Our perfect place Tuesday 5 May 2020 update

Our perfect place 5 May 2020: Rahul sees Sameer/Sam talking over phone to Shree/Tanu and calling her didi. Once Sam finishes call, Rahul asks him who is this didi. He says his friend who takes care of him like an elder sister. Rahul he is making new relationships now a days, will he forget is brother. Sam says why will he. Rahul invites him for a drink and he denies and suggests him to stop his addiction. Rahul leaves.

Ila looks at Rita’s modeling pics and asks Uday what is the difference in these pics and present Rita. Uday says there is no difference and asks her not to disturb him in studies and go and study somewhere else. She says she came here first. He says she did not notice, he was already present. Door bell rings. Ila says Parimal must have come and opens door. Uday taunts her that she is afraid of her son. She says now a days, parents have to be afraid of children. Parimal enters and asks serve him food, he is very hungry.

Rita enters next and asks Ila if Gayatri brought children from school. Ila says not yet. Rita yells she does not trust Gayatri. Parimal hears her and confronts what does she mean. She says she mean what he heard. He asks what did Gayatri do. She says a lot, which she does not have time to describe, the face is everyone are with Niranjan, even he took food for Niranjan. He asks what wrong did he do. Gayatri comes and tells before she could reach school, Niranjan took children. Rita yells that she sent children with Niranjan and they are all against her.

Sam sweetly talks with Prachi and says he will get her 1 week leave and let her spend quality time with her boyfriend. She asks to be specific. He tells her plan how to get Hetal on track. Hetal starts searching him and thinks she was unnecessarily rude with Sam. Uday calls her and asks where are Sam and Rahul and informs that Niranjan kidnapped (father kidnapping own children??) children. Hetal informs Rahul and Sam. Sam speaks to Uday and asks him to relax. Hetal says she will accompany him. He asks why she is concerned about his family, she herself created unnecessary barrier between then. She says they will talk about it later. He says women are impossible.

At home, Rita continues crying. Ila tries to console her, but she says they are all with Niranjan and just acting. Ila says she is not. Rita asks if she will complain police that a rogue kidnapped her children, will she go against her son to get her daughter’s children back. Ila says she will.

Rita asks Ila if she will file police complaint against her own son Niranjan for kidnapping children. Ila says yes, she will. Parimal confronts how can they allege a father of kidnapping his children, he will not let them do this. Rita says he always took Niranjan side. Ila warns him to back off. Parimal says though they are wrong, he will help them and call his inspector friend here. Rita says he does not trust him and walks away with Ila. Parimal says he will accompany them to police station, though they are wrong and says they will forget problems between them and nobody will express their mistrust for each other.

Rahul with Sam and Hetal comes and asks if Niranjan called back. Parimal says no, so they are going to file police complaint. Hetal asks how can they file police complaint against a father. Ila confronts. They all area about to go to police station, when Niranjan brings children. Parimal slaps him repeatedly and says he did wrong. Niranjan continues trying to explain him. Children plead not to slap their father and tell they were out of school when papa found them and explained not to leave mama alone and be with her.

Parimal feels guilty and says he would have picked call at least. Niranjan if he had called them, they would not have believed him and he has lost their trust. Rita starts yelling at Niranjan that he betrayed her, but she did not file divorce, if he ever tries to meet children, she will file divorce with proof and also file other charges. Niranjan says he will not meet children from here on and asks children to hug him once. They hug him. He asks them not be with mom and not cry. Rita reminisces Niranjan and Maya’s video and angrirly asks children to go in. Ila warns Parimal if he comes here again, she will kill him.

Back home, Ila speaks to Hetal and asks why did not she come home again. Hetal says she is busy at cafeteria and gives her number to call anytime. Ila says she and Shree are boon to her family as they handled Rita well. Ila says Rita cannot stop children from meeting Nirajan and Shree’s duty is to explain Rita about it. Ila says Shree thinks Rita’s mental condition is not yet ready for it. Once Ila leaves, Hetal tells Sam that she is going to meet Shree and tell remind her of her duties.

Hetal enters Shree/Tanu’s office and sees her crying holding her and Rahul’s pic. Shree drops photo down seeing her and it falls backside up. Hetal starts confronting her that she has forgotten her duties and did not tech Rita that she cannot stop children from meeting their father. Shree says it is not like that..Hetal continues confronting Tanu.

Hetal continues confronting Tanu/Shree that she does not care about family values. Tanu says it is not like that. Hetal says she would have held papa’s photo instead of her boyfriend. She holds Rahul’s pic but does not notice his face. Argument continues. She leaves. Tanu holding Rahul’s pic cries why did he leave her alone.

Parimal fumes in his room reminiscing Nirajan requesting him to let him meet children, slapping Niranjan, Rita telling she does not trust Gayatri, etc.. Gayatri comes and asks him to stop thinking much. He asks her to stop mingling with Rita. She says Rita is mentallly ill now and anyone would have done same thing and will speak to Rita later. He says he can understand Rita’s condition, but why maa is taking Rita’s side wrongly and not teaching her what is right. Gayatri says even she would have done same and asks him to accompany him to soem dandiya party. He says he does not have time for all this and leaves.

Rahul and Sam reach cafeteria back. Prachi asks if all is well. They say yes. Sam asks PRachi t help ihm again. She says no. A length conversation starts. Prachi says she is just worried about Hetal. Their conversation continues. Rahul calls for a cafeteria meeting. Even Sam joins. Rahul asks what is he doing here, he should go to his studio. Hetal says same.

Sam says he wants to help his brother. Rahul jokes and says he does not need his help. Even Heal says same. Rahul then starts discussion and says he has planned to decorate cafeteria for valentine’s day. Hetal resists, but Rahul says he took over cafeteria to make is profitable. Evveryone back Rahul. Rahul gives work to staff. Sam asks him to give him also some work. Rahul says he will be around Hetal always and will be helping her anyways.

Hetal goes to get decorative material and when she returns sees lights off in cafeteria. Sam switches on lights silently and hides. Hetal sees cafeteria well decorated and starts playing with balloons. Sam clicks her pics silently and smiles. A romantic stong plays in the background… Hetal sees a big teddy and hugs it. It repeats I love you. She gets very happy. Sam comes out and asks if she liked it. Hetal gets angry seeing him.

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