaves informing that he must give the answer to Radha.

Radha is sitting in her room remembering how Narmada asked if Mohan has given her the right to his life, Tulsi says that she knows Radha is worried but this is the time to ask this question from Mohan, she hears him coming so leaves exclaiming this matters relates to them both. Radha starts cleaning the room when he says he wants to talk with her, Gungun suddenly rushes into the room asking her Ramaa to read the letters of her mother but hearing this Mohan gets furious so he snatches the box from Gungun, mentioning if she has lost all the manners about how to enter in someone’s room, he blames that these letters will be a plan of her Grandmother and uncle, Gungun gets worried when Radha takes the box from Mohan, informing Gungun that she is getting late for her office while even Gungun is getting late for the school so they would read them once they both come back. Gungun leaves after hugging Radha saying she is the best but informs Mohan to first go to the doctor before leaving for his office.

Gungun leaves the room when Damini comes out thinking that she thought Mohan will be a hurdle in her plan but everything is going accordingly, she calls Kans asking if Narmada got suspicious about those letters when he replies that the way she was crying proved how hurt she was at the moment. Kans replies he is sure that once Gungun reads those letters then would come to them and with her they will even get the property of Trivedi family, Damini informs for this they have to make sure Radha leaves the house.

Mohan tries talking to Radha but sh is not ready to listen, he asks if she saw the way Gungun was talking with him, Radha replies that he should have also talked with her in a polite manner because he must give respect if he wants to get the respect, Mohan says he really wanted to talk about something important with her, Radha replies he must let her live the way she is and not explain anything to her since she does not care about it, Mohan says he is worried about what might be written in the letters because his relation with Gungun was sorted after a long while and he does not want it to go through any rough patch, Radha asks Mohan to remember how he would get into fights with Tulsi before Gungun was born but he never got this feeling, Mohan replies he never had this feeling but is worried about these letters for some weird reason as he feels Gungun would go away from him, Radha replies he must not worry since she is always going to stand by his side, he says that she is really one single piece in this world because her own mother turned her back towards Radha but even then she did not get hurt and is caring for them.

Mohan mentions today he is going to give her all the answers, he slowly starts walking towards Radha when she gets worried so starts taking the name of each of the family member but Mohan does not move even a bit saying that everyone is busy, he finally warns Radha to not even think about taking the name of Damini. Mohan is constantly staring Radha in her eyes while she is very tensed, he corrects her hair so she gets a bit shy thereby lowering her gaze, Mohan forces Radha to stare him back and then pulls her even close to him, they both are very close when they are stunned by the voice of Shekar, Mohan says he must get an Oscar for entering and asks where was he all this time, Shekar replies he had to come since he brought the papers which Mohan asked for hearing this he also gets worried, Shekar replies he thought everything is sorted between them both but then what was the need for these papers, Radha also asks Shekar what are these papers, he informs the six months have been completed and he has brought the divorce papers, Mohan is shocked while Radha seeing the divorce papers gets terrified, Mohan turns to look at Radha who gets emotional so tries to leave after picking her bag but Mohan stops her from behind, she turning mentions she never asked for a reply but today has got all the answers, she tells he can sign the papers and she would also sign them later, Radha leaves without even listening to Mohan and he is really confused.

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