How to get over a break-up fast.

After a break up, your emotions are very fragile and your heart still feels physical pain. But instead of dwelling on questions like: what went wrong? How didn’t I see this coming? Did he ever love me? Will I find someone else to love me? What will my life become? Be positive and keep saying these words to yourself.

Positive words after a break up

“I don’t know what is wrong with me but I will snap out of it. I am strong, I have God, I am supported all around by family and friends who love and want the best for me. People are going through worst things, worse than I am right now and they are still standing. Therefore I have a future to look forward to.

I don’t need someone to love me before I love myself. My God has given me a big heart full of love, kindness and joy; they are for my own good and I don’t want less. I cannot be affected so much by other people’s action and in actions. I will not allow it to make me less of a person.

Even if I do not find anyone to love me completely (But I know I will!), I have God‘s love abounding for me. I can no longer depend on the love of any man or woman to be whole and complete. I am a talented, confident and strong man/woman who can have the life I so desire irrespective of any man’s love, affection or attention.

No one can help me but myself and my God. Pain is only temporary, the future is a long stretch of happiness and self-fulfillment waiting for me to achieve; and with time, I will definitely be all right.”


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