Promised Love Update Friday 26 February 2021

Promised Love 26 February 2021: starts with Razia asking Azaan how he will marry Noor without divorcing Shayra. Azaan says I told you that I will fight for my love and if I fail then you will see my such a face for what you will hate me. He says I will marry Noor, but will not leave Shayra. He says Noor and Shayra will be my wives. The guests say two wives. Razia slaps him hearing about polygamy. She says two nikah and says it is just a word for man, but pain for the woman and that is for all life. Shayra asks what are you saying and says this is impossible. Azaan asks Qazi Saheb to say if it is impossible. Qazi says it is possible in certain situations. Azaan says when I am in marriage with the girl I don’t know then why can’t I be with the girl with whom I love. Razia slaps him and says you are your father’s son and made my wounds greener.

Azaan says sorry and says neither I want to hurt you nor I want to give you pain. He says I am not saying this as I want two wives, but saying this as I just wants Shayra whom I loves a lot. Shayra refuses. Azaan says then I will also not marry Noor and says she will come in my life, if you don’t go from my life. He says we both will get burnt in Noor’s stubbornness fire. Shayra says you can’t do this with Noor. Noor says I agree for this and says if the price is you to get Azaan then I accept it, and says deal is not bad if you are coming with package. Azaan says we are package deal for her. He says we will live and die together. Shayra says there is no third person’s place in marriage and says it is wrong. Azaan promises to do all his responsibilities as a husband and will distribute all his wealth equally between them, but only Shayra will have the right on his heart and love.

Shayra stops Azaan from giving his life and says sometimes Noor threatens me and sometimes you. why everyone blackmails me. Azaan says why you are so good, when everyone is taking your advantage then why I shall not take advantage of your goodness. He asks her to swear not to leave him. Shayra promises him. Noor says Qazi Saheb is waiting, lets go and do the marriage.Qazi Saheb asks Azaan if he accepts marriage with Noor. Azaan says Qubool Hai…Shayra thinks today he has broken her pride and says you have forced me in this twin marriage, I will never forgive you. Qazi Saheb says marriage is completed, Noor is Azaan’s wife and Bhopal’s choti bahu begum. The priest in the Dargah says that whatever was destined happened. Later Shayra brings the mirror. Qazi Saheb asks him to look at his wife. Azaan looks at Shayra. Qazi Saheb asks him to look at his new wife in the mirror. Azaan says he is looking and looks at Shayra. Noor asks him to look at her. Azaan hits on the mirror and walks away angrily from there. Asgar smiles.

Noor looks on. Razia also goes. The guest lady tells that the nikah is strange. Other lady tells that Azaan did right and Noor will never get by snatching someone’s rights. They all leave. Noor fumes with anger and asks Surayya what swear did he give to her, that she shall never leave him, but if he only kicks her out of the house then? She swears on her dead Ammi and thinks to take revenge from Shayra (For no mistake of hers). Surayya says Azaan loves Shayra. Noor says if childhood friendship can turn into hatred then why can’t few days old love.

Azaan coming to his room and seeing Shayra packing her stuff. Azaan says even this tongueless bag knows that your place is here in this room. Shayra says she don’t want to talk to him now. She finds the trolley handle broken. Azaan holds the bag and says guest room. Shayra looks at the room. Azaan says you will be here soon. She leaves. Later Surayya opens the door and welcomes Noor to Azaan’s room. Noor asks what is all this, today is my wedding night and nobody decorated my room. Azaan takes Shayra to guest room and she sees the decoration there. She asks why? Azaan says your room and says his world is because of her and he wants to decorate her world. He says one fact can’t be changed and tells that until he is alive, her life will blossom like these flowers and says this is my promise to you.

Surayya says they would have kept few flowers or sprayed room freshener. She says I am really feeling bad for you. Noor asks if you are getting sad then why didn’t you decorate my bed. Surayya says Shayra should do that. Noor checks the cupboard and says Shayra took her clothes. Surayya says where is Azaan? Shayra gets angry on Azaan and says she wants to die before doing what he asked her to do. Azaan says you also made me do what will kill me. He asks if she can live without her. She thinks she can’t live.

She says yes. He asks can you bear me with Noor? Shayra thinks my soul will burn seeing you with someone else, but says yes. Azaan says ok, I will see what is your limit to bear? Surayya asks Noor why did she agree to Azaan’s conditions and says this means that Shayra and you will be in the same house. She asks if you can bear sautan? Noor says I will not, but Shayra will bear. She says if she had gone then her wounds will have healed with time, but now she will die daily and claps. Surayya asks if there is mosquito here. Noor says you don’t know and asks her to leave. And make Khalid understand to keep his mouth shut.
Razia is in her room. Shayra comes there and says I know you are very upset with me. I didn’t know that this will happen. She says I am responsible for whatever happened and says I will convince Azaan to divorce me and then will leave from here. Razia asks what you will make fine?

She says I thought I am very unlucky as my husband left me, but you have chosen your badluck with your hand. First you handed over your husband to someone else and now wants to leave him who can give his life for you. She says you will go from this house, but not from his heart. He says neither Azaan can be happy nor you. She asks her to go from there. Shayra goes from there crying. Razia cries.
Shayra comes to Azaan and sees Noor hugging him. Noor sees her and tells Azaan that today is their wedding night, but nobody decorated her room so she decorated her room. She asks him to come and tell how is their room. She smirks and closes door seeing Shayra. Shayra cries and thinks of Razia’s words.

Mashuqa and Dilruba talk about Azaan, Shayra and Noor. Dilruba says Azaan must be with Noor last night. He bets with Mashuqa. Mashuqa thinks Azaan shall be with Shayra today. Surayya tells Asgar that Noor was mannerless before too, but now she has become more mannerless and insulted her. Asgar asks why did you go to her room. Surayya says she went to provoke her against them. Khalid is badly injured and unconscious. Asgar jokes.
In the morning, Noor wakes up and says good morning, Bhopal’s bahu begum. She checks for Azaan on the bed and sees slippers outside the bathroom. Dilruba comes and says he brought breakfast for her. He asks where is Azaan? Noor asks why? Dilruba says he wants to ask him what he will have in breakfast. Noor says he will tell me and asks him to go.

She asks what is the noise outside. Dilruba says neighbors came for muh dikhayi rasam. Shayra comes to hall. The ladies gossip seeing her and say we came for 2nd begum’s muh dukhayi. Mashuqa gets hiccups seeing Noor in nightie and yawning. The ladies get shocked seeing her.Noor says good morning Shayra and says I couldn’t sleep all night. The ladies call her shameless and says she is limit of shamelessness. Shayra takes her to side and asks her to handle herself. Noor says husband did a mistake and wife is accused. She says her husband showed right on her and shows her splashed lipstick. She says you might be angry that he was with me all night. Shayra asks really and asks where is he now? Noor says bathroom. Shayra takes her to see Azaan who is sleeping in the lawn on the chair.


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