Promised Love Update Tuesday 9 March 2021

Promised Love 9 March 2021: starts with Shayra getting ready and wearing an earring. She hears Azaan saying ouch and comes out of room. She sees Azaan walking with his eyes closed and colliding with things. Shayra comes out and asks Azaan what is he doing? Azaan opens his eyes and looks at her. He is walking towards her, when Mashuqa comes holding mirchi plate and collides with him. Azaan falls down. Shayra walks towards him when Dilruba comes and collides with her and the flour falls from his hand. Shayra falls on Azaan. Azaan looks at her face and tells that today is his important meeting and he wanted to see her smiling face. Shayra laughs and says you are mad. Azaan says just for you. Noor comes and asks what is happening here? Shayra is leaving. Azaan stops her and tells that day time is yours according to your
condition. Noor goes. Shayra asks Azaan why did he do this? Azaan says before Noor makes me angry, I made her angry.

He comes to the dining table and says you all started without you. he sees Asgar reading newspaper and takes the newspaper from him. He reads that bahu begum’s choti bahu has done tamasha. Asgar says she will become famous. Azaan says yes. He watches Noor’s video at Seema’s orphanage and shows to Asgar. He laughs. Shayra asks Azaan to stop it. Noor asks Shayra not to act. Azaan asks her not to act and have food. He gets up and says I will have food in office. Shayra tries to stop him. Azaan says he will have food in office. Noor gets up and says I will read bismillah. She closes her eyes. Azaan plays the recording of Shayra reading bismillah. Noor gets angry and asks for the forehead kiss. Khalid gets upset and asks why you want after the insult. Azaan gets a call and goes. Surayya tells Noor that she can’t snatch anything. Azaan comes back and tells that Sonia called and told that the meeting is delayed, says he will freshen up, have food and then go to office.

Shayra tries to clarify to Noor. Noor throws the things. Shayra asks what is this behavior? Noor says Azaan misbehaves with her and blames her for provoking Azaan against her and taking revenge from her. Shayra says what are you saying? Noor says I thought you realized you mistake and got me married to Azaan, but I was wrong, it was your trick to become great in their eyes and make me bad. She blames her for coming in her life and tells that if you had not come then I wouldn’t have given me Azaan and my Ammi wouldn’t have died and asks why did you born? She raises her hand to slap Shayra. Shayra holds her hand and tells that if she don’t mend her ways then she will be alone. She goes. Surayya says Shayra also said this. Khalid asks Noor why she is after Azaan even after getting humiliated by him. Asgar says this is the matter of husband and wife and asks him not to interfere. Khalid says sorry and says I will be with you always. Noor says my shoe will also don’t need your support. She says you people are here for few days. Surayya says even you. Noor says my plans are not weak like your plans.

Surayya tells Khalid that he did what they asked him to do. She says you will do whatever we ask you to be closer to Noor. Khalid says yes. Surayya thinks to aim at three with one arrow. Noor talks to her friend Zoya and says she needs a break and talk to her after coming there. Mashuqa and Dilruba hear her. Mashuqa says trouble has gone. Noor sees them hearing her and goes. Azaan comes to Shayra’s room. Shayra asks him to go to his room. Azaan says your prince charming is standing infront of you and you don’t see him. Shayra looks at him and says I didn’t see the dream of prince charming as such girls see that dream who don’t trust themselves and I have fought the war alone since my childhood. She says I don’t need prince charming. Sje pushes him. Azaan says but this prince charming needs his begum and shows the broken buttons of the shirt. He says day time is yours and you will do wife’s duties now. Shayra says she don’t want to say anything. Azaan says I heard that Noor went out from Mashuqa. He asks if she thinks she can’t go away from a handsome guy if she comes near him. Shayra says you are having a misunderstanding and laughs. She says she will bring the needle and thread. Azaan shows the needle and thread. He pulls her closer to him.

Noor talks to Surayya and tells that she has come out as per the plan. Surayya asks her not to worry. Noor says she has made plan with her as enemies enemy is a friend. She says we have to teach a lesson to Shayra. Surayya says they love each other a lot, but this zalim zamana. Azaan asks Shayra to stitch the button. She asks him to close his eyes and asks not to open until she asks him. Azaan closes his eyes. Shayra makes Dilruba stand and stitch his shirt button. Dilruba looks at Azaan and thinks of him being shirtless. Azaan feels the needle piercing in his skin and shouts. He opens his eyes and sees Dilruba. Shayra laughs. Dilruba goes. Azaan gets upset.

Shayra asks if he is scared? Azaan says if this thing happens with you then you will be scared too. She says she is not scared of anyone except Allah. Azaan challenges to scare her. She accepts the challenge. Someone is standing outside her room and comes inside her room. She thinks Azaan is in the room and goes inside. Someone enters her room.Asgar asking Surayya if she is with Noor or against her, says she insults you so much. Surayya says I am not helping her, but myself. She says she will teach a lesson to Razia, Noor, Azaan and Shayra. She says she will change Noor’s plan with hers and she will never know. She feels pity on Shayra. Dilruba hits himself with chappal and says tauba. He says he thought of stranger man. Mashuqa says it happens with you. Dilruba says Asgar Miyan is mine, but today I thought about Azaan. Mashuqa coughs. Dilruba apologizes to God and says Asgar is his love.

Shayra gives file to Razia. Razia tells Azaan that she is going for Safina’s case and says she can’t do anything for the one who sets her clothes on fire, but can save Safina. Surayya and Asgar come there. Surayya
says we are going to bank to get our jewellery etc. She thinks of Noor’s plan and thinks Allah hafiz Shayra begum. Mashuqa asks Razia, can I come with you? Razia says why not, afterall Safina is your friend and will feel good. Azaan holds Shayra’s hand and says we shall give off to Dilruba also and then we will be together at home. Shayra says no need and asks him to go to office, says you will be free by evening. Azaan says you will be alone at home, won’t you get scared. Shayra says Dilruba is at home. Azaan says don’t know why, but I don’t want to leave you. He says time spends fast when I am with you. Shayra asks him to go to office. Azaan kisses her forehead and says Allah hafiz. Yeh ishq jaanleva plays…as her dupatta gets stuck with his watch. He says your dupatta wants me to stay with you. Shayra says but I don’t want. Azaan tears her dupatta and ties around his hand, says he will feel that she is with him. He looks at her and leaves.

She thinks of Noor’s words and gets sad. Azaan comes back and says boo. She gets scared. Azaan asks her not to get scared. The masked man looks at her. Noor calls Surayya and asks about their plan. Surayya says they left from home, now Shayra is with Dilruba alone in the house. Noor says today she will take revenge on Shayra. Surayya ends the call and says she will take revenge on Noor also. Khalid is also in the car and asks her not to do anything with Noor.

Shayra is in the kitchen and calls Dilruba. She hears someone going past from there and hears the footsteps shockingly. Shayra calls Dilruba. Dilruba comes calling her and writhes in pain as he is stabbed on his back. He falls down. Shayra is shocked and sits down. Dilruba gets up and laughs. He shows his mobile and she hears Azaan laughing. Shayra takes the call and scolds Azaan politely. Azaan asks her to accept that got scared. She says she didn’t get scared and gives phone to Dilruba, asking him not to call her even if someone comes to kill him. She goes to her room. Azaan calls her. Shayra says she was not scared. Azaan says I have to plan something big. The masked man is standing behind her and keeps hand on her shoulder. She says Azaan, I am not scared. Just then she gets Azaan’s call and picks the call. Azaan says sorry and says I shall not scare you. Shayra is scared. The masked man comes near her. Shayra shouts and asks who are you? Azaan gets tensed hearing her screams. The masked man slaps Shayra and breaks the phone. He tries to throttles her neck.

Shayra asks him to leave her. Dilruba hears her screaming and thinks seems like Azaan came and he scared her. Shayra hits the man and tries to run, but stops hearing her phone ringing. She gets the phone from under the chair. Azaan leaves from office and calls her. The masked man slaps Shayra. Dilruba gets worried for Shayra hearing her continuous screaming and goes to room. He hits the masked man, but he pushes him down and tries to throttle Shayra’s neck. Shayra feels suffocated. Dilruba gets up again and asks the masked man to leave her. The masked man holds his neck and then slaps him. Dilruba asks Shayra to run out. The masked man tries to kill Dilruba. Dilruba holds the man’s hand and says even if I lose my life, but I will not let anything happen to you. The masked man hits him repeatedly until he faints. He hits Shayra and she faints. Azaan calls Dilruba also and says even he is not picking the call. The masked man drags Dilruba and hides him. He then drags Shayra to the hall. She gains consciousness and asks what is your enmity with me. She says I am innocent.

Azaan calls on the landline. Shayra hears the landline phone ringing and picks the call. The masked man takes the phone from her hand and breaks it. Shayra hits him and makes him fall down. She thinks to call Azaan and runs to her room. Surayya sees everyone on her tablet. Noor asks what is happening? Surayya says whatever you had said. Noor says Shayra is scared. Shayra runs to room and tries to call Azaan. The masked man tries to get inside the room and says I will come inside anyhow and will shaken up your soul. Shayra locks the door and windows. He tries to break the windows and manages to open the door. He comes to the room. Shayra hides. He keeps his foot on her hand.


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