Once there was a King update Wednesday 23 February 2022

Once there was a King 23 February 2022: Rana ji was standing with a hunter in hand to beat the guard who had waken him up. He apologized but Rana ji didn’t listen. He was about to loosed the hunter when Gayatri holds it tight from behind, she tells the guard to run away. He does. Rana ji tries to snatch the hunter from Gayatri’s hand with the pull. Savetri comes to his arms instead. They share an eye lock. Rana ji asks how dare she made his criminal run away. Savetri asks what justice it was.

Rajeshwari comes there and shows Rana ji her hand bruise saying this is Savetri did to her. Savetri says she says what she has in heart too. Rana ji asks now who will save her from punishment, he holds the hunter then stops. Savetri asks him to beat her, why he has stopped. He keeps the hunter down. Savetri says there is something, he couldn’t hold hand on her. Rana ji says he won’t give her an easy punishment, he will give her a chance to serve him for which she came to.

If there is a petty mistake in seven days, she will beat herself. Savetri asks what if there is no mistake, Rana ji says her job will be permanent. Savetri cheers. Rana ji goes inside. Gayatri thinks she can serve him for seven ages.

Kokilla asks Gayatri from which village she belongs to. Savetri says her story is really sad. Kokilla says she only wants the name. Savetri makes up that it is Phulwa. Savetri butters Kokilla that all the city talks that Kokilla should be the Rani. Rajeshwari comes and asks if she can do some work in the palace as well? Savetri says she can well beat someone who has stolen a husband, or proved to be a monster behind someone’s back. Rajeshwari tells Savetri that she will cook for all the palace members today. They leave, while Gayatri is happy that she will cook for Rana ji with her own hands.

On the dinner table, Swarna says the food smells like Gayatri’s hands. Bari Rani Maa asks Rajeshwari if she thought well before keeping the maid to work. Rana ji eats a bite and says this is a tasty food, who cooked it. Savetri comes to him at once and says she cooked it, she asks for her gift. Rana ji throws the plates and tells her never to cook again. He leaves the table as well. Rajeshwari tells Savetri to clean the mess now. She thinks how Rana ji can disrespect food this way.

Gayatri says to Lakhan that Rajeshwari has turned Rana ji into someone who has disrespected food today. She says she will unveil the enemies of Rana ji, she won’t be able to do it alone; she must first find Raaj Mata. Bari Rani Maa could only watch Gayatri but not Lakhan. She comes behind Savetri and asks whom she was talking to. Savetri says she never denied talking to anyone, she was wondering where the room of Rana ji is in this huge palace. Bari Rani Maa points towards it and leaves. Gayatri is relieved.

In the kitchen, Savetri ate with the servants. The servants say they got to eat such food after such a long time, the way she cooked. A servant stops them, he says she must never take Gayatri’s name. Savetri asks if their prince hates her so much that taking her name is also forbidden here.

In the room, Rana ji thinks about Savetri. He thinks he can’t wait for a whole week, she must leave now. He calls Savetri. Lakhan comes to the room and says servants are eating food. Rana ji goes out.
Savetri asks the servants if Raaj mata also hate Gayatri. He tells her not to interfere in the palace matters. Savetri asks if something had happened in the palace. Rana ji comes to the kitchen, all the srevants stand up. Savetri doesn’t. Rana ji asks if she doesn’t know how to respect food. Savetri says each grain of food has God’s name on it, should she disrespect God for him. Rana ji doesn’t say anything, he tells her to come to his room when done. Gayatri thinks he will remind him about himself.

Rana ji stops Rajeshwari that he will give Gayatri some work that she will be leaving the palace herself. She comes in, Rana ji tells her to prepare Haseena for his horse riding. Rajeshwari says it was an easy work, Rana ji says not so easy. They hear Hasneena’s neigh and goes to the terrace.
Downstairs there Haseena was not coming in control and throws the water pot over Savitri. Rajeshwari waited for push of Haseena on Gayatri, but Haseena gets calm all at once. Gayatri says to Haseena that she is Gayatri. Rana ji and Lakhan comes out at once, Lakhan wonders what if Rana ji watches Gayatri and comes ahead of him.

Meanwhile Gayatri had again coloured her face. Rana ji watches Haseena calm as she fed her. Savitri tells Rana ji to do horse riding. Rana ji says he doesn’t want it anymore, she must go and wash her face. He stops Savitri and asks how she did this, she says with love. In her village there is a saying that no matter an animal or human, can’t stay away from love for long.

Rana ji goes inside. Kokilla says there is something in this Savitri, she has beaten everyone and is giving lectures to Rana ji. Rajeshwari says she didn’t let Gayatri live with Rana ji, Savitri apart. Rana ji himself wants this maid to be sent out of the palace. Gayatri stares at her and thinks her love has beaten death, what Rajeshwari is. Revenge on hate comes before love, she will do the undone work of her husband. Savitri goes inside.

In the room, Rana ji throws clothes away in rage thinking about Savitri’s words about love. He throws chairs and lamps away. He has head ache again and shouts in pain.
Savitri heads towards his room, Lakhan says to Gayatri that he is weak right now, why is he putting saddle on horse then. Gayatri says she has to gain Rana ji’s trust again. He asks what about this pain. Gayatri says it is nothing before losing Rana ji. Bari Rani Maa comes in the room, she rubs his head.

He complains that he can’t bear that maid, she does what she say. Bari Rani Maa says he has always been like this, he couldn’t bear anyone against him. Gayatri tried to hit him, he hates Gayatri and will always hate her.

Gayatri says to Lakhan that Rana ji can’t hate her, Rajeshwari’s colour is getting on Rana ji else he isn’t like this. Lakhan says it isn’t that easy, coming to palace was easy. Gayatri says she will do anything if she gets Raaj Mata. Once she gets Raaj mata, she will find Rajeshwari’s companions. Lakhan says people are even afraid of taking Raaj Mata’s name here. Gayatri says there is someone who can tell her about Raaj Mata.

Rana ji says to Bari Rani maa that his pain vanishes as soon as she comes to him. Bari Rani maa tells her not to over think. He must care about Rajeshwari as she loves him dearly. He must not be worried about the servants and maids.
Savitri asks the servant about Raaj mata. He tells her to do her own work and not do any spying. Gayatri comes to Lakhan. Lakhan says there is someone else who can help them, Swarna. Gayatri says no, she can’t reveal her truth to anyone. He asks if she suspects someone. Gayatri thinks about Kunwar ji shaking hands with Avdesh, Kokilla holding Gayatri’s arm and Raaj Mata saying she feels something is wrong. She says to Lakhan that she has learned from Raaj mata not to trust the other hand as well, she suspects everyone in the palace. Someone calls from behind, for what she suspects.

She gets alert at once. Kokilla comes there, Savitri says that she suspects that people favor Rajeshwari more than Kokilla. Kokilla is prettier and elder, why Rajeshwari is always ahead her. Kokilla says there is nothing like that. Savitri says everyone is taking advantage of Kokilla. Kokilla asks Savitri to call her respectfully. She agrees.

Kokilla leaves. Gayatri and Lakhan are relieved. Savitri gets an idea at once, she says food! She says there must be food going to Raaj Mata for sure, she must keep an eye on it. She heads towards the kitchen.

Lakhan was coming in the corridor when Laksh comes there. Laksh asks why he came back ragging her tail like a dog again. He asks if his love brought him here or money ended. Laksh says the one who has someone else’s money and love must not show an attitude. Swarna comes there, she asks Laksh what he wants. What has happened to him? Laksh goes inside. Swarna looks at Lakhan, remembering their first confrontation. She leaves without saying a word.

In the kitchen Gayatri peeks at a servant preparing food plate for Raaj Mata. She follows him through the way, hiding herself from behind him. She thinks today no one can stop her from reaching Raaj mata.

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