Perfect husband update Wednesday 27 October 2021


Perfect husband 27 October 2021: Randhir ask why didn’t you say this before. Rajshri makes Vidhi wear bangles and says its a gift as you came here for the first time, Pushkar’s dad Arjun doesn’t live with us, Pushkar hates his dad, time has separated us, Pushkar will never say this to you, I wanted you to know all this. Vidhi smiles.

They come back. Rajshri sees Pushkar upset. Rajshri asks Ashwin not to do much for marriage, just handover Vidhi with love. Ashwin says but we have to welcome guests. They leave. Pushkar thinks of Bela’s words. Rajshri blesses Vidhi. Nivedita says I have raised Vidhi as daughter, if she did any mistake, forgive her. Bela and Maasa leave. Pushkar looks on. Maasa asks why did you say about Vidhi’s first marriage. Bela says my tongue slipped. Vidhi gets shocked. Maasa says it was good Ashwin managed, Pushkar looked worried, don’t know what will happen. Rajshri asks what happened. Pushkar says cancel the marriage. She asks what. He says I gave her a chance and asked her to share if there is any secret, I asked her wish to know if she is helpless, this girl has hidden a big thing. Rajshri asks what.

Charu asks don’t you know this. Rajshri says I know her baraat went back from marriage mandap. Pushkar asks did you know this. Rajshri says no, Vidhi told me today. FB shows Vidhi telling Rajshri about Vivek, who came for marriage, Ashwin agreed to his proposal, Vivek’s dad demanded car before pheras and we got tensed, Ashwin never promised that, Ashwin kept his pagdi in Vivek’s feet, but he didn’t agree and took baraat back, I have seen Ashwin so helpless, I wanted to tell this to Pushkar, but Ashwin and Nivedita asked me not to think of past. Rajshri says yes right, I m happy that you told this truth to me, I will explain Pushkar. FB ends.

Rajshri says its not Vidhi’s mistake, I know you don’t believe anyone easily, I promised her I will explain you, its your life, you decide this. Pushkar says you always taught me everything, I m cautious as a wrong woman can ruin entire family. Rajshri says I completely trust Vidhi. Meera says even I trust her. He says if you both trust her, I trust you two, sorry. He hugs them.He thinks our relation is still weak Vidhi, you don’t trust me, so you told truth to mom, not me, you have to answer me. Urvashi shouts for help and says there is a snake inside here. Vidhi hears sound and asks who is it.

Badri recalls leaving snake in Urvashi’s house. Badri signs her to go. Urvashi shouts for help. She says I lied today and a snake has really come, no one will come, I have to do something. She calls police station. Pushkar says Vidhi left this gift here, I was trying to win her heart sincerely, but she proved she doesn’t deserve this gift and my love, you have hurt me, you have to answer. Bela dreams of Pushkar. Maasa holds her head. Pushkar says someone has problem with this problem, someone sent these pics to Vidhi, who is this new villain now. He says I don’t want anyone to get such proof, pics clarity is nice, right, find out the photographer. Badri looks on.

 Vidhi looking for Pushkar’s gift. She apologizes to Nivedita and Ashwin that she told truth to Rajshri. Ashwin says its fine, we also didn’t wish to hide, Vidhi will rule there like a princess, she will be going there soon. He asks what gift do you want, I will get it. She says you gave me a lot without asking. They get emotional. Vidhi says you both won’t be there. Ashwin asks her just to get tears of happiness. He blesses her. Vidhi says I lost the gift. Nivedita says maybe she left the gift in Rajshri’s house. Charu and Randhir talk about Vidhi’s matter. Rajshri hears them and defends Vidhi. They apologize. Rajshri gets upset and asks them not to spread such poisonous talk. She goes. Ashwin talks to Maasa and everyone about managing expenses of function.

Maasa says we will have many expenses. Ashwin asks her to leave all worries on him, he will manage everything. Vidhi thinks did I leave gift at Pushkar’s house. Bela comes to room and sleeps. Vidhi thinks about the gift. She hears the music and goes to see at window. She gets shocked seeing Pushkar. She asks did anyone see you. He says maybe you forgot something. He gives her the gift. She says you came here to give this, I was finding this, I thought I lost it. He says you lost my first gift, I think its not imp for you. She says no, I remember I kept it in bag. He asks do you mean I got this from your bag to come here at night and give you. She says no, maybe I made a mistake and lost it.

He says you lost a lot, I told you to share things, so that we win each other’s trust, you have hidden a big truth from me, you are the first girl whom I gave this gift, you didn’t tell me the truth as you are not comfortable with me, but you told mom, you know I don’t refuse to mom. She says your anger and annoyance is right, but I had no reason to tell this to your mom, she told her about her family and I spoke to her about my past, I wanted to tell you everything, but Nivedita and Ashwin stopped me, whatever happened before, they were scared, I felt you will understand me. He calms down. She holds his hand and says I tried to tell you the truth, when we first met, that day was special to me, you gave this first gift to me, its very special to me, I was worried about photo, so I couldn’t tell you. She tells him about Vivek.


He asks anything else. She signs no. He asks do you trust me. She nods. He says then promise me, you won’t hide anything from me, I don’t want lie to make its place between us. She asks can I take my first gift now. He says sure and gives her. He says just you have right on this gift and me. Maasa comes and switches on lights. She asks what’s happening here. She shouts to everyone. Vidhi says its nothing like that. Maasa asks Nivedita to see what is her sister doing.

Nivedita asks Pushkar couldn’t he wait for a week time. Ashwin says Nivedita is right. Maasa says you always agree with your wife, he came here at this time, marriage didn’t happen. She scolds them. Ashwin winks and scolds Pushkar. Nivedita asks Vidhi did she call him. Pushkar says no, Vidhi forgot this gift, I just came to give this. Maasa asks this way from window. Ashwin says he isn’t any thief. Maasa says feed him tea and snacks, and send him. Ashwin asks Pushkar to have something. Pushkar says no, I will leave now. Vidhi takes the gift and smiles.

Urvashi coming to Pushkar and confront him for sending a snake to her house. Pushkar denies the blame. She says I thought you will accept this as a real man. He asks her not to come in his way again. He goes. She says you are not like you appear, I will play the next game, people should know your other face. Vidhi thinks positive about Pushkar and smiles. Urvashi thinks I will tell Vidhi about Pushkar’s truth. Vidhi says you are a perfect husband. Urvashi says you are a perfect villain. Pushkar asks why didn’t you sleep. Rajshri says where did you go. Pushkar says stop taking my tension now, I have grown up, sorry, I should have not told about breaking alliance, I get angry on such things, I went to meet Vidhi and say sorry, I forgot you are waiting for me. She pulls his leg and laughs. She says I m proud of you.

Its morning, Nivedita prays for Vidhi’s happiness, that marriage should happen well. Ashwin makes calls for arrangements. Maasa says I will check guest list once. They drink tea. Ashwin thinks its good Maasa’s heart changed. Rajshri says I will call Vidhi for shopping. She calls Vidhi. Vidhi attends call and tell them about Rajshri. Maasa scolds Bela and acts good. Servant says some NGO women have come to take cheque. Rajshri says I have much work today, we will finish shopping today. Urvashi comes to offer help. She says I will do makeup to Pushkar’s bride. Meera says Vidhi doesn’t neet makeup, she is natural beauty, Pushkar doesn’t like makeup. Pushkar goes. Urvashi thinks to do something. Maasa asks Bela not to spoil game. Bela says your plan isn’t working, I m jealous of Vidhi. Maasa asks her to go with Vidhi, she will find some way.

Rangeela confronts Maasa. Maasa says I will get you married to Vidhi even now. He says forgive me. She stops him and says I know your dream is to marry Vidhi. He comes in her words again. She asks him to keep phone on. Vidhi and Bela meet Rajshri and Meera. Meera teases Vidhi. Pushkar comes. Urvashi follows. Pushkar sees Urvashi and gets shocked. Rajshri introduces Urvashi to Vidhi. They go in. Pushkar says I know why you have come here, stay away from my family. Urvashi says I told you I will enjoy knowing you, Vidhi is a nice girl. He says stay away from her. She says we will know each other, and then she will know you. He says don’t try to be smart with me. She goes inside the shop. Pushkar follows and stops Urvashi. Urvashi says Vidhi, I wanted to tell you something, Pushkar and I…..

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