Once there was a king update Tuesday 24 May 2022

Once there was a king 24 May 2022: Naina screams with nightmare in her bed. Her mother comes home from Pooja and tells her sister to wake her up. Rekha asks what she had as nightmare, Naina says she has now begun to see bad people in dreams. Vijay came on the door and heard this. Naina denies telling them about names of villain in the dreams. Rekha scolds Vijay for not coming in her dreams, at least she won’t get fearful. In the washroom, Naina scolds herself in mirror for having Don in the dreams. Vijay knocks at the door, saying her dream is going to be fulfilled. She slaps the door at his face, Vijay tells her mother and Rekha about the director who is ready to give Naina a heroine’s role in his next film. Naina opens the door out of shock. Vijay says this is a confirmed news, the director wants to meet her right away. Naina jumps out of excitement, then assures her mother she is doing this for her only. She will fulfil each of her dream.

Raja was dressing up Vikrant in the garden. Vikrant asks if it’s something special. Raja says they are going to their new house. Vikrant says this one is good, but small like him. Raja tells Vikrant he is a prince and must stay in a palace. Vikrant says every prince has a princess, and Raja has a Rani. He asks about Raja’s Rani; a needle pricks in Raja’s finger. Laila comes to call herself as his Rani. Vikrant leaves drinking juice. Raja apologizes Laila for last night. Laila qualifies she is used to being scolded for every petty matter in these years. She holds his hand, assuring she is ready to own every of his pain. Raja says precious things have to be kept safe, not to show case.

Laila says they are going to a new home, he must promise not to take old pains there. Raja gets ready to leave, as it’s late.
Naina arrives at the set with Vijay and asks about director. The man there says he has gone to meet the financer. Naina cries for being late. Vijay asks them about financer’s home.Raja arrives at the palace of Amirkot, remembering about his childhood with Rani and Bindu. Vikrant notices Raja to be lost in thoughts, and drags him inside. Laila assures to turn this palace into a home for Raja. Raja breaks a coconut along with Vikrant. Naina steps inside the palace then and was left in awe. She calls it a palace of any Raja. Raja walks inside the palace, leading Laila and Vikrant. Vijay watches the director speaking to Raja’s men.

They walk inside, while Naina comes to meet Vijay. The director complains for being late on set, Naina reads her practiced lines. Vijay interrupts, but the director was compelled to cast her.Raja comes into the room, watching his and Rani’s bed empty and was hurt. His associate comes to inform him about director’s arrival. Raja was ready to provide any finances only if the ending of the film is the way he wants. The director suggests it would be tragic, but then agrees to Raja. Outside, Naina wonders whose house is this and goes inside to see it; she would also thank the financer this way.Raja goes to the hall, saying he came to get rid of the memories of Rani. He screams he won’t be defeated by the memories of Rani.

He has made a palace, and got what she had snatched from him. Rani has lost. He laughs hysterically, but was shocked to see Naina standing right behind him. Rage fills his eyes, and pins her to the wall. Naina loses her voice, Raja holds the back of her hair asking if she wants anymore pain. Naina keeps on pleading to leave her, resisting against Raja but he held her close.Raja tells Naina to get out of his house and never return to him with this face. He pushes her out of the main door over the floor, calling her stupid. Naina runs away.

At home, Naina returns crying. Her mother and Rekha cheerfully welcomes her, Rekha warning her to do some kissing scene. Naina remembers about Raja and hugs her mother.Raja’s men come to him with Rani’s dead body photo. Raja was left in shock.
In the room, Naina stops her tears saying it was Raja who did everything wrong. The next time she will tear that don apart with the sharpest knife at home. She fights her pillow in hand.Raja speaks to Rani’s photo wondering how dare she died; he has been waiting to revenge her and share his hatred for her. He has snatched his last hope of life; but it’s good as he would no longer need to see her liar face again.

At home, Naina angrily watches herself in the mirror. Her shadow appears in the mirror, asking what about the mark he gave her; what about her mother’s dreams as he is the financer of the film she got selected for. Outside, Naina’s mother thanks Vijay. Vijay calls Naina as hers, he demands a complete return. Naina’s mother promises to give him anything. Vijay says he might ask anything, she stands challenging him to ask. Naina comes out of the room, everyone around had gathered to clap for her. Her mother and sister were hopeful about her successes.On the sets, Vijay stuffs Naina’s mouth and drags her aside as Raja had arrived. Vijay asks Naina for something in return. Naina says there is no exchanges in friendship.

Vijay holds Naina’s face, and asks her to be his. She pushes him away, and warns she hates such jokes. If there was someone else in his place… she stops at once remembering about Raja.The director was briefing Raja about casting a new girl. Naina watches Raja and thinks she can’t break her mummy’s dream. Naina’s mother and sister arrive on the set, but they weren’t allowed anyway.Naina cries in washroom, then reminds herself that nothing can stop her from fulfilling her mummy’s dream. Raja wasn’t ready to wait for heroine anymore. Naina calls from behind that she is ready. Mummy and Rekha were upset for not being able to get inside.

Raja turns to begin the shot. He throws the board away watching Naina there. He moves towards her, demanding what she is doing here. She jerks her hand away, asking if it means to him. She is the heroine of this film. Raja was furious, he claps demanding what the director had seen in her. Naina asks what’s wrong with him, she has never caused him any harm atleast not deliberately. Raja reminds her of her self-respect, she must leave the film just like she left the money. Raja says she knew he was the financer of this film then why she still signed the movie. He says Naina must not know the meaning of respect, love or anything other than money in life.

He warns the director to fire this girl, else he won’t be able to make the film again. He leaves the sets. Naina’s mother runs inside the sets.Naina was standing on stage, when mummy and Rekha cheerfully come to her excited. The director announces her daughter can no more do this film. Mummy was sure she would get the next shot really well. Naina apologizes mummy for not being able to fulfil her dreams, but luck isn’t with her. Mummy fell on the stage, unconscious.Naina cries in front of nurse, who asks to fill the forms first. Vijay comes to deter the nurse, he clutches Naina close to himself while the nurse sends her mummy inside.

Rekha thanks Vijay for helping her. Vijay asks if he can’t do this much only for his girlfriend, Naina was uncomfortable with the touch of his hand. The doctor comes to announce patient had a heart attack, she is really serious and needs an operation. Vijay tells him to go and hurry up. The doctor asks them to submit the required money. Vijay corrects that the lady isn’t only a patient but his girlfriend’s mother. He moves his hand over Naina as if harassing.In the palace, Raja feeds Vikrant with his own hands. Vikrant says he solved his maths questions by himself.

Laila qualifies they were wrong. Raja says really experts also fail some of the tests of life. Vikrant cheerfully announces he came first in meal, and runs away. Raja says Vikrant make him forget each of his pains and worries. Laila asks what he feels while meeting her. Raja says he and happiness part a long time ago. Raja tells Laila he doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants her to marry. He can find a good proposal for her. Laila says behind him that she needs his love, not pity. He must give his heart this time, else she will take his life.In the hospital, Naina considers herself as a culprit for all this. Naina assures Rekha nothing would happen to their mummy.

A wards man comes with hospital bill. Vijay takes his wallet to hide the money inside, while Naina was worried. Naina requests him some money, but promises to return them in time. Vijay opens the wallet in front of her, but the money wasn’t enough. Rekha was angry at him. Vijay leaves for his duty. Rekha says last dates of month are only for those who work honestly, not like the ones like Vijay. In the corridor, Rekha comes to Naina and suggests her to go to Don for asking money. Naina wasn’t ready to ask him any help. Rekha says it must be the price for insulting her. Naina says they have already returned their money, but Rekha says she only has a single responsibility right now that is to save their mother.

Naina comes to Raja’s house and cries on the gate, requesting the guards to let her in. Raja wasn’t ready to listen to her. She calls from outside demanding her money back from him. Raja allows her inside. Naina hurries towards Raja and demands her money back, which she returned earlier. Raja asks why he gave that money. Naina qualifies to say a sorry for insulting her, and also reminds why she returned that money to him. Raja drags her inside the palace. Laila watches him take her into the room, and asks if Raja is forcing a dancer to the room even Laila couldn’t enter till date. She goes to knock the door, but Raja didn’t hear. Naina was horrified, Raja shuts her mouth saying she isn’t that innocent and must understand him. He insulted her, and paid her for it; when she returned that money they are no more hers.

He still has that money with him and clutches his face tightly. Naina cries. Raja takes a drink for himself, he says she must get disgraced again to get the money again. Naina chokes, then agrees to his will. Raja clutches his neck, saying her greed brought her here. He tells her he has left trusting this face, as going after its innocence he might lose all his property over this face. He can see she is a greedy girl, who can sell her body for little money. He is watching someone like her for the second time. He demands her price. Naina asks for five thousand. Raja throws a bundle towards her, saying if sold in greed a woman loses her respect. Naina holds the bunch of money, Raja throws another and tells her not to return to him again.

She throws one of the bundle, and says a thanks for the money. She would die before showing her face again. She came here because her mother is in hospital, without this money she would die; but if she has to see his face again she would also die. He mother is in hospital only because she lost that film which was her mummy’s dream. She is ready to be disgraced for her mummy a thousand times over. She leaves the palace crying. Raja was shattered. Laila watches Rani leave with the money.
In the hospital, the doctor comes out of OT.

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