Once there was a king update Tuesday 12 April 2022

Once there was a king 12 April 2022: Raja walks away from the house with a heavy heart. Rani hurries downstairs. Bindu stops Amrita from going to Rani, and assures to take care of her. Raja reads a verse while getting in his jeep, that he acquired another status in love; he burnt to lighten her house.

Rani comes to confront Jeewan in the corridor, he informs Rani that Raja has left forever. If she thought he cares for her, if he did he must have come to bid her a good bye. Rani cries that she knew he couldn’t watch her marry someone else, he loves her dearly.

She was about to leave, Jeewan pins her over the wall and insists on her that only he loves her, she will be safe with him only. Rani pushes him away saying she loves Raja, and can’t marry him because she has already been married to Raja. She shows the necklace to him, leaving him weepy. She joins her hands in apology, Jeewan must be hurt because of her; but she never lied to him. She and Raja’s fates have been connected, they both belong to each other. Jeewan doesn’t let Rani leave, and denies accepting this wedding. Rani argues it doesn’t matter, and no matter Raja owns her or not, she now belongs to him. Jeewan clutches the necklace from behind so to break it, and throw it over the floor.

He warns Rani that she only belongs to him. Rani holds the broken chain, while Jeewan hits her with a vase behind her head. Rani faints, while Jeewan holds her up on his shoulder. Bindu was witness to this all. Raja drove the jeep to the forest, he shouts at the God why this is His will. Jeewan carries Rani to a temple, and makes her comfortable. He asks the Pandit to prepare for his wedding, he wants to marry this girl. He offers him money, which Pandit denies. Jeewan points a gun over his head, and orders him to do what he told him to.

Raja cries holding his head that he is going away from Rani and won’t hurt him. She will be away from him and won’t have to bear any pain. He should be happy, but he feels something is wrong. He forbids himself crying, and insists on himself not to stop and move away from this place. He drives the jeep away.Rani wakes up in the temple and tells Jeewan that Raja will return for sure. Jeewan informs her that he is going to marry her. Rani resists and requests the Pandit to help her. She pleads Jeewan who was indifferent. Rano touches her necklace, but it wasn’t there. Jeewan smiles victoriously and ties Rani’s hands behind. She deters him that her Raja won’t spare him. Jeewan reminds Rani that Raja doesn’t belong to her anymore, he has left for always.

While driving, Raja thinks about Rani all along. He wonders why he can’t forget Rani’s face. He looks forward to see Rani standing there. She tells Raja if there is a single reason to stay together, it’s better than thousand reasons to stay away. Raja wonders if he gives her pain again. Rani says if he is ready to keep her binded, she is ready to break into thousands pieces for him. If he wants to see her happy, he must not let her go away. God hasn’t written happiness in his life, and over her hands; their fates would change after marriage. They are family, and will always be together. She unwraps her arms, Raja moves towards her but she vanishes. He was determined to return.

 Rani shouted in pain while Jeewan enforces her to marry him in the temple.At home, Raaj Mata was tensed and inquires Amrita where must Rani have gone. She is aware a bride can’t step outside after Haldi ritual. Amrita calms her down, and sends Bindu to bring Raja. Bindu was thoughtful and says Raja isn’t here anymore. He left Amirkot because of Jeewan, and by now he must have gone away by now. Raaj Mata remembers that Rani must have gone to stop Raja, she put a condition that she will only marry Jeewan if Raja helps in the rituals.Rani finds a coconut lying nearby and tries to cut the rope in which her hands were tied. Jeewan twists Rani’s hand when he finds this, he forces her hand to put the oil in fire performing each ritual.

Amrita sends Shashi to bring Raja from anywhere, Raja returns home. Raaj Mata questions him about Rani, Raja was shocked to hear that Rani wasn’t here. Amrita tells him Jeewan and Rani aren’t here, they hear Meenu’s call for Raaj Mata who show them the necklace. Raja thinks Rani can never leave this necklace here deliberately, and recalls Jeewan’s deterrence. Raaj Mata accuses Raja for being responsible, Rani trusted Raja to stop this wedding and save her. Raja assures that nothing will happen to Rani, he got her in this trouble so now he will get her out. Bindu stops Raja, he inquires if Bindu is aware where Jeewan took Rani.

He warns to put the whole world on fire if something happens to Rani. Bindu accepts that Jeewan took Rani somewhere and said this marriage will take place right now. Raja hurries towards any temple where Jeewan must have taken Rani.The pandit asks them to stand up for circles. Jeewan urges Rani to stand up but she doesn’t, instead she hits Jeewan’s ear with the coconut shell. Jeewan was irked, he holds Rani in his arms and takes the circles. Raja looks around for Jeewan and Rani, Bindu reaches Raaj Mata and Amrita. Amrita suggests to look in the temple Jeewan’s mother visited, Bindu suggests about another nearby temple. They were in their last circle, Jeewan was elated that no one can stop him from marrying her. Rani was helpless, she bites on Jeewan’s shoulder, holds a fire log from the pot and deters Jeewan.

Jeewan was about to attack Rani, when Raja holds his hand. He beats Jeewan badly outside the temple. Jeewan points a gun towards Raja, but Raja kicks the arm with the gun. The gun goes to fall in Amrita’s feet. Raja beats Jeewan, wondering how dare he touched Rani. Jeewan says Rani is his wife now, and he loves her dearly. Raja beats Jeewan even more, asking if this is love. Jeewan mocks look who is talking. Raja accepts he hurt Rani, and save her from the same hurt he handed her responsibility to Jeewan. Jeewan was semi-conscious. Raja says Rani’s love turned him into a human, but Jeewan’s craziness only turned him into an animal. He was clutching Jeewan’s neck, Rani stops him at which he leaves Jeewan.

Bindu and Shashi had arrived, Amrita goes to wake Jeewan up. Raja walks towards Rani. Rani cries in elation as they move towards each other, tear fell off Bindu’s eyes. Raja and Rani hug each other, Raja cries badly. Rani says she knew he would return, love teaches one to trust and she loves him dearly. Raja cups her face, asking even after whatever he did to her. Rani says no matter what, she will never her trust over him. Raja confess his love for Rani, and was determined not to lose Rani ever. Amrita was worried watching this.

At home, Raja and Rani smile towards each other hand in hand, and take the blessings of Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata says she has now seen Rani is just stubborn like her mother. She had sacrificed a lot to get her love. Raja apologizes for hurting her and Rani, he was afraid of hurting Rani by living with her, he had forgotten the biggest pain for Rani would be to stay away from him. Raaj mata insists that they must get married really soon. She goes to Amrita and announces its time to meet the rest of Raja’s family. Amrita gulps the sweet with much difficulty, while Raja holds Rani’s hand. Amrita says it was about Jeewan till now, Kaal and Bari Rani maa didn’t inquire about Rani’s family but now its Raja’s turn, and when they come to know it’s about Raaj Mata it would be a hell.

Amrita says she will speak to the family about Raja and Rani, and takes a leave from Raaj Mata. Meenu asks for permission to let Raja and Rani stay for some more time, its celebration of her friend’s marriage. Raja and Rani spend time with each other, while Raja sings for her. He hugs her promising no further pains. His friends throw petals over them and come for celebration, Bindu cries on a side. Raja and Rani were sitting on the roof at night, when Raja holds her hand saying I love you. Someone stood behind them with a knife.Kaal was unable to believe Amrita, Amrita says Raja and Rani love each other from childhood and the truth is Rani is the daughter of Gayatri and Rana ji. Kaal was ready to finish the remaining end of the story now.

He was ready to write that story now with the blood of Raaj Mata and Rani. Amrita realizes she had been day dreaming and leaving without talking to Kaal.
Raja says there is one more thing he wants to say to her, he makes a cut over his hand and swears on his blood not to leave her side till death. Rani makes a cut over hers, saying in her veins not blood but love runs, she swears on it not to leave his side. They match each other’s fist, mixing the blood. Rani says like this blood, they have also become one. This relations will last for ages.

In the palace, Amrita shows the box of jewelry at Raja and requests him to go away with Rani and Raaj Mata. Raja argues he has loved only, he isn’t a criminal to run away. Rani has always lived alone, she never got a family but she now will. He asks Amrita to give her the love of a mother, Amrita was puzzled how to explain the matter to him. Raja asks her to let Kaal and Bari Rani Maa meet Raaj Mata once, they will realize Rani has been brought up like a queen. Amrita promises to speak to them in the morning.The next morning, Kaal notices Amrita to be puzzled and asks what the matter is. Amrita tells him that Raja has decided to get married.

Bari Rani Maa was shocked, and question whom? Amrita says Rani. Kaal asks in shock, what?Raaj Mata enters the palace with Rani and Raja. Raja warns her that his father isn’t like her, he has a narrow heart. Raaj Mata asks if he is making her fearful of a monster in the stories. Raja says when someone meets his father, he forgets the monster in stories. Kaal twists Amrita’s arm, Amrita tells Kaal that Raja and Rani love each other since childhood. Yesterday, when Jeewan was trying to marry Rani Raja stopped the wedding. Raja tells Raaj Mata about his grandmother, Bari Rani Maa. If she agrees to something, the decision is unturned.

Bari Rani Maa announces that this proposal is impossible, in the royals not girls but their families are seen while marriages. In case of Jeewan she agreed only because he is illegitimate, but Raja is the heir of throne. A maid can never be his bride.Raaj Mata opens the doors of palace, tears fills her eyes as she get flashes from her past. She recognizes the place, saying she has been here before as well. She steps inside the palace.Amrita says that Rani is not a maid. She has been brought up in poverty, but is a royal. Kaal asks for the truth,There, Raaj Mata walks across the corridors of palace. Raja says it seems this palace is Raaj Mata’s house, she appears to be a Raaj Mata.

Raaj Mata recognizes this name and says it seems someone called her by this name before as well. She was seated in Raja’s room on easy chair, Kokilla comes from behind and questions who is she. Raaj Mata stands up to face her. Kokilla was shocked.Kokilla tries to shout ghost, ghost, watching Raaj Mata. Rani and Raja enter the room, Rani tells her she is her grandmother. Raaj Mata passes by Kokilla passing a smileIn the hall, Kaal questions Raja how dare he took such a huge decision without his consent. Raja says he couldn’t accept to Kaal’s denial, so he asked for Rani’s proposal without asking him.

He warns Kaal to lose his son, if he tries to hurt Rani or her Dadu. Kaal holds a hand to slap Raja but was shocked to see Raaj Mata coming with Rani. Bari Rani was left in shock, recalling all about the past. Raaj Mata only smiles, and joins her hands to them, saying she wanted to meet them for a long time but never got a chance. She was worried by the dryness in their attitudes and feels as if they dislike watching her here. Raja offers Dadu a seat to talk and takes them inside.They all sat with the family, Raaj Mata tries to recall her memory. She says it feels as if she know them, and has some old relations with them all. Rani apologizes Bari Rani Maa as Raaj Mata has lost her memory, she always try to recognize people.

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